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"We all know what we need to do, what we're going to have to do. As long as we stick to the plan everything should work out alright..."

Harry could hear the doubt in Hermione's voice, and he was sure Ron and Ginny could hear it too. What they were about to attempt was unthinkable, and there were so many things that could go wrong. The four of them were risking everything, everything they had ever known for this one chance.

They were planning on going back and changing everything, time travel. The ritual they were using was an old one, one that might kill them if it went wrong. But they had felt it was worth the risk for the chance to try again. The war had not lasted long, only three years after Dumbledore's death. But it had been brutal.

In the end Fred had died, along with Remus and Tonks. Hermione's parents had been killed as well, but not as a direct result of the war. Hogwarts had been destroyed, families torn apart. A few of their classmates had been killed, Colin Creevy among them. Dobby had died, and Hedwig as well.

In the grand scheme of things Harry supposed that they got off easy, it could have been much worse. Nevertheless Fred's death had hit the Weasley's hard. George would never be the same; he had already attempted to kill himself more than once. Molly Weasley was near catatonic in her grief, and Harry suspected that she would never recover. Arthur was looking into long term care for her.

Hermione likewise had been completely devastated by the loss of her parents, knowing that she would never get to say goodbye and that they had died not knowing that she even existed. She blamed herself, and it changed her.

For his part Harry had never gotten over the death of Sirius, and Dumbledore. To add in Remus had been a blow he wasn't expecting. For anyone else these reasons may not have seemed enough to take such drastic steps, but for the four of them it was more than enough.

"Harry, you'll need to lay the groundwork for plan B as you go along. Hopefully it won't come to that. I know how much Dumbledore's trust means to you, are you prepared to go through with this? Because even after it's all over... he'll never trust you."

At Harry's nod she turned to Ron and Ginny. "And you two? What you have to do, it will forever change your family. There won't be any going back."

They both nodded and Ron turned to her "What about you Hermione? I know how difficult it's going to be for you, you'll be all alone..."

Hermione swallowed. "Yes, I'll be fine. It shouldn't be that hard compared to what you'll all have to go through." She looked doubtful even as she said it.

Harry looked at the portal, it was almost time. "Is everyone ready?" he asked quietly.

They all looked at each other one last time, tears in each of their eyes. If everything went according to plan it would be thirteen years before the four of them would be able to speak to each other again.

Ginny stepped towards the portal smiling sadly at Harry and Hermione, "Well, I guess I'll talk to you two in a decade or so..."

After she stepped through Hermione gave Ron and Harry one last hug and a whispered "I'll miss you guys, don't forget to do your homework." She smiled weakly at her own attempt at lightening the mood. "I love you both."

After she was gone Harry turned to Ron. "Do you reckon we're doing the right thing? Should we have told Hermione and Ginny?"

"I don't think we had much of a choice, they never would have agreed to it..."

They nodded to each other solemnly. Ron clasped Harry on the shoulder, "Be seeing you mate."

After he was gone, Harry took one last look around before stepping through. Then the world went dark.

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