Please note that unlike my other stories, this one takes the characters and puts them in a completely new story. I am keeping the characters the same but I wanted to try something new because I am seeing other people do it and it's interesting. So this is like an alternate Twilight if you will.

Title: In Need of Rescue

Chapter 1: Farm Girl

Hello, My name is Isabella or number 245. If you are wondering about my last name, no one has one anymore. We all go by our first names only. I was born and raised on a small farm. I don't know who my father is and only know who my mother is because she was the one who raised me. We are kept around for one thing and one thing only- food.

Males and females are kept separate at all times unless if they want the female to get pregnant. That is the only time that it is great to be a female. It's nine months of no harvesting. They want to make sure the child comes out just fine and with little to no problems.

My age? Thirteen. I know I'm not really that young. I don't know how to read well because reading isn't allowed. My mom and the other woman have taken several children aside to teach them how to read. They try to do it when they aren't watching but it's hard when they don't sleep. I mean never.

Who's they? They are vampires.

My mom tells me of a place where at one time humans were in charge. We were the top species and vampires where afraid to show themselves. Humans feared the unknown. But after sometime vampires came out of their hiding places and revealed themselves. Humans accepted them easily if not without any care.

There were a few riots at first but after the newness wore off the vampires were like everyone else. Humans would go to blood drives once a month in order to help feed the vampire race. It was peace between two different races. In exchange for the human blood drives, the vampires were willing to work on our farms and harvest the food we needed.

And then, after five years of peace, the unthinkable happened. A vampire by the name of Aero came forth and took charge claiming that there wasn't enough fun in simply buying human blood. He went on national television and declared the vampire race more superior and while he accepted humans to be free he said he would rather enjoy the 'thrill of the hunt' and not to mention the 'free food'. There were vampires that fought for the human's freedom.

They were brought down easily.

There are now no vampires left that are willing to fight for the human race. Humans are now farmed like cattle. At least I think that's the term my mom uses. I don't really know what a cattle is. She tells me it's a four legged animal that we used to eat. Humans would farm them for food. She told me how all of the animals were farmed like we are now. It's hard to believe that any human can treat anything the way a vampire would treat us. They even have their own language now so that humans don't know what they are saying.

We know the basics because they scream at us until we do it. "Bugh" means come and "Straph" means stay. I know a few others but I don't feel like going into detail about each command.

We get punished too; they have these electric poles that they will zap you with if you don't follow what they say right away. I was told about a few people who tried to come up with a revolt one time, they didn't live long.

Along with good hearing, vampires can have special powers. There is rumor that every farm has at least one vampire that can read minds. I had yet to hear about such a thing here but I was told about it through another human who was brought here from another farm. Apparently they used that power to tell if someone was planning on escaping or revolting against the vampires.

I would never dream of doing such a thing. One sting from the electric poles and you will think the same thing. We were just given our food for the day as we sat around and ate. My mother was already pregnant for the third time now. I was the first and because I was a girl, I was left with her and the rest. Her second was a male who would be brought to a different farm to keep inbreeding to a minimum.

They would occasionally switch a female to a different place as well but not as often. I have seen it happen several times though. Mothers will be pregnant and when it is finally time to give birth, they are taken to a room away from here. You can hear the screams and we will all hold our breath waiting to find out the results. If the mother dies, she will be brought to the harvesting room for the last time but if she lives, we will hear screams of a small baby. We will hear down the hall if it is a boy or girl. The mother will be brought back alone, without her child. Then after five days the child is brought back and the mother is expected to take care of it. We don't know what happens during those five days and I wonder if we would want to know.

I worry for the day when I first become a mother. I don't know how I will handle it. Being thirteen, my mother tells me that I should expect to start having children anytime. Like any other elder here, she wishes for something better for me but it won't happen, it will never happen.

Food varies depending on what day it is. We get harvested once a week. That day is special, we get sweet treats. Chocolate, candy, cake, apple juice…anything that is deemed sugary. The other six days, we may get a small slab of meat- half the size of your fist and a piece of bread. Oh and water, we always have access to water. It gets boring eating the same thing but it's fine. Sometimes when you have a child, the child gets bought out and taken from you before it is even one year old. I was lucky that I was born within the first batch of humans when this first happened. My mom didn't have to worry about me being taken away.

I was told by one of the guards one time that when a human is bought it is taken back to the vampire's own place and kept there. It is supposed to be cheaper in the long run for vampires to harvest their own food. I asked why but I wasn't told an answer because another guard walked by and pulled out his electric pole. I didn't remember anything after that. That is a major rule that I broke though, we aren't allowed to talk to guards so when they talk to us willingly, they could get into even more trouble than we could.

Harvesting? You want to know about harvesting. There are seven groups of females and seven groups of males. Each group varies in this farm to about twenty to thirty people. In mine, there's twenty six. If we ever go over thirty then someone will be forced to leave. We don't know what happens to them but we never see them again. At the moment four of the women in my group are pregnant. Both arms and neck of all of us, except the heavily pregnant woman, are bruised. It will just start to heal and it is time to harvest all over. We are used to the pain and swelling that sometimes comes with this. I have seen some die from infections.

The vampires do try though, they will bring IVs and antibiotics to give to the infected ones but if they deem someone unable to be saved- they are brought out of the room for the last time. I only had one time where someone died in the cage during the night. It was so scary to wake up the next day too that. The worse part…if it could be any worse was that some of the people I was with were debating eating the person so that we can get more protein.

Back to harvesting, they bring the group into a small room where we have to sit down in chairs. They shove a needle into your arm or neck, depending where they are going for that week. You sit around for sometime, you can talk, eat and do whatever. They will keep you hooked until you are about to pass out. That is the worse feeling ever. One by one they will unstrap you and carry you back. That's right, you are too weak to walk back yourself. It's an odd feeling. That is the only day we are somewhat babied and even then, I don't know if a few sweets and a blanket could be considered babied.

Once in a while, I will hear shouts from the outside world. They scream for us to be set free. I hear riots and protests outside. They deem the place we live inhumane which I find funny, they give us food and shelter here. How is this place inhumane? Perhaps it is something that I could only get after living a life like them. I wish I could live one day where I could do what I want. I was told that there is such a thing as an outside where there is a sun and a moon. I was told that they fight for the sky repeatedly. I was told that neither will ever win. These are all myths as far as I am concerned. If I can't see it for myself then it is a myth.

My only sun would be the UVB and UVA bulbs that shine down in each cage for five minutes a day. Other than that, we have basic florescent bulbs. It feels good though when those bulbs come on. We will all crowd into that area, trying to get the most rays we can. I dream of one day finding out what is beyond these walls.

Breeding? Yeah, that's one even I don't know. I'm only thirteen, not old enough…yet. I will watch as the ones who aren't pregnant will be brought out of the room and they will come back a week later. The red band on the wrist means they were pregnant and therefore didn't have to go through harvesting for nine months. They were the lucky ones. I couldn't wait to be pregnant so that I could wait for nine months. My mom said she hopes that I don't have to go through any of that for a lot longer. What does she know?

I would think that nine months without harvesting would be a miracle. Life without having bruises, that was a life I wanted. A life I craved to one day have.

I constantly have dreams where I am running through a field, running because I want not because I have too. My mom and her son are with me. We laugh and play. We jump on these things that my mom calls swings. They are these things that are held down by a rope and you swing back and forth on them. We see the sun; it's a huge fiery orb in the sky. We can't touch it though; it is just out of our reach. Then the moon will make its appearance and move the sun out of its spot so that it can come forth and show us the beauty of glowing wonder. The stars which are several suns farther away than our sun will shine down. It's a simple happy life. I wonder if the sun and moon will be the same as in my dreams.

This was my magical life that would never happen. But a person can dream. And dreaming is the best thing you can do when your life isn't the way it should be.

I just wonder if one day I can see the sun, what a treat to be able to see such a magnificent spectrum. I want to put my feet in the grass and swim in a pond. A pond is a huge reservoir of water! Unlike here where we can barely put our feet in the water, there you can swim. And there's these animals called fish in there. They are slimy and have scales but they are beautiful to watch. I really hope that one day all this can be true. I wish for one day to be able to live my life there.

Unless if all this was a myth that my elders have told all the children in order to give us hope. I really hope it isn't the latter. Just one day out there, finding the truth. Was that so much to ask for?

I heard the cage door slam shut and I was taken out of my dream. Yeah, it was.

I had this in my computer for almost a year. I wrote it a while back but never finished it because I had seen a preview for DayBreakers and the farming humans thing and didn't want people to think that I am copying that movie. I had this idea before I heard about the movie. But after finally seeing the movie, it is much different than what I am going to do so I don't mind finishing it now.

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