Ch. 7

Leprechaun wasn't expecting the incredible burst of energy that flew towards him, knocking him through the wall behind him. The woman in the room, who had evidently been sleeping in the middle of the day, was awakened by the noise. Upon seeing the green-clad man that matched the description of the killer in the news, she predictably screamed and ran out of her apartment. The Irish demon might have followed her, but he had bigger problems to worry about. The genie's gotten tougher. No matter, me knows 'bout the stone, and me powers can't be beat by this brittle bone. Brittle bone? Damn, me rhymes are gettin' stale. He melted into the wall, planning a stealth-based attack. Wishmaster was wondering where his opponent had gone. He didn't entertain the idea of such an early retreat. The creature is tricky. I can't trust outward appearances while facing him. Sure enough, sharp, blade-like claws cut into his back without any form of warning. The cutting was short-lived, as a burst of kinetic force knocked Leprechaun back. Wishmaster was noticeably irritated by the fact that his enemy's assault had left wounds. In fact, he was flaming, in multiple ways, as he had summoned fire to destroy the creature. The heat-based chemical reaction spread everywhere, excluding its target, for Leprechaun easily protected himself. Flames increased in intensity, and, under the Djinn's direct control, were able to bypass the Irishman's defenses. He screamed in pain as his clothing burned, forcing him to teleport to the bathroom of the apartment he had smashed into not long ago. The water that coursed through pipes now coursed towards his flesh. Not wanting to lose his advantage, Wishmaster turned the water into oil. This had the expected result, and the genie smiled at his victory. Said smile turned out to be jumping the gun, for the flaming oil was removed from the leprechaun and tossed to the genie, where it enveloped him. He tried to extinguish it through magic, but his opponent used all of his power to prevent that from happening. It may have seemed hopeless when he couldn't stop the flames, but he realized that with the leprechaun's powers focused thus, it wouldn't be able to prevent an attack by the burn victim. A lightning bolt burst from his fingers, and their target tried to avoid it, forcing the flames to die out.

"What do you want?" the elder man at the door asked, obviously displeased with the visitor. "I would like to do an investigation into Irish lore, particularly that pertaining to leprechauns." Nathaniel responded, using what he hoped was a respectful tone. "I was wondering if you or your wife could help me. And before you ask, no, this has nothing to do with your granddaughter." The expression on the elder's face showed mistrust. "Why da hell d'ya want ta learn 'bout leprechauns?" There was a moment of pondering following this question, as the truth was definitely out of the question as an answer. "College paper," he lied. The door holder clearly didn't believe him, but reluctantly let him in. "Teamhair! Some kid wants ta ask ya 'bout leprechauns!" he called. Teamhair descended the stairs. "Okay. What d'ya want ta know?"

Wishmaster's lightning bolt was retaliated against with another lightning bolt, this one from Leprechaun's fingers. After firing, the Irish creature melted into the ground, going to heaven only knows where. Searching frantically, the Mesopotamian monster tried to avoid another surprise attack. Little did he know, his adversary was also searching frantically, but he was looking for a certain red gem. "Where could ol' desert skin be keepin' his pretty jewel? Me needs it to destroy 'im!" A kid passed by the pair, or the one as he saw it, and would have ignored them if the visible one hadn't called out to him. "Wish to find a short man dressed in green!" "What?" "Just do it!" "Uh…I wish to find a short man dressed in green" the said, obviously confused. The Djinn's magic forced the leprechaun to the boy. "Damn ye, ye ruined me plan! Ye idiot, why dun' ye find yer way to 'ell?" The boy didn't breathe for much longer, leaving the Wishmaster stronger than before. The empowered one renewed his magical assault on the fairy, and that fairy decided to retreat. "Ye may 'ave won this round, genie, but next time eh'll find yer opal, put yer soul in it, and erase any hopal!" Wishmaster might have tried to finish the fight, but the leprechaun's knowledge of the opal disconcerted him, giving him just enough time to escape. Wishmaster decided to check on Nathaniel.

Nathaniel had just listened to a complete history of leprechauns and chulluchauns, from their incarnations in old Ireland to their reformation into Irish stereotypes by the modern American media. "Now, how does one kill a Leprechaun?" "Well, a four-leaf clover should do the trick. Just touch it to the li'il bastard, if me remembers correctly." "Go raibh maith agat," Nathaniel responded, the only Irish he had learned from his time with Aenya. Then he left. A certain Mesopotamian creature had heard the last part, and was particularly intrigued with it.