Ch. 1

The two college students sauntered around, clearly under an influence of some kind, in the alley behind the museum. One proposed the idea of theft, and the unidentified mind-altering substance that corrupted them made the otherwise idiotic idea seem entertaining. It also made them clumsy, and as the pair ran away from the blaring alarms, they held nothing of value but a red gem. Through some twist of fate, the young men escaped without the regular consequences in the legal department.

The Next Morning

Nathaniel James woke up with a splitting headache. "Owww" he groaned, "what the hell did we do last night?"

"I don't know, man, but I think drugs were involved" his partner in crime, Mitchell Zizzio, responded.

Nathaniel groggily got out of bed, noticing something hard in his back pocket. As one would expect, he reached in and pulled out a red gem. "What the hell? How did this get here?"

"What is it?" Mitchell asked, walking over.

"I don't know, probably a jewel of some sort. Let's see it in the light"

He placed the jewel on a table near the window, which was almost always open, putting it in direct sunlight, where it proceeded to shine brighter than it should have. This illumination caused the boys to step back in fear, an action that they soon found to be a life-saving one, for the object exploded quickly after. Mitchell and Nathaniel stared in awe, not at the explosion, but at the creature it had left behind. It looked similar to a human in build, but with gray-green-yellow skin, which was highly wrinkled, no hair, and two curling appendages descending from its head to just below its shoulders, which could be observed as either horns or tentacles, depending on the viewers angle. Nathaniel asked what was probably the most obvious question to ask in the situation. "W-What are you?"

"A Djinn, young boy. What do you wish for, for it is my command," the thing, which was apparently a Djinn, answered.

Mitchell wasn't sure where, but he was pretty sure he had heard that 'Djinn' was another word for genie. This information was enough basis for him to unleash his inner greed. "I wish for gold."

The Djinn smiled. "Very well." I'll kill one for his soul, but these idiots should suffice. I'll save the other for my army. With that thought, he sent out the magic within him, without directly controlling it, to take gold, with the condition that it would be from someone who misses it, and would kill to have it back. He wasn't really concerned whom. At least, not at that point. Later, he would very much regret granting the wish in the manner he did.