~*~*~Potion of Death~*~*~

The sky was painted a light purple from the small rays of the morning sun that peek out behind the mountains. It was peaceful, like anywhere else in Japan during the Meiji Era. The only person about was that of a girl who wore a Japanese priestess uniform. The girl, Kagome, had her hair tied back behind her shoulders, which let her charcoal black hair fall down past her usual white haori. The haori was tied securely with a sash that was connected from her forest green, baggy hakama. Her gentle brown eyes were at a peaceful state that matched her peachy face. Kagome was sweeping the walk from her village hut to the main road. Kagome often woke up early during her childhood to greet the rising sun, and was now a daily thing in her life. Now, Kagome woke up just the same, but to do chores that she was responsible for doing.

Ever since her parents pasted away, she had to live and take care of her seven-year-old brother, Souta. Her half sister, Kikyo, also lived with her. Kikyo and Kagome were very alike in physical likeness. They both had soft black locks of hair, wore the same priestess uniform each day, and both had special spiritual powers, which they kept a secret. The only difference between them was Kikyo's lightning blue eyes which could freeze people in their spots if she glared at them, but Kagome's were kindhearted and full of warmth. Villagers say that Kagome's sweet heartedness could probably tame the fiercest of animals and kill it if you made her mad. Kagome was more outgoing and lively, whereas Kikyo was more independent and only cared for herself.

Kagome finished her sweeping and went inside the small hut. She left her sandals respectively outside and went inside towards the wafting smell of miso soup. There, next to the cooking pot, knelt Kikyo. She was stirring the soup, and greeted Kagome when she came in.

"Good morning, sister", Kagome said with a smile.

"Good morning to you too.", Kikyo replied, " Would you also go wake up Souta?"

" Sure", Kagome answered.

Kagome walked down a small hall and went inside a small room where a little figure slept upon a battered futon.

" Hey Souta. Wake up"

The figure named Souta did not move.


Kagome nudged Souta in the side and he finally woke up.

"Sister Kagome?", Souta said wearily.

" Time to get up. ", Kagome said as she smiled.

Kagome then let Souta stretch out cramped muscles as she retreated back to Kikyo for breakfast.


After breakfast, Kikyo went out to the market while Kagome put out the freshly washed laundry. Souta helped Kagome by bringing to her the loads so she could hang them up on the clothesline. Suddenly, a shadowed figure jumped out from behind a tree and cupped his hands over her eyes, alarming Kagome who just dropped an empty basket.

"Kyaa!" Kagome exclaimed in alarm.

"Guess who?", the shadowed figure said in a soothing low voice.

"Inuyasha, please quit doing that all the time," Kagome stated as she removed the stranger's hands from her eyes, and turned to face a teenaged boy with black hair which was braided into a knot at the top of his head like a samurai. Inuyasha wore a red haori and matching hakama. He was physically strong and could lift boulders. His eyes were an auburn color with specks of gold in it. He was very possessive and protective of his friends as well as things he owned. Inuyasha had been Kagome's childhood playmate. When Kagome's parents passed away leaving her with a 2-year-old brother. Her half sister Kikyo had helped her and in turn, Kagome asked her wandering half sister to live in her home. Later when Inuyasha grew up more, his feelings for Kagome changed. He didn't feel Kagome as a friend, but more of a lover. When he realized his feelings, he decided that he wanted her to be his wife. Inuyasha never said anything to Kagome yet because he thought Kagome would spurn him away.
So, Inuyasha kept his feelings a secret, waiting for when the time was right.

Souta then appeared from behind the house with the last load of laundry when he spotted Inuyasha.

"Big brother Inuyasha!", the child set the basket of laundry down and ran over and hugged Inuyasha's legs.

"Hey squirt! You've gotten bigger," Inuyasha proclaimed as he bent down and picked Souta up," Soon, you'll be as tall as me and maybe as strong as me!"

"Yeah!", Souta agreed excitedly.

"Anyway, what did bring you here, Inuyasha?" Kagome finally asked.

"Can't a friend visit anytime he wants?", Inuyasha teased. "No actually I was on my way to the market for an errand for father."

"Good. Then you should get going before your dad decides to storm down here and wreak havoc", Kagome joked.

"Big brother has to leave so soon?", asked Souta sadly.

"Yes I do Souta. Sorry, but I promise the next time I come over, we'll play a game together, okay?", Inuyasha proposed.

"Okay Big brother!", Souta agreed.

Inuyasha set down Souta and waved goodbye as he walked down the road. After waving goodbye, Kagome and Souta went on finishing the laundry.


Kikyo had finished shopping and was browsing a very expensive jewelry store. Kikyo knew she could never own something that expensive but looking it in a store was just a nice. Kikyo loved the way the clear crystals showed a harmonic rainbow of colors whenever light hit them. She thought they were just breathtaking. Kikyo was admiring the diamond pendants when Inuyasha appeared next to her.

"Inuyasha!", Kikyo said alarmed.

"Hi Kikyo," Inuyasha said while looking at the diamond rings.

"How have you been Inuyasha?", Kikyo asked.

"Just fine, I just saw Kagome and Souta," Inuyasha replied.

Kikyo's face darkened at her half sister's name. Kikyo never liked Kagome. She was jealous of Kagome's personality, life, practically everything. When her parents had died, Kikyo had come to comfort her, because she knew how it was to be alone. Her father had been exiled out of the village and her mother, both Kagome's and her own, got to stay in the protection of the village. Kikyo grew up independently after her father died of sickness. She taught herself how to hunt, defend for herself and numerous of other things, and how to beg. She had been forced to beg for food scraps at different villages. Sometimes she would come across a nice family who would let her stay a while, but she left so she wouldn't bother the nice people. When she heard of her mother's perish, she wanted to investigate, thus, daring herself to go into the village. Luckily, twelve years had passed since her father was exiled from that village, so no one had recognized her. She came upon her sister and
brother that she had not expected to be there. She helped them get over the loss and prepared to leave when Kagome had invited her to stay permanently.

Then, she didn't mind Kagome. But a week after her stay, Inuyasha had made his first appearance. Kikyo had fallen in love with Kagome's friend. She had grown to love him in a few weeks time and found herself thinking about him frequently. Growing up alone had made her become shy and closed out to the world. So Kikyo never had the courage to admit her love to Inuyasha. For three years she held back her love. Then, a day 4 weeks ago, Inuyasha had requested to talk to Kikyo privately. At first Kikyo was delighted in thinking that Inuyasha would confess his love to her, but after he had just started, Kikyo's upraised emotion plummeted which she heard him confess his feelings for KAGOME. He wanted to ask if Kikyo knew what Kagome would think if he were to proposed to her. Kikyo was boiling in anger and pain. But hiding her emotion with an emotionless face, she replied that she didn't know. After Inuyasha swore her into secrecy, he had left. It was then that Kikyo took out her
anger on the bamboo broom she held.

Kikyo had wanted Inuyasha to propose to her! Her only, not her darned half sister who almost always got everything she wanted. Now, Inuyasha had been going to different jewelry stores looking for a suitable ring. Kikyo wished she could just kill her sister, and she still did. Only what Inuyasha would think as well do to her was holding her back. Her anger still flared inside of her the very moment.

" I have to go now. Nice talking to you Inuyasha", Kikyo said.

Forcing a painful smile, Kikyo left.

"See you later Kikyo!" Inuyasha said as Kikyo left.

Kikyo briskly walked out of the shop and headed west past the market. Earlier today around the market, she has heard a village rumor about an sorceress who sold potions of any kind; for healing, headaches, other ailments and as well as ones for love, enchantment, beauty, killing, bringing back the dead, slaving, and others. This rumor interested Kikyo a great deal. She decided to go see if the rumor was true; if it was so, Kikyo had a plan that dealt with a certain half sister....


Inuyasha at the moment was trying to decipher something that greatly troubled him. He wanted to figure out why he felt a sense of foreboding.... As he left the shop to go home, he pondered why he felt so. Suddenly a high piercing scream broke his transition of thoughts. Inuyasha quickly tried to locate the source of the sound. He finally traced it and it led to the back yard of.... Kagome's hut?!

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