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Sasori looked at his blond covered in blood. Deidara was propped up against the wall bleeding almost every where. " Deidara?"

He started to panic. The blonde wasn't answering him at all. Just baby blue eyes staring dully at him, no soul left at all in him. "Brat, are you okay?" 'Of course not!' Sasori yelled at himself.

Pulling the blond up to his feet then gently placing him over his shoulder. " I'm going to take you in the bathroom to clean you up okay?" He needed to get a good look at the cuts and bruises on his body.

Still the blonde didn't answer. He could feel his life being torn away from him, he was going to die in his lover's arms. Tears started to stream down his face. " Da-Danna, I'm going to die…"

The redhead stopped in his tracks. " No you aren't going to die! Don't say that brat!" His heart was hurting. If he didn't do something now then he really was going to die. Placing the blonde on the tiled floor he grabbed a wash rag and ran water on it.

Deidara looked up at Sasori. He couldn't hold on any longer. He let a smile slip onto his face, then everything went black. The last thing he heard was Sasori call out to him.


Deidara woke up in a dark room and the only lighting was seeping through a tiny hole on the ceiling. He looked around and noticed he was the only one there. "Konan, yeah?" He whispered. He needed to know if some one was there.

Still no one answered him. He got up and started to walk away from the light, but it seemed to be following him. " Is anyone here, yeah?" He called into the darkness again.

Panic started to rise in him. He started to run but it got him nowhere. When he stopped to catch his breath the light was right there with him. Placing his hand on his heart he started to cry.

He didn't want to be here anymore. " Danna!" he screamed. " Help me!" Tears flowed from his eyes and on to the floor. Deidara dropped to his knees and cried even harder. No one was going to find him, he was alone again.


"Deidara don't you dare fucking die on me brat!" Sasori yelled at the top of his lungs. He shook the blonde's body trying to earn a noise or something to let him know that he was still there.

Konan, being the first one home, heard this yell and ran up the stairs. What she saw almost made her throw up. " What happened?" she ran to Sasori's side.

" I don't know I was coming to pick him up for our date and I found him like this." Little did Sasori know, he was crying as well. His fangs were poking out because of the blood. " I wasn't here to help him."

Konan noticed his fangs. "You're a vampire?" The blue haired woman needed something to talk about so she won't start freaking out because of the condition of her son. She started to check if the blonde still had a pulse. It was faint but still there. " Hey you didn't answer my question.

"Yes." He choked out. He knew he couldn't hide it from her anymore. " Is he still alive?"

"Yeah he is." Konan went over to the medicine cabinet and pulled out gaze and anything else necessary. The foster mother started to clean up her son. " Why didn't you tell me you were a vampire?"

She rolled Deidara over to his side so she could get the gashes and cuts on his back. " I didn't know how you would take it." Sasori straightened himself out and started to help out. His lover was hurt badly and he knew who to blame.

" Well little info for ya, my boyfriend is a vampire also." She ripped the remainder of pants off the boy. " You might know him. His name is Pain."

" Yeah I know him."

Once they were finished, Sasori moved the blonde into one of the guess rooms since his room was destroyed. He couldn't look at Deidara at all.


It had to be about an hour since Deidara gave up on finding some one. He just sat there under that little light that kept him company. "Stupid light, yeah." He gave it the finger. " You are so no help, un."

Just as he did that the whole seemed to get bigger. Deidara looked at it funny for a second but placed his hand up. It did it again but retreated when he did. The blonde stood up and eyed it. " un?"

He reached up with both hands and the hole became bigger and started to come down. He squinted a little since the light was getting brighter. " Un! I hope that this takes me back." Just then the whole engulfed him.


Sasori sat in the dinning room in the corner nearest the kitchen. He couldn't no he wouldn't move from that spot on the floor. His legs were pulled up to his chest and he rested his head on his knees. He wanted the brat to wake up now. " Deidara.." He whispered.

Konan was in the kitchen attempting to cook dinner. She didn't know how she was going to tell the others what happened to Deidara. In fact she didn't know what happened to him either. Her hand went to massage her temple. "Ugh…." Tears started to leak from her eyes. " S-Sasori get in here."

The vampire tore himself away from the spot even though he didn't want to. He took long slow movements into the room. "yes?"

"Did you smell something or someone else in this house?"

Sasori shook his head no. He didn't even bother to sniff around. " Would you like me to go check?"

The blue haired woman nodded her head. The vampire walked up the stairs slowly. Blood was still all over the place in his room. He couldn't stand it. Chocolate eyes closed and a very talented nose took in a big whiff. It had to smell through the blood and try to smell something else.

When he did anger was pumping through him. A familiar scent was in this room, he hated that smell with a passion.



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