Ah, great. Another murder. When? About two hours ago – a lucky find. Where? Uhhh...Mc. Donald's men's restroom…strangely, our victim is female. Why? Who knows? Staring at the wrong person can get you killed. STARING! Anyway, our main character, Ashley Wolf, is in charge of it all. The forensics…the cops…the investigators…everything.

"Ash?" Her deputy, Hailey Guthrie, came up to her. She was the only person Ashley allowed to call her Ash – except for Ayden, her boyfriend.

"What, Hailey?" Ashley asked, looking her in the eyes.

"Your – well, Ayden. He…well, we think he's a suspect."

"No," Ashley was appalled. She remembered his kisses – every time was like the first: amazing, captivating, and lovely. She didn't ever want him to stop kissing her.

"Yeah, he's a suspect. We found his fingerprints, Ashley. A plus A isn't going to work out – unless you want to date a guy in jail."

"Shut up, b****," Ashley almost slapped Hailey. "Listen here, you don't go around accusing my boyfriend of murder – okay? He's not a murderer."

"You can't deny facts, Ashley. His fingerprints are in black and white. He is either in league with the murderer, or he is the murderer. It's the only thing possible. We've calculated who he's going to kill next, if he's the murderer. He's going to kill—"

"How's my favorite girl?" came a male's voice. Ashley turned around to see Ayden walking towards her, arms outstretched. She rushed to him and gave him a hug.

"You know what is so outrageous about my job?" She asked him, resting her head on his chest.

"No, what?"

"Hailey is calling you a murderer," Ashley tried to smile, but the look Ayden gave her made it almost impossible. Trying to hide his anger, Ayden bent down and kissed Ashley. Ashley felt herself melt into him completely. His kisses were almost seductive…captivating. She was reluctant when he pulled away.

"That is your only weakness," Hailey said, coming up to her.

"What?" Ashley asked.

"Him," Hailey seemed angry, as she grabbed her pad and pen and looked angrily at Ayden, saying: "Back off, okay? Ashley has work to do and you can't interrupt her. You're one of the suspects. Too bad ya couldn't hide your precious fingerprints, huh?"

"So, my babe wasn't joking with me," Ayden's eyes flashed fury.

"Shut up, Ayden," Ashley joked. "Why would I joke about something this serious?" She wanted to lean in and kiss him again, but Ayden made no move to accept the gesture.

"Ashley!" The forensic scientist called. His name was Logan Snyder.

"Yee, Snyder?" Ashley pulled away from her boyfriend and walked over to him. He immediately grabbed her by the waist and pointed a gun to her head. Ayden tried to run to her, but Logan shot. The bullet grazed Ayden's temple. The accuracy was frightening. Ayden stopped. Hailey stopped. The entire team stopped.

"Logan, what are you doing? This is going to get you fired!"

"They aren't going to fire me, ma'am," Logan smirked. "They'll never fire me. I'm quitting. And you're coming with me."

"I'm not, Logan, I don't like you," As soon as she said that, she realized it was the wrong thing to say. Logan grasped her tighter and hit her upside the head with the butt of the gun. The last thing that she saw was Hailey sprawled across the ground, blood gushing from her temple, and Ayden shouting for the police.