Dust motes glitter golden in the early sunlight drifting through the open curtains as Edward's fingers play lightly on my chest. His yawn spurs my own, and I shift on the bed, turning toward him. My fingers in his hair urge his lips to find mine.

Our kiss is soft, unhurried, as our conversations have been throughout the night, interrupted from time to time by our physical needs.

We'll fight. We'll be assholes and hurt each other. He'll be irrational, and I'll call him on it.

But we have no doubt that we are meant to do these things together.

A/N: You know, I always second guess the endings of things I write, but I think I'm relatively happy with this one. Regardless, it is the way their story goes ;) Thank you all so much for reading and reviewing and tweeting and letting me know you enjoyed this. I'm going to miss these boys – and you – but I hope to see you back for the EPOV.