I'm REALLY sorry that I haven't updated my story for a long time. If you've been curious about that, I apologize. I was just trying to think of what would happen here, and now I did! …And that took a long time. Yeah, I'm lazy sometimes .

The thing with the ketchup was done on purpose, just to let you know. I'm not going to answer questions about it, but all answers will hopefully be revealed. This isn't really a serious story, though it's mystery (it's just got a lot of humor to it. Yeah, a mystery story with humor. Kind of odd…). Anyways, enjoy the chapter!

Vector and Espio were running towards Tails's Workshop, which is up on a hill. They're almost there right now, and while heading towards there, they seemed to be talking.

"It's such a shame we lost Charmy. He was so young! He was probably the best kid we could ever have on our team! What a shame…" Vector said. He knew mourning wouldn't solve this mystery, so he decided to save all of that for later. When the mystery is solved, that is.

"The best you could ever have? Um… Vector, from what I saw, you didn't treat Charmy very well. Don't you remember whenever we were working on something, you'd always keep Charmy away?" Espio asked.

"Hmmmm…" Vector was thinking for a moment, and he began to picture something in his head.

A flashback is shown, and it shows Espio working on a computer in a computer room, with Vector looking at what Espio's doing. Charmy, on the other hand, was trying to see what was going on.

"C'mon! Let me see what you're doing!" Charmy begged. Unfortunately, he wasn't succeeding in this, as Vector was keeping him away.

"Not now, Charmy! We're a little busy with this! Go play in your hive or something!" Vector said.

"Vector, Charmy doesn't live in a hide. He lives here." Espio said.

"Oh, good point, Espio. Go…do something else right now."

"No way! I wanna see what's going on! C'mon, Vector!" Charmy tried to see, but Vector still refused to let him take a look. So, Charmy ended up using his stinger to sting Vector…in the butt.

"OWW!" Vector looked at Charmy, steam coming from his head. "Why you little…" He began to chase Charmy all over the computer room, while Espio was still working on a little plan on the computer.

"Get back here, Charmy!" Charmy was too fast for Vector, due to being an alligator (and alligators are a lot slower than bees!).

"True… But-"

"And don't you remember when we were playing a videogame, you wouldn't let Charmy play." Espio added.

Vector can remember him pushing Charmy away from the TV, while he and Espio were playing Sonic 2. Espio was winning because Vector was too distracted by Charmy.

"Oh yeah, he made me lose because he kept getting in the way! Man, I hated that so much!" Vector said. They were getting close to Tails's workshop, but Espio detected something.

"Hold on a moment!" Espio stopped Vector, and he threw a shuriken towards the hill. There was a small explosion.

"I think Eggman's robots planted some hidden bombs around here. I can sense them around here."

"Bombs? It's not like there's one in front of us! That's impossible! I'm going to take this step, and I won't be hurt!" Vector took a step…and there was an explosion. Apparently Vector had soot on him from the explosion.

"Now, you were saying?"

"Shut up, Espio! Let's just get out of this bomb field!"

Espio blew up the bombs that were in their way, and they walked up the hill to Tails's workshop. Vector was holding the piece of paper. He began to bang on the door.

"Open the door, Tails! We know you're in there!" Vector didn't hear Tails's voice, so he banged on the door again. He even tried to kick the door. It wasn't working out too well for him.

"Don't make me tear down this door! I was a Power-type in Sonic Heroes, so I'm pretty sure I can tear this door down with my bare hand! YOU HEAR ME?"

Vector was about to smash the door, but the door opened up and it slammed on him. Tails came out and saw Espio.

"Espio? What are you doing here?" Tails asked.

"Why don't you ask Vector. He's the reason we're here." Espio said.

"Well, where is he?"

"MMMMFFFFGGGPPPHHHH! (I'm slammed behind the door! That's what!)" Vector yelled. Tails could hear his voice so he stepped out of the doorway and it closed up. Vector's nose looked bruised, and his detective's hat was ruined.

"Huff huff… Now then… We know you did it, Tails! You killed Charmy with your poison chemicals, didn't you? We know you're behind this! You even said you did it right here!" Vector put the paper right in front of Tails, saying "Tails did it."

"Vector… You wrote that, didn't you?" Espio asked

"No… Why would you say that?"

"Tails is written in different handwriting. The rest of the writing is your own."

"Ahem!" Vector cleared his throat so Tails couldn't hear him. "Now, Tails! Admit it. YOU killed Charmy, didn't you? There just wasn't any room for two flying characters, weren't there?"

"What? That's crazy! I didn't write that at all! I don't even make poison. I build things, not make chemicals. This really must be some kind of mistake. Though… I DO remember Amy sent something to me. She sent over a basket that she wanted to give to Charmy to apologize for some fight between you and her, Cream, and Big. I don't know exactly what happened, but she wanted me to just fix it a little. That paper must be what Amy wrote…but with Charmy's name on it."

"Hmmm… Interesting… So you're saying that Amy was behind all of this. She must have told you to put ten thousand volts in there to electrocute Charmy. Ah! It makes all sense now! You were basically a puppet, while that pink hedgehog girl is the puppeteer!" Vector said.

"Vector, that's ridiculous. There's no way you can put ten thousand volts in a basket. It was probably just a gift. I think there WAS a basket back at our hideout. That might've been it." Espio said.

Vector grabbed Espio and began to shake him while talking. "Well you never know. Tails is so smart, he can do almost ANYTHING! He can make a basket turn into a robot and vice versa! Don't you see, Espio? Amy probably wanted revenge us from that fight! She wanted Charmy dead to sabotage us!"

Espio felt a little dizzy after Vector shook him. "Fine, we'll go to Amy's house. I don't know where it is, but I'm sure Sonic does. The only problem with that is he doesn't like to go see Amy most of the time. You know what I mean, right?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Come on! Let's go catch ourselves a blue hedgehog! Er, I mean let's go find Sonic and ask him to take us to Amy's."

Vector and Espio went back down the hill, and Tails watched them as they were going down. Unfortunately, Vector tripped and he was tumbling down. Luckily, he didn't trigger any explosions from any bombs.

"This isn't good… I wish I could warn Amy, but it's a little too late. I'm pretty sure they'll understand what'll happen. But, how could Charmy die? There's nobody that would want him dead? Not even Eggman or Shadow!"

Tails began to wonder as he headed back into his workshop. As for Vector and Espio, they began to look around for Sonic, and they knew that Green Hill Zone would definitely be one of the places where he could be.

Yes, if you finished reading this chapter, you'll know that Vector does not have some good luck here. The same thing doesn't really happen, but he just does some things that are rather funny. Well, Vector's not the smartest alligator around you know! I can't believe he broke the fourth wall with the Sonic Heroes thing...

There was probably more humor than mystery in this. I'm kind of sorry if you were wanting some mystery, but don't worry. There's PLENTY of more to come. Like I said last chapter, don't flame me. This isn't a serious story, so it's not one to be taken seriously. Hopefully the next chapter doesn't take as long. I deeply apologize to some of you people.