Hotch ordered two weeks off for everyone. He muttered something about a stressful time and that everyone would do go from it. Spencer wondered if it were true that time off would help. Deep down he feared time off would make things worse, but he pushed that thought away. Being alone with Morgan is going to be fine, Spencer mentally told himself. Everything is going back to normal now. It was just a rough few days…

Another part of him was relieved at the time off. He could sure use a break from something-whether it was work or not. And he held the child's naïve hope that everything would just go back to normal.

And it almost seemed to. Their first night alone together although more quiet than usual, felt like it was getting back to normal. When they went to bed in the middle of the night, Morgan held Spencer and kissed him slowly for several minutes. It was hot and heavy and they never wanted it to end. Morgan's thumbs found a place underneath Spencer's boxers before Reid broke away from the kiss.


"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," Spencer said. "I just… I think we should wait a little while first. After everything that happened… I think we should just make sure we're comfortable with each other first."

Morgan laid down next to his lover. "Yeah… you're right. Sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about," Spencer said. "We're doing good. It's just going to take a bit of time."

Derek kissed Spencer once again, this time it only lasted fifteen seconds, but it was a kiss halfway between sweet and sexy, and very enjoyable. They found a comfortable cuddling position and fell asleep right away, exhausted from the stress they had been feeling for the past couple of days.

A week later everything seemed normal. Almost. At least everything on the surface was normal, but Spencer could still feel something wrong. They got along with each other alright, but something was eating away at them inside. It was like they were just puppets doing whatever they were supposed to, but feeling nothing.

It seemed on the outside like they were happy together. But Spencer knew better. And he knew why.

Morgan was still feeling guilty.

Would that fade in time? Or would it just eat at him until there was nothing left of him? Or had that already happened?

Spencer felt overwhelmingly like he had to do something about the guilt. But there was nothing he could do which made it seem all the worse.

Until he thought of a plan. A plan that seemed crazy and stupid, but what if it just happened to work?

"Sweetie?" Spencer said, walking into the kitchen where Morgan was about to grab a drink. He turned around before grabbing one.

Spencer nervously rolled up his sleeves.

And punched Morgan right in the stomach.

Morgan stood their looking like he had in the aftermath of when he had struck Reid. Confused, scared, and broken. Reid immediately starts to regret his 'plan.' How had he been so stupid?

"What was that for?"

"Now we're even," Spencer said, trying his hardest to sound like that was the end of that matter. There. Even. Problem solved. Not exactly, Spencer thought. Suddenly it becomes obvious to him that old saying "two wrongs never makes a right," but it's was too late and he was sure he doubled their suffering. Then tension in the air made them both feel like a loaded gun was pointed straight at their hearts.

Then Morgan forces a bad smile.

"I'm so sorry," Reid said. The exact same words as Morgan said. And then it hits him. This is exactly how Morgan felt. That's why he feels so guilty all the time! And it tore Spencer apart inside. But it also came with a sense of relief, understanding what it felt like to be on the flip side of the coin.

"It's alright, honey. Honest," Morgan said.

"I never meant to hurt you," Reid replied.

"Neither did I."

That was when Spencer jumped into Morgan's arms and held on tighter than ever before. Then he started nibbling his neck before looking up with those innocent, suggestive eyes.

"Derek? Let's go to bed…"

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