Kikyo served the rice cakes she had made and talked to Inuyasha during the meal. Once they finished, Kikyo poured the potion-tea concoction in teacups and handed one of them to Inuyasha. Kikyo tensed as she watched Inuyasha begin to drink the tea, while taking none for herself.

~*~Potion of Death- Chapter 4~*~*~

Suddenly, Inuyasha dropped the cup and as it shattered loudly against the floor, Inuyasha's once beautiful auburn eyes turned into a dull misty gray. Kikyo was satisfied that the potion worked as Inuyasha started to sway and fell back on the floor. After a second or two, he sprang back up and bowed towards Kikyo.

"What do you wish of me master?", Inuyasha asked a monotone voice.

Smiling, Kikyo ordered," See that lone figure out by the cherry tree? I want you to kill her. That would be all for now." Then Kikyo went to pour out the hazardous tea outside for safety and started to clean up the dining table while she waited for Inuyasha to come back. ' God must really like me' she thought. Kikyo started to hum an old song happily at her luck. She took out a bottle of warm sake and made a toast to herself over the defeat of her half sister. She drank and drank until she fell asleep, content with what she had now.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha proceeded outside to finish the task her master set before him. As he neared, he saw a woman with flowing black hair, which was in a tangled mess with warm brown eyes. Something stirred inside of him as he watched her crumpled figure lay against the ground lifelessly. Ignoring the feeling, Inuyasha drew out his sword. At the edge it still had a bloodstain. Heeding no attention he barked out to the figure.

"Ho! You there! Prepare to die by my master's wishes!"

Kagome, the figure in the pitch of darkness, was still sitting by Souta's grave. She had welcomed the darkness of the night. Her heart felt heavy. Through out the day, Kagome had fought with her inner self to try to forget Souta's death, even though she could not. She battled with herself to move on. It was a forever never ending She sat there within her mind trying to decide what she should do. Three sides of her fought, her mind, body and emotions, everything separate, trying to decide how Kagome's fate were to go. Her mind urged her to move on and try to forget Souta's death. But her emotions and body betrayed her and kept Kagome's prone form still. Her mind also knew that if the body of Kagome stayed any longer, she would either die of starvation, or natural occurrences. Suddenly, all of the internal talk shattered as Inuyasha's voice pierced through. Kagome finally could move and she looked up with renewed tears.


Inuyasha did not respond. He merely walked forward further towards Kagome set upon killing her.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled as she jumped up and hugged Inuyasha. Inuyasha was shocked at the girl's actions. Somehow, deep inside, he felt comforted by her touch. Her smell. But pushing away those thoughts fiercely, Inuyasha backed away from the girl and struck the girl across her face.

" Are you trying to attempt to cast a spell over me wench?!" Inuyasha exclaimed, "Don't ever come close to me again!" With that Inuyasha readied his sword, but a nagging feeling kept in his mind.

"Inuyasha! What are you saying?!", Kagome said, "You are my friend! Don't you know that?!"

The last statement tore Inuyasha's heart out. The word friend echoed through his mind hundreds of times. Inuyasha dropped the sword and it feel next to him in a clatter. He clutched his head in agony. The real Inuyasha was trying to fight back and save Kagome. Fighting to finish his job, he quickly grabbed the sword and held it in a fighter' stance.

" I told you not to mess with me and your accursed sorcery! Get out of my head! For that you will die!", Inuyasha huffed out as he charged.

Tears broke out once again over Kagome's face and Kagome sat there in sorrow. Now her closest friend had left her. She had no one to turn to. Grief with sorrow, she awaited her death.

As if time had slowed, Kagome watched as Inuyasha charged with sorrow in his eyes, but with a fierce look on his face towards her, holding a shimmering blade that reflected in the moonlight. A crimson dry puddle stained the tip of the blade. Her eyes watched as the death sword was raised above his chest and slowly pierced her ivory skin. With the momentum Inuyasha had gained, the sword sifted through her skin, puncturing her flesh, and went straight through her heart. The blade slid further and completely went through her body. Weak, Kagome fell back as her eyelids closed slowly over her warm brown eyes, shadowing her last moment of sight, Inuyasha.

Inuyasha had finally been able to break through the barriers of the potion and came back to himself. His once dull gray eyes blinked and they changed back to his amber eyes. But the sight he saw was not one to be reckoned with. His Kagome, his only love, was dying in front of him by his hand. He let go of the sword he used to treasure and thought of it as a sin. He darted straight towards Kagome, hoping and praying that she was still alive. The gods had granted his wish for a bliss moment. Kagome was still breathing, but her pulse way beyond normal.

" Kagome? Kagome? Please don't die, please...", Inuyasha begged as he silently cried.


Inuyasha's heart jumped when he heard Kagome's voice resound through the air.

"Kagome! Please don't die. I-I l-love you. Please don't die.... Please?" Inuyasha begged further.

" Inuyasha," Kagome called.

" Yes?", Inuyasha whispered fearfully.

" I have loved you for a long time now. I loved you since we were children. But now, I wasn't sure what you would have thought of me if I told you...." Kagome's voice started to fade.

" I love you. I always have and always will, Kagome." Inuyasha said.

" I'm so glad...", Kagome whispered and she breathed her last breath and pasted on.

" Kagome? KAGOME!? Please! Don't leave me...", Inuyasha mumbled as he nuzzled his head next to her head. He then let his eyes droop over and he fell into eternal sleep, never to be awakened because his soul was now with Kagome's, forever together and happy at last.



What Kikyo found when she had woken up from her drunken sleep was not as she had expected. A dead Kagome and Inuyasha. Kikyo didn't know what Inuyasha had died though. Then a flashback came to her on what Kenai had said.

"...You must be sure to give the potion directly and kiss him to seal off the potion, if you do not, it will only be a period of time until he comes back to himself and later die......"

After realizing what she had done wrong, she immediately tried to hide the bodies of Inuyasha and Kagome. However, she was too late. A passing group of villagers had seen the dead bodies and assumed she was the murderer. They never did give trials back then, so she was tied up and set before the village. For three days and three nights, she was stoned and taunted by villagers. After that, she was thrown in a faraway raging river where she died. All of this because she wanted Inuyasha for a lover, all of this was for nothing.







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