I'm watching the episode "Firestorm" and got inspired. Nash Bridges belongs to CBS, Carlton Cuse, and whoever else owns it. I only own the plot of the fic, and it comes from a couple of conversations Evan had with Caitlin.

Evan sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He couldn't believe this was happening. He had done his best to forget. And it had worked until Caitlin Cross had talked to him. His mind went back. Evan tried not to let out an annoyed sigh. He wasn't going to let this woman rattle him.

"Any abuse in the family?" she asked. He started.

"Whether there was or not is none of your damn business," he snapped. Evan shook his head. Things had gotten a bit worse from there, but he hadn't let on. Then she had asked him about when he had decided to be a cop, and he had told her about Father Mike's mugging. Then had come the question about how he thought about that event twenty-two years later.

"I said my prayers for Father Mike a long time ago," he had told her. Evan laid his head against the wall and sighed. He and his family had never told anybody the truth about Father Mike, what the priest had done to him, though somehow, it had gotten out. He still remembered the exact moment his family had found out.

"How could you keep this from us! Are that stupid!" his older brother, Miguel demanded.

"Miguel, I-" Evan began.

"Miguel, you're not helping. Callate," their father snapped.

"Dad, I-I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have kept this from you, but what was I supposed to say? He said you wouldn't believe me," Evan apologized.

"Whoa, hijo. Don't apologize. This is not your fault," his father told him. But it had felt like his fault. He had trusted the man. He kept the secret. Only, the secret had gotten out-somehow. It hadn't been right away either. It had been after he had joined the force. Evan closed his eyes as a memory came up unbidden.

"Hey Cortez, we're dealing with a priest," Rodrico Diaz said.

"So?" Evan asked.

"Word on the street is that this priest is pretty handsy. Seems like your kind of case."

"Why do you say that?"

"Come on, Cortez. Everyone knows you were Father Mike's bitch." Evan jumped up and leaped at the man. Evan let out a noise of distress. Man, stop. I don't want to remember this, he thought to himself. Caitlin didn't realize it, but her questions had been too close for comfort.