Just my boring full summary, folks, you can skip this if you want. Basically, this is where I'm keeping my Yugioh oneshots and drabbles. Some will be romance (and mostly slash, in that regard), some will be humor, and some will be more serious. Don't worry—I'll warn you.

I'll give mini-summaries of each drabble or oneshot or whatever before the title, along with the ratings and why they're given that rating.

Overall, this is rated T, just so I have room to play around. There shouldn't be anything over T in here, but if there is, I'll give you a warning in big neon lights before you read it.

Other stuff: First a disclaimer: Yugioh does not belong to me (but if it did, I would be very happy). Second, credit for many of the ideas of these stories goes to my good friend whom I'm going to call Mag Mell, as Mag Mell doesn't yet have a fanfiction account. (To anyone out there with a fanfiction account called Mag Mell, sorry.) Third, beware of myriad references to Yugioh: The Abridged Series, done by the amazing LittleKuriboh on youtube, for which I cannot claim any credit whatsoever. LittleKuriboh, you are a fracking genius.

There you have it. Enjoy!