Oh, boy… I can't believe I'm doing this story. It's my first Sonic fic, so try to go easy on me. It's pretty much about the Chaotix…and a case they have. This story really isn't that serious, and even if it's a mystery, there's A LOT of humor.

I'm not sure if the characters will always be in character. It depends, though. I'm not doing this just to be all perfect. It's probably going to have some typos, which are OK. Anyways, let's start this Sonic fic, OK?

In a small hideout in Mobius, there lived the Chaotix. There are three members of the crew as of today. They're detectives that are sometimes gullible like Knuckles the Echidna. They've been fooled by Dr. Eggman before, but it didn't turn out well for him.

In the hideout, Vector the Crocodile was sitting on his chair by his desk, listening to music on his headphones. He's always listening to music, even when they're on a mission. He can be pretty clumsy sometimes, and he may not exactly do the smartest things, despite his current intelligence. He's the leader of the Chaotix.

The second member is Espio, and he seems to be the serious one of the crew. He uses shurikens to fight, and can also turn invisible and stick to walls. It's best not to cross his path, because he's pretty tough. Right now, he leaning against the wall, his eyes closed.

They have one more member of the Chaotix, but he's not in the room right now. He must be in the kitchen.

Espio felt his stomach growling, and he opens his eyes. He silently walked out of the room. Vector noticed him leaving.

"Espio, where are you going?" Vector asked.

"I'm going to get something to eat. I'll be right back." Espio walked into the kitchen, and as he opened the fridge for some food, such as a fly sandwiches (chameleons eat bugs, so it would make sense). Once he grabbed one and took a bite, he noticed someone lying on the ground.

His sandwich dropped once he saw someone on the ground…with some kind of red fluid around him!

"Is that…who I think it is?" Espio can see Charmy lying on the ground. He didn't seem to move at all. He looked shocked.

Espio immediately ran back into the room where Vector is, and he can still see him bopping his head to the music.

"Vector! We have a big problem!"

"Huh? A problem? What is it this time, Espio?"

"Come and see for yourself." Espio headed back into the kitchen, and Vector followed him. Once he saw Charmy on the ground, his mouth opened wide.

"Charmy? Espio… Do you think…Charmy was murdered?" Vector asked.

"I can't exactly tell. That red fluid…or should I say blood, tells me that Charmy was murdered. I don't know what to say…"

"Charmy! I can't believe you're gone! Why did they have to take him and not me? Wait a minute, why would I WANT to die? But, seriously. WHY?"

Meanwhile, while Vector and Espio were mourning, our blue hero was running through some loops in Green Hill Zone. After passing by one loop, he seemed to be holding a ring in his hand.

"All right! That's fifty rings! Now I can go super!" Sonic was about to jump and turn into Super Sonic, but he heard a cry coming from the hideout he's nearby.

"Hmm? I wonder who that can be… I better go check!" Sonic ran over to the Chaotix's house at super speed. Once he knocked on the door, Espio opened it.

"Espio, what's going on in there? Is anyone crying in there?" Sonic asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. Charmy…has been murdered." Espio said.

"WHAT? He's been murdered? Let me see!" Sonic ran into the kitchen, and he saw Charmy lying on the ground. Vector's head was on the counter, crying still.

"Why did you have to go, Charmy? WHY?"

Sonic took a look at Charmy, and then he looked at the blood. He touched the blood, and he noticed something about it.

"…" Sonic actually tasted it, and it didn't taste like blood at all. "I don't think this is actually blood. It tastes more like ketchup."

"Really? If that's true, then how exactly did he get murdered?" Espio knelt down, and he saw a piece of paper that has the name "Tails" written down.

"Vector! Take a look at this!" Vector stopped crying, and he looked at the piece of paper Espio gave him.

"This just has Tails's name written down." Vector then realized something. "Hold on a second… Espio, we may have a clue! Tails might be the murdered!"

"What? You really think Tails would actually kill Charmy? Tails is a mechanic, not a murderer! I would've known if he did it or not." Sonic said.

"Hmmm… It's true you and Tails are best friends. But, you may just be trying to cover him up, aren't you? Yes… Since you're fast, it would most likely be you! I know what happened!"

You can see some kind of drawings that Vector made, showing what happened. "Tails gave you some poison that would be used to kill Charmy, and then you rushed into our hideout to put poison in his honey! Once Charmy had some honey, he fell dead! Aha! We found out the case!"

"Vector, that's ridiculous. I wouldn't do something like that. How is there ketchup on the ground, then?" Sonic asked.

"Obviously you poured a bunch of ketchup to make it look like Charmy got stabbed. It's not working on us now, and you should know it."

"Vector, Sonic is usually too busy fighting Eggman. There's no way he could've done it…" Espio said.

Vector realized that now. "You're right, Espio. Perhaps Sonic didn't do it. But, I'm sure Tails has to have done something! Espio, it's time for us to solve this mystery as detectives!"

Sonic thought it was best to leave the hideout and continue with what he was doing. Vector got himself a brown detective's hat, and he even put one of Espio.

"I don't need this hat on, Vector. You can keep yours, but I'm not." Espio took it off.

"No! We need these to show we're solving a case. The case of… 'Who Killed Charmy the Bee.' Yeah, that's a good one. "

"OK, Vector… I'll put it on. But just for this only." Espio put the hat back on, and Vector began to walk out of the hideout, with Espio following him out. They just left Charmy there, apparently.

Their next destination is now Tails's Workshop! They're going to make Tails spill it all out. But did they know this mystery wouldn't be as easy to solve?

It's the beginning of a mystery! Yes, the humor will begin these next chapters! Mostly it has to do with Vector, though. You'll see when we get , the "blood" isn't actually blood, so don't get worried and tell me I need to up the rating. That was just a joke. That's all.

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