Narration by Kyon, Story by Me. Timeline wise, I'd fit it somewhere after the 'Melancholy' events.
Basically how this fanfic is gonna go down, is (Usually) each chapter consists of one question between the two and is updated often. So, lots of short chapters for your enjoyment. That's the basic idea, but to tell you the truth, it probably won't always stick to that soooo...Read and Review! Please :D

It was just another boring day of my no longer quite normal high school career. Wandering to the club room out of habit I opened the door to find the room…surprisingly empty. Both Koizumi and Miss Asahina were nowhere to be found, and goodness knows whatever Haruhi was off doing. Most certainly something disreputable. but I digress. I soon found myself staring up at the ceiling of the club room all by myself. Except I wasn't all by myself. Once hearing the gentle sound of flipping pages, it became apparent that yes, Yuki Nagato was sitting in the corner of the room. It was as if she was cloaking herself in the corner, laying in wait in the shadows. Waiting until the perfect moment jump out and catch you off guard. Not that she would ever do that, but what I'm trying to convey here is that she wasn't that easy to notice.

After twiddling my thumbs awkwardly for what was, If I did indeed count correctly, about fifty-six seconds, I decided to make a feeble attempt to begin some idle chit-chat between the two of us. We were alone, after all. Maybe this was a good opportunity to get to know her a little better! …Yeah right. Starting a conversation with Nagato is like trying to roll a seven-hundred kilo boulder up a hill with the wind blowing against you. Hurricane wind.

"Hey, Nagato?" I boldly called out to her little corner.

I counted again. It was about thirty-four seconds before she finally looked up from her novel and acknowledged my very existence. "What is it," she replied coldly, as if she wasn't even asking a question rather than making a statement. Though I shouldn't have been expecting anything else at that point.

"Oh, I uh," stumbling over my words I came to realize that I had prepared absolutely nothing to say or ask her. Being the quick thinker that I am, I came up with the first small talk subject that busted its way into my head. "It's not often that Haruhi isn't sucking all of the life out of the room and it's just me and you. I was just wondering if we could, you know, talk. Get to know each other a bit better!"

I could see her take in a small breath before her voice became audible. "I am a humanoid interface designed for contact with organic lif-"

"No no," I cut her off, "not like that."

She simply looked at me. I couldn't tell if she was upset at me for cutting her off or what. All I knew was that the glassy stare she gave me was making me seriously nervous.

I decided to simply follow up with my awkward question. "Say, I've never really closely noticed when or what you usually eat," I leaned forward in my chair. "What kinds of food do you like most?" This wasn't totally some random question. I was honestly curious! When I think back to all the times that I've (unwillingly) treated the club to lunch I can see Harhui attacking her burger like some sort of ravenous dog, Koizumi dipping fries into…something, and Miss Asahina quietly and complacently chewing her salad in the most adorable of ways…But when I try to think of Nagato eating at that same table, her food is covered up by the big black bars of memory loss.

She didn't reply at first. She just sat there. Silent. Unmoving. I couldn't tell if she was thinking or trying to sear some sort of hole in the wall with her eyes. Hey, I wouldn't put it past her. "I have no preference," she spoke up robotically.

"Really? You've gotta like something over other foods. You're honestly telling me that you don't care what something tastes like? You would just eat any old thing off the floor or something?"

"…I would not."

"There must be some taste you enjoy. I can't imagine not having any favorite foods," I leaned back, balancing myself on the two back legs of the chair.

And again, she took to that same stare into the wall. Would it kill her to at least look at me? "I-" she stopped herself, and then started talking again. Taking cues from Miss Asahina are you, Nagato? "…Bitter."

"You like food that tastes bitter?"

She nodded. "Bitter."

"Oh yeah?" I tilted the chair forward again and laid my hands on the table, "like what?"

I was surprised to see her stand up from her corner and begin walking. She opened a drawer, pulled out paper and crayons, and then took a seat across from me.

I looked at her quizzically, 'What exactly do you plan on doing with those, Nagato?'

It was at that point that she began drawing frivolously away. I must admit she was pretty captivating as she scribbled with her crayons. She was looking very intense. …Well, more intense than usual. Okay perhaps intense isn't the best word…Uh, let's just move on, okay?

"Nagato?" She was drawing a circle in lime green crayon and I started to get a good idea of what it was she was drawing.

"Please hold on. I am not yet finished," another monotone reply. She continued her 'insert adjective that I can't quite figure out here' scribbling. To tell you the truth, it was fun to watch her. She actually seemed to have some talent for it. Not that that was surprising

I tapped my fingers against the table while I waited. Why did she feel she had to draw me a picture instead of just telling me? Was it more fun for her that way? After a minute or so the picture finally, fully came into being. A bright, shiny green apply with a small leaf growing off of the stem. It looked good. Really good. Like you could pick it up off of the paper and eat it right there. Maybe she should've drawn the SOS Brigade's logo. You'd think with all of the amazing things Haruhi can do, our logo wouldn't still look like a tapeworm.

"This is my preference. Bitter," she blinked at me with those big, golden glassy eyes of hers.

"A granny smith apple? I think sour is a better word for it than bitter, actually."


"Yeah. So you like sour foods, huh?"

"High levels of acidity and loose hydrogen atom concentration provide a sensation that is…unique," couldn't she just have said 'because it tastes good!'?


"Do you not understand?" her head tilted a bit. Which actually was a lot more movement for her than usual during a conversation.

"No no, I've got it," I gave her a smile. "So you like granny smith apples huh? That's neat. Thanks for talking," usually talking isn't something you thank people for. Usually. Nagato really isn't a usually when it comes to that.

"I have done nothing that would deserve praise," and with those words, she got up and walked to the bookshelf, her back to me. "You may keep the drawing if you so wish."

"Oh, thanks!" I carefully folded the paper and slipped it into my jacket's pocket. It really was a nice picture. I began to think, 'Maybe my sister would like it…'

Nagato didn't respond, just kept on looking through the bookshelf. I was surprised she hadn't read all the books already. Have you seen how this girl tears through pages? Well, she doesn't tear the pages literally…she just…whatever, you know what I'm talking about.

Boredom creeping up on me, I lie my cheek on my palm and stared over at the door, thinking that just about now, Haruhi should burst into the room exhibiting all sorts of eccentricity. Things can't be peaceful and quiet forever, after all.