In Need of Rescue
Chapter 21: A New Friend

Third Person POV

PLEASE NOTE! The beginning of this is a little graphic and may be upsetting to some people. If you get upset easily please skip the "Third Person POV" and go down to the part that reads "Bella's POV"

She looked at the clock on the wall; the little hand had made nine circles around the clock. That meant nine hours had passed since her master had come home. It took her a while to figure out that clock, she was still mystified at what the big hand did. She felt like she was going to explode from the need to release her bowels. Her life was meaningless as far as she was concerned. Her master would force her to wait until he got home before she could use the bathroom and she would have to wait so much longer if he brought a girl with him.

Ever since her master had 'adopted' her, it was utter hell.

She paced, feeling it essential to have to go now. If she did so, she would be punished. The outdoors was meant for a bathroom, not the indoors. The master hadn't cleaned the outdoors in what seemed like forever. When she went out to do her 'business', she would have to walk or better yet crawl through the decaying feces. She had to pee on her blanket a few times in the past to relieve her bladder, but her master never cleaned it so it would end with her lying in her own urine.

But what could she do, he told her that every vampire was like this. She found it hard to believe; when she was younger her caretaker took care of her and her family as if they were living creatures. This man took care of her as if she were a disposable item. Something he could pick up at a pawn store.

One leg was amputated up to the knee when he had thrown her down the stairs, the other had a very bad foot that he thought would be funny to step on for more than one occasion. He claimed that humans shouldn't be able to walk but must crawl. She sat down and looked at herself. There were no mirrors within her reach so she couldn't fully take in the view of what she had become.

Her ribs protruded out as if it were a xylophone, you could count every rib perfectly. Her stomach was tight; she hadn't seen food in at least two days, all because she was bad and had used the crate as a bathroom which meant pain. He decided instead of punishing her by beatings, he would't feed her for three days. At least water was still given and she refused to use the bathroom in the crate, less he take her water away. There were many days where she was left wondering how long a human can go without food before starving to death.

The cops had thought it funny how she was treated when they met her when she was younger. She didn't know what they were saying but their laughs and pokes made her understand that her master may have been right when she was told that every vampire was just like him. He had said that if she did get away, another vampire would bring her back and then she would be severely punished.

His treatment of her had gotten worse since she last saw the cops. She wasn't this skinny when they last laughed at her.

The cops hadn't made an appearance for quite a long time now. She knew that her master had kept her a secret, perhaps he told them that she died. She might as well be dead from the way she was living.

She was not allowed clothes at all. She did have a blanket in case she got cold but her master claimed that clothes were for vampires. Her legs were bones wrapped in skin. The muscle was so far vanished that it took most of her energy to move. Both knees were scabbed and calloused from having to walk on them. Both her knees and hands always held a slight smell of feces from having to walk outside in an unclean environment.

To put it bluntly, her life sucked and she knew it. She grabbed the cage door and shook it, hoping it may loosen. All her strength went into shaking her cage and nothing but the rattling noise filled the air. Tears started to pool in her eyes at the realization of everything. Her stomach was tight, her energy was drained, her bladder was about to explode, and she couldn't do anything about it. She could die at any moment, whether it from not using the bathroom or her hunger that would never cease.

She shook the cage again, when she first came here a group of vampires would come by to the house from surrounding houses or call saying that they heard a human screaming. They were there to make sure the girl was never beaten too badly; apparently she wasn't because she was never taken away. The visitations stopped when her master had what he and another man called a 'back alley surgery.' They strapped her down and started to scrape the inside of her throat. The burning from it and the feel of the blood as she chocked on it wasn't the worse part. When she finally passed out from the pain, it felt like it was all over but it had just begun. When she awoke, she couldn't make a noise. Even a grunt went unheard. She could snort and that was how she showed her true thoughts. That was how she could talk.

However, when she could no longer scream from the pain inflicted, the people stopped coming to help her and her beatings got worse. Did they know she was still here? Did everyone think he finally killed the pathetic human?

Her bruised eye, her broken leg, her broken arms, a rib that would break- it all meant nothing to the vampires. To her it was pain and suffering. It all healed wrong. She knew a mirror wouldn't be her friend and if she were to look into one, it would only reveal how hideous she had become.

The cage door gave way when she started to shake it again; it seemed to open on its own as if allowing her some freedom that she never got. If she had to die today at least she got to taste some freedom. She stared at the door as it moved back and forth. Did she dare to take one step out of the cage? If her master caught her, it would mean a whole new pain and most likely death. She decided to take her chances when she heard a front door from the house across the street close. This was it, this was her last chance to reach someone and show just how in need she was in. Whoever was outside, she hoped they would help her.

She crawled out of the cage, going as fast as she could and stopped at the couch. She wasn't allowed on the couch. Even if it was just this once and no one was around to see her, she would stain it with her dirty knees and hands. Did she dare to take that risk?

A car started, it was rare that vampires were heard when they moved. Maybe this was a sign that she could get help. She knew it was now or take a risk of vanishing like this. She jumped on the couch and pushed back the curtains looking at the front of the house for the first time since she had been here. She clawed at the window, watching a bulky vampire as he was about to drive off.

She clawed harder, trying to gain his attention. Her fingers that were barely functioning were slamming on the glass. Her tears poured fourth when the vampire looked like he was about to drive forward without noticing her attempts.

Ignorance truly was bliss…for the other person around her.

She slammed her fists into the window, no not all vampires were alike, someone, anyone had to be different! There had to be at least one out there!

The brawny man looked over at her and his smile changed to utter shock. They locked eyes for a brief second. Her eyes pleading and his in horror. She put her hand to the glass, trying to make the palm settle on the glass, it was hard when her fingers curled into her palm. Her breathing calmed as he kept staring at her. A tear trickled down her face as she kept mouthing out a simple phrase repeatedly, 'Please help me.'

Then he picked up a phone and started dialing a number. It hit her then, what if he was calling her master? What if that horror and shock was him not believing that she would disobey her master.

She suddenly got scared; she jumped from the window and went back to her crate. It was obvious that she had jumped on the couch and looked outside. There were stains on the couch just as she presumed and the curtains were peeled back, revealing dirty hand marks all over the window.

This was going to end her life; she knew her life would be over when her master came home. She closed the cage door and went to a corner, deciding that it didn't matter now if she used the bathroom in the crate. She just hoped that her death would be quick and painless. Her body was shaking from the fear, this would be it. Her days, no hours, no probably minutes where numbered.

The same thought filled her head though, humans can't live like this; this can't be the only thing she was meant to be. It seemed like hours when the front door was opened, she gulped as she backed away. Whoever was at the door, she knew it wouldn't be good.

This was it. Her eyes closed as she heard voices come closer to the cage.

Bella's POV

I was sitting on the couch, finally feeling better. Edward was up stairs talking on the phone with someone. I blew my nose, hoping that the stuffiness would leave with the cold. I heard a knock at the door and got off the couch. Edward explained to me that when people come over, I must get off the couch for now on. I started walking into the hallway toward the front door.

Edward came running down the stairs and stood in front of the door. I watched him as he opened the door, "What brings you here Carlisle? You said you would never come to my house again once I got Bella." I remembered Edward telling me that Carlisle and Esme refused to go to anyone's house who harbored a human as a pet. They were one of the vampires that were against it.

I couldn't hear what his response was but Edwards voice dropped as I craned my neck to see their faces. Edward looked over at me and then walked out of the house and closed the door behind him. I ran to the window, opening a small part of the large curtain to look out at them. What were they hiding?

I could make out another with them. But the two were in the way for me to be able to get a good view. I was sure it was human; it was sitting on the ground. I tried to get a better position in the window but nothing seemed to work. The door suddenly opened. I jumped back and hit a vase that was on a small stand. It crashed to the ground before I heard Edward mutter, "Bella, get in here. I know you were looking."

I walked into the other room and forced a small innocent smile. He shook his head as if sighing.

"Bella, I need to talk to you quickly." He said closing the door behind him so that I couldn't see outside.


"You know how the vampires were uncaring to you?"

I nodded, still looking at the door.

"That's how most vampires act towards humans."

"I know. You are special." I said. I wasn't stupid.

"Most humans don't know this. They think all vampires are uncaring. They are treated like animals until they believe they are animals."

"Alright." I said. Why did I care? Did I have to leave again? I started to panic at that thought.

Edward must have seen the panic on my face, "You aren't going anywhere." He muttered as if it were stupid that I would even worry about that. "Carlisle has a case of cruelty where a vampire was TOO uncaring to a human. He wants to leave the human here until he can find someone who can take care of it."

"Lizzy likes humans! She takes care of them really well!" I said to him.

"I know Bella but she is packed with humans right now. Cruelty is on the rise. We are trying to work something out with several pounds, but all of the pounds are filled. The girl has been in the hospital for three days and nothing came up while she was there. She no longer has to stay at the hospital and we are waiting for an opening for the girl. Until then, she needs a place to stay."

"So is she going to stay here?" I asked excitedly, not realizing how much I missed human companionship.

"Yes but she is going to be very quiet and scared."

"Alright, can I meet her?" I asked excitedly. I hadn't seen another human since my visit with my mother.

Edward laughed at my excitement. "Sure. Carlisle you can come in now." Edward had to hold me from the excitement to be able to see another human. My excitement turned to pity quickly as the doctor walked in with a girl that was smaller than me. Her hair was very short and a dark black color, her brown eyes shot around the place as she crawled on her knees. I was confused to say the least. She cowered away from Carlisle and Edward. Edward still held me to him, knowing that I still wanted to go to the girl.

Carlisle caught my attention when he spoke, "Bella this is Emily." He must have noticed me staring at her feet. "Her legs were broken and one was cut to the knee. She will never be able to walk on her two legs again like you and I do." He said soothingly.

I noticed then that she was crawling on one stub and one knee.

Carlisle looked up at Edward, "Where is the small bed you said you had? That will make her more at home. She slept on a cushion at the other place. The cushion there was rather dingy so I couldn't bring it with me but I know that something similar will make her feel more at ease."

Edward pointed to the living room. Carlisle told the girl to come and had her follow to the living room, to the bed that I had to lay in when the cops came. Carlisle unhooked the leash and the girl went straight for the bed, laying in it. She looked so scared compared to most humans I had met.

I was getting impatient by being held back now. Edward must have noticed as he released me. I stood at entrance of the living room, staring in. The girl was cowering away from all of us. I walked into the living room and walked up to her. I bent down to her, "I'm Bella. What's your name?" I asked.

She just stared at me, shaking. There were bruises all over the girl. I then realized she had close to nothing on, just a hospital gown. She was a skeleton with skin. There was no muscle, I could even see where her joints where coming through.

"Bella." Edward spoke, making me turn my head. "Why don't you go get her a loose shirt and some comfortable pants from your room?"

I nodded and ran up the stairs as Edward and Carlisle started to talk. I grabbed a loose shirt and my favorite sweatpants. When I was back down, Carlisle was gone. I hand them to Edward. He went into the other room and started to put the shirt on the girl. Then he did his best to put the pants on her as the girl stayed still. "Esme gave her a shower so she's cleaned up the best she can be for now. She's been in the hospital for three days in order to make sure she is being given the best nutrients." He said.

I stood behind him until he got up. I could smell a small amount of feces that must have been coming from the girl, but I tried to ignore it. I was about to talk to her when Edward cut me off.

"Bella, she doesn't speak." Edward told me.

"I can teach her human. She can learn." I said excitedly.

Edward shook his head. "No, you can't. She knows words in human and she understands the commands in vampiric but the vampire that she was with cut the inside of her throat which is what helps you to speak."

"You can do that?" I asked appalled that someone could do that.

He nodded, "Yes, it's illegal but vampires do it. So right now she has no means of communication with you. Emily." He said. Her head shot to him as her breathing got heavier. "I can hear your thoughts; if you need anything let me know. I'm willing to help. I'm Edward." He said putting out a hand.

She hid her head and went away from him. I went around him and hugged her. "It's alright, he's nice." I said to her. I didn't know what got over me but I felt the need to stay right there and lay with her. Edward left the room for the rest of the night, leaving us alone. I lay somewhat on top of her, trying to help her feel more secure. It must have worked because she fell asleep. I stayed with her the whole night. She would know that with my help and Edward's help she would never be hurt again.

I was awoken up to the sound of Edward cussing in the kitchen. I looked down at girl who was awake. "He's making breakfast." I told her.

She looked at me.

"Come on, I bet it's ready by now. He knows whenever I'm about to wake up." I said standing up. She still stayed where she was. I started to walk toward the kitchen but noticed the girl still wasn't following me. Her eyes were looking behind me. I turned around to see Edward standing at the doorway. I screamed for a quick second, not expecting him to be there.

"Great way to get her to think I'm nice." He muttered.

"Sorry." I said. I moved back as he came in with two plates of food. "Are we eating in here?"

"Yes, but don't get used to it." He said placing the two plates on the small table. I sat on the floor and started to eat from my plate. The girl watched Edward carefully, "Eat it." He said in vampiric. The girl got up and crawled over to me and sat down. She stared at the plate. I could tell she didn't know what to do. "Use the fork." He said putting it next to the plate.

I held my right hand out so that she could see what mine looked like. "Like this." I said.

She lifted her right hand up; I could see the mangled mess that was her fingers. I kept trying to think of what she must have gone through to get to this state. I wouldn't be surprised if she despised vampires for the rest of her life but maybe she would decide that Edward was nice with enough time. She tried to pick the fork up with her hand then decided to use her left which was a little less disfigured. She held it awkwardly and ate very slowly. I hummed to myself as I ate my food, noting that she was silent.

"Did a vampire give you those bruises?" I asked

She nodded her head with a piece of food in her mouth.

"How about your broken leg? And the cut leg?"

She nodded again.

"Why did they cut your vocal cords? Were you talking too much?" I asked.

"Bella." Edward warned me from the kitchen as he was cleaning up. "Stop asking questions like that."

"Sorry." I muttered.

We sat in silence as we both ate. I was done before her. "Have you seen the sun before? It's very pretty." I told her.

She nodded.

"Edward's nice. And Carlisle. You met him. He's nice too."

Edward walked into the room, dressed in his work clothes. "I have to go to work." He said putting his phone in his pocket. "Bella be nice to her and don't talk her ear off. Bella show Emily where the bathroom is." He said before walking out the door.

"I know what you can do to talk!" I said getting up and running out of my room. I ran up the stairs, stumbling over a few steps. I went into my room and found a few pieces of paper that I didn't scribble on yet. I knew it wouldn't be enough so I ran into Edward's room. I found a stack of paper with miscellaneous symbols on them. He only used them for his piano playing and he hadn't played it for a while. I figured he wouldn't care if a few went missing.

I grabbed a pen that was next to them and ran down the stairs. Emily was right where I left her. I shoved the pen into her left hand, forcing the fork to fall out of it. "Our words are made up from an alphabet." I sang out the whole alphabet and then wrote out each letter. "Try to rewrite those." She nodded and did as I said. Her writing was sloppy just like mine was when I first learned. I didn't know how to spell a lot because the vampires didn't like if humans knew anything. If Edward made an exception for me a few days ago; I figured he could make an exception for her.

"You can write anything out if you sound it out and spell it." I pointed to the pen in her hands. "Pen, p-e-n." She stared at me. I took the pen and then wrote out the p then the e then the n. "Pen"

Something clicked in her mind. She pointed to the table and then wrote 'tabl.'

"Yes! Table!" I said excitedly, not caring that she missed the e.

She then pointed to the couch, 'cowch.'

"It's c-o-u-c-h." I told her, writing each letter out. She smiled. We spent the whole day writing each word out. Some I didn't know how to spell but we were deciding the way they should be spelt.

"What's it like being with a mean vampire?" I asked after she figured out most of the alphabet.

She thought about it for a little, trying to think of how to spell that, 'not nice.' She wrote. 'I'm glad to be away.'

"I bet. I'm lucky here. You know you can trust Edward right?" I asked.

She nodded, 'it's hard when I have been taught to fear vampires.'

"I understand." I heard the door open and looked at the clock; it had already been four hours since Edward left. That meant Alice was here to feed me, well to feed us lunch. I stood up and went out to the hall. Alice hugged me.

"Lunch time little one!" She said to me.

She looked into the living room to see Emily on the floor.

"And you must be Emily." She said walking into the room. Emily moved away from her as if trying to protect herself. "Don't worry, they will find a place for you soon."

"Emily and I are talking!" I said as Alice picked up the papers to look at them.

"You are?" She asked going through the papers. She gave a worried look, "Bella are you teaching her to write?" she asked.

"My mom and Edward taught me and since she can't talk, I figured it would be good to know."

"Humans aren't supposed to know how to write." Alice said to me. "Edward can get into a lot of trouble for you learning and the fact that Emily learned under his roof."

"But she can't talk."

"The cops don't care hun. No more please. I've grown accustomed to you, I don't want you taken away." Alice picked up all the papers and took the pen from Emily's hand. "I'm sorry dear but I don't need any of you guys getting hurt from this. Now let's go get some lunch." She walked into the kitchen with the papers.

I followed her and Emily followed me. She sat next to me, doing whatever I did in order to not get into trouble.

Emily jumped when Alice turned on the stove and burned the papers that we were writing on. "It's okay." I muttered.

Alice left after lunch was served. "I guess we can't learn anymore." I said as I went to sit on the couch. Emily sat on the floor. She started to look uncomfortable as I turned on the television. "What's wrong?" I asked.

She opened her mouth and then closed it. When she opened it up, she mouthed out the letter 'P.'

I thought about it for a second, "You have to use the bathroom? Then follow me." I walked upstairs to the bathroom. "Use the toilet."

Her eyes filled with tears as she saw a toilet. I didn't think the toilet was that impressive. Yeah, I was excited to first see one too but I didn't cry. Maybe she wasn't allowed to use one? Either way I allowed her to use it while the door was closed.

When she came out, she was smiling from ear to ear.

"We need a code since you aren't allowed to write." I said. I lifted up my hand, "One means hungry, two means thirsty, and three means bathroom."

She nodded and started to smile. We were good friends already. I was hoping that they wouldn't find a home for her too soon.

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