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The SOS brigade website. Truly a marvel of cyberspace.

Only not. What it really is, is a logo and a hit counter that is obscenely higher than it should be. We ignore that, though. …Well, I ignore it, anyway. A few days ago I mentioned it to Haruhi and started bouncing ideas off her…wait, why am I being so proactive? …Anyway, unsurprisingly, the ideas bounced right back at me. Also unsurprisingly, she came back to me later with one of my ideas, claiming it to be her own. Haruhi, I know I'm not terribly proud of our brigade, but I'd like at least some credit, you know?

The idea I'm talking about? Post a "mysterious" picture from one of our searches. If we had any "mysterious" pictures, that is. We usually don't . It must have been a pretty good idea for Haruhi to have stolen it. So, today Haruhi had tasked me with uploading the pictures from her digital camera onto the computer. The "mysterious" picture in question was a shot of two blurry figures standing atop a building. Koizumi and I wouldn't dare tell her that was us. With all the hits from that cricket-data-whoozit, I guess that makes me a bit of an internet celebrity, eh?
Yeah, I know. Not funny.

Anywho, I was just sitting in the club room waiting for the camera to finish uploading. A glowing blue bar glowed across the screen; under it, it read: Your photos will be uploaded shortly.
Somehow, I doubt a half hour counts as "shortly".

After surfing the web a bit longer, the photo program finally made a loud "bing!" noise—music to my ears. I tabbed back into the program and began perusing the newly uploaded photos Haruhi had taken.

Scrolling over, I found mostly uninteresting pictures of nothing in particular, as well as the one Haruhi wanted on the website. Also, it seems she took a few random pictures of me. …Man, I look way too serious. Still, I kept on scrolling until…


Probably thirty or fourty pictures of Miss Asahina. All in seductive poses with gratuitous shots of her, might I say, ample cleavage. Awestruck, I nervously hovered the mouse over one of the more revealing photos and quickly darted my eyes around the club room. It was only Nagato reading by the table. Just had to make sure Miss Asahina and or Haruhi weren't here. Thinking Haruhi most likely planned on hiding these from me and using them for evil (How's that working out for ya, kid?) I highlighted the pictures to delete them and promptly did so. That is, after I saved them to the Mikuru gallery for my private viewing pleasure.
…What? I'm allowed to have secrets!

It only took about three minutes to get the picture uploaded onto the website. There's a certain simple joy I get out of working on the website. I actually think I understand why those computer club guys get so ecstatic about all of this kind of stuff.

After I finjished that up, I put the camera away in Haruhi's desk and shut down the computer. As I was doing that, I heard Nagato shut her thick hardcover. I guess you've got to get going too, huh Nagato?

While packing up my things, I looked over at her and suddenly, I became very curious.

"Hey, Nagato." She must have been moving at light speed or something, because all of a sudden she was holding her index finger in front of my face. As attractive as your hands and fingers are, that's not very polite, Nagato.

"Hold on," she spoke commandingly, albeit monotone. And so I held as she scurried over to the bookshelf, arms stiff at her side as always. Is she trying to lend me a book again? I still haven't finished the first one…

"Here," she grabbed a thick hardcover book with a Latin name; she held it delicately between her pale, slender fingers. "This should alleviate your mind of any questions you may have." …Wait, did she just offer me a self help book? I took the aforementioned novel from her and nearly dropped it. She made it look so light just now…Never the less, I smiled politely. "Oh…Okay, thanks."

I didn't totally get what she meant by alleviating questions or whatever, but I think I've spend enough time with Nagato to know a bit about how she works. I waited until she was out of sight and began to flip through the pages of the thick and apparently Latin in origin novel. Unsurprisingly to me, a small, folded sheet of paper slipped out.

"Aha!" Upon opening said folded sheet of paper, what I found was rather…strange. Well, strange in Nagato's case. You can be the judge whether or not it's actually strange. I read the header aloud.
"Composition of Favorability Among Groupings – Yuki Nagato"

What the? After reading a little further, it became pretty clear. …Okay that was a stupid statement; I just plain read and found out what it was. Top to bottom, she has compiled a list of all of her favorite types of things. Was this supposed to be a clue for what to get her for her birthday? (Wait, does Nagato have a birthday? Yet another thing to ask her.) No no, she must have realized that I was going to ask all of these things at one point or another and so she simply made me a list instead…Urgh.

I sighed, my palm quickly found it's way into my face.

…I've gotta start being less predictable.

Looking over the list Nagato gave me that night was a pretty huge reminder of how odd she really is.

The things she listed were downright obscure. Favorite eating utensil? Favorite number between six and eighteen? What? Did you honestly think these were questions I was going to ask? There were only one or two bits of useful information on the entire thing. Jeez Nagato, even when you're writing yourself down for me you're still enigmatic…

…Okay that was actually pretty rude of me.


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