A/N: In dealing with a lot of stress the last few months, writing has often been difficult. A few friends and I have taken to writing 100-word drabbles on those nights when the words just don't want to flow. Typically, I'll write a short 5-10 drabble arc and be done with it. These particular boys didn't want to let go. They had a much more intricate tale to tell, and I have to admit that I fell in love with them. I hope you will, too.

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Important A/N at the bottom for JOotG readers. Also this is slash, so please don't read if you don't enjoy it.


I down my shot of tequila, my lips pursing as I suck on the lime. Irritably, I tug my half-mask back in place and turn to find the brunette, regrettably, still at my arm.

She's not my type – could never be – but she hasn't let me get a single word in to tell her so.

I decide to be direct.

"Jessica, I hate to interrupt…" She pauses midsentence, one eyebrow arched coolly. "But I'm afraid you're wasting your time."

She gapes as I walk away, striding toward the balcony doors. The night air is crisp and cool, a welcome reprieve.

A/N: I debated many ways to post this story, but in the end, I decided to post it exactly as written – a drabble at a time. Expect one a day :)

The next chapter of "Just One of the Guys" is scheduled to post on July 1st. I had surgery today and have been struggling a lot with the story in the last couple of months, but it will finish. Many of you know that the story is intensely personal to me, which means that it's often difficult to write because it sends me back to a place I really don't want to go. That said, it is my heart and soul, and I refuse to shortchange it. It will be complete, and I appreciate all of you that continue to read.

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