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The Ties that Bind

Part 2: Sweet Torture

"I adore you," I whisper, not making a move.

She thrusts her hips upwards towards me and I pull away.


I release her and sit up.

"Wheeler!" She pants.

I return to the bag from which I got the straps and rummage around some more until I find what I'm looking for...a feather.

"What is that for?" She asks, warily.

"Birds use 'em for flying, duh," I say smugly.

"I know that! What do you plan on using it for?"

"I'll show you."

"Nyet! You will TELL me!" She demands.

I chuckle and say,

"You're in no position to be barking out orders Babe. I'm in charge…for once!"

"I ALWAYS let you take control when it comes to...this."

"Yeah…and that's the ONLY time I ever have control. Tonight though, you're all mine!"

"I am always all yours…I thought you knew that," she says, attempting to make me feel bad for her.

"I do," I say as I take the feather and trail it down the length of her arm, starting at her wrist and ending at her armpit.

"WHEELER!" She shrieks.

"Sssh! Do you want the others to hear you?"

"Da, if it means you will stop torturing me!"

"No, they'll come rushing in here to see what's wrong and see you like this…what will they think of you then?" I ask.

"They will think I am an idiot for putting up with you!"

I ignore her and continue to run the feather over her body; down her side, over her stomach, up her other side and arm, and then down her neck, between her breasts, and over her stomach. She's trying her best not to react, not to giggle, not to smile, not to beg me to stop…not to let me know how much she's loving every second of attention I'm giving her. She doesn't have to hold back though…this is one instance where I'll refrain from saying, "I told you so."

She's not the only one who's being turned on by this. It's obvious that I'm enjoying this as well.

"Let me go and I will take care of that for you," she offers.

I lean over her and cover her mouth with mine and then whisper,

"What would you do?"

"I will show you," she says as she tugs at the restraints.

"TELL me."

"I would…I would kiss you…so passionately, it would push you backwards onto the bed so that I could lay on top of you…and I would let my hands wander all over your skin, tracing the lines of your muscles ever so softly…especially your abs. Those are my favorite things to admire about you…well, my second favorite. And then without you even noticing, I will watch you and your reaction when we begin to make is the best moment of the whole experience."

Oh wow. She's really laying it on thick. I think she may be turning the tables on me and turning my game into hers. I need to regain control.

"Why's that?"

"Because…because of the way you look. How you look when you watch where our bodies meet. Every time, you watch as if it is the first…as if you cannot believe it is happening…as if it will not be true if you look away…but then, once you realize it is true, you close your eyes for a moment, and when you open them, you are looking straight into my eyes and I can see how much you love me. How grateful you are that we are together…and I hope you see those same feelings reflected in my eyes as well."

I do. I smile down at her and almost forget my plan as I crush my lips to hers, covering her body with mine. It takes every last bit of will power to keep myself from thrusting my hips against her, especially as she's writhing beneath me, encouraging me, tempting me. I slide my hand up the length of her arm and link our fingers together. At that moment, all I can think about his the way her fingers feel as they brush through my hair when we make love, how much I love that feeling. I want it more than anything right now…well, almost anything. I run my fingers over the restraints and try to loosen them.

I can feel her lips against mine, curving up into a smile. That brat…she thinks she's winning! Not likely Babe! I leave the ties on and pull back to look at her.

"Nice try."

"I want to touch you," she begs with a whisper.

"Not nearly as badly as I want you to touch me…but I gotta fight it."

"Why? Just give in to what we both want!"

"I am. What I WANT is to make you happy…AFTER I drive you crazy with anticipation!"

"You ARE driving me crazy…now do you think you can get to work on making me happy?"

"I don't make you happy?" I ask, feigning hurt feelings.

"Of course you do," she says as she rises up as best she can to meet my lips. I bend slightly to allow her to reach them, but being stubborn, I do not return her kiss. "Oh Wheeler, you make me so happy. Happier than I have ever been…happier than I ever thought I could be. In every way possible…heart, soul, mind…and body."

"Well, it's the body that I'm most concerned with right now," I say as I kiss her before making my way down to nibble on her neck, collarbone, and kiss my way over the swell of her breasts.

I let my hands roam over her body, touching and teasing her most ticklish, most sensitive areas; her hips, behind her knees, her breasts…and while my mouth is pre-occupied there, my hand travels lower to finally relieve her of some of the tension that I've built up.

Judging by the sounds that she's making, she's grateful for that little bit of release. I keep the contact minimal, my touch light. She pushes her hips up off the mattress to increase the contact. I allow it, briefly, before leaving her breasts, much to her disappointment, and kissing my way back up to her lips, sealing my lips firmly over hers to absorb her cries of pleasure.

"Mmm…Yankee," she whimpers. It's the sweetest sound ever. I've heard it before, many times, but I never get tired of hearing it.

Reluctantly, I leave her lips and travel down her neck, leaving marks. I have no shame. I know Linka will cover them up with makeup or clothing, but that doesn't stop me; I want everyone to know what I'm doing in my spare time, and who I'm doing it with.

I pull one last surprise out of my bag 'o tricks. Flavored body oil.

"What is that?" She asks.

I don't answer her. Instead, I flip the cap open and pour a line of it down her torso.


She doesn't finish whatever else she was going to say as I begin to trace the line of oil with my tongue, lapping up the mint flavored liquid, starting at her collarbone, between her breasts, and down over her stomach, tickling her sides as my lips nip and sooth her flesh. I can't tell if the sounds she's making are because of what my lips are doing, or because of what my hand is doing.

"Bozhe moy!"

Her head is thrown back, her eyes are closed, and she's biting her lip to keep from crying out.

"Mmmm, Wheelerrrrrrrrr," she purrs. "Please!"

She's begging me to finish her off, moving her hips to match the rhythm set by my hand. I intend to grant her wish. She arches her back off the mattress as she reaches her peak of pleasure and then collapses back onto the bed when she's finished.

Once she is fully spent, I kiss my way back up her body, cleaning up any of the remaining oil as I go. When I reach her lips, I kiss her deeply, letting her taste the minty oil. After a few minutes of that, she pulls away.

"You Yankee jerk!" She says breathlessly.

All I can do is laugh.

"Can you untie me now? Are you satisfied?" She asks.

"Are you?" I reply with a sly grin and quirked eyebrow.

"I think you already know the answer to that."

I smile triumphantly at her.

"And to answer your question, no, I'm not satisfied."

I lower my mouth to her neck as I settle myself over her.

"I see that," she says nodding towards my obvious arousal. "Are you going to suffer all night, or are you going to let me take care of that for you?"

"I was hoping you'd offer…whenever you're ready."

"I am ready."

I'll never admit it to her, but this sweet torture has been driving me crazy as well. I position myself against her and slide in. We both sigh in pleasure as I fill her completely.

The storm outside has arrived on the island and is in full force now. I grip her hips as I hold her against me, rolling my hips against her as the thunder rolls outside. The rain is pouring down, creating a coolness in the air. The breeze coming in through the window cools our skin. She shivers, not from the cool air, but from the sensation I'm causing, prolonging the pleasure.

When the lightning strikes, it creates a strobe light affect. It flickers in her eyes and reflects off her pale skin. Each time the thunder pounds, I thrust into her. Thunder and lightning, a gusty wind. The elements outside just as volatile as our own elements of wind and fire; unstable, unpredictable, hot blooded, hot tempered, fickle, impulsive…explosive. When the thunder erupts outside, the same happens with us inside. She gasps, followed by a series of whimpers and sighs before she cries out my name and her usual string of Russian phrases. I have no idea what they mean, but it happens every time as her lips part and her eyes flutter closed. It used to worry me. The first time, I thought she passed out, but now, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

When our ecstasy subsides, I collapse on top of her, still maintaining our connection.

"I love you," I mumble against her neck as I press my lips to her throbbing pulse.

She kisses the side of my head and says,

"Untie me."

"Not until you say it back," I murmur as I move up her neck and nuzzle her ear.

"I love you too…now untie me!"

I get up, grudgingly, disappointed at breaking our connection and start at her feet, releasing them from the satin tethers, keeping an eye on her to make sure she doesn't try to kick me.

She seems to be non-combative so I move to the head of the bed to release her.

"Are you going to slap me?" I ask.


"Punch me?"

She giggles.

"Nyet Yankee. I am not going to attempt to injure you in any way…I promise."

She purses her lips, silently asking for a kiss, so I happily oblige as I work to free her hands. As soon as she has one hand free, it immediately finds its way to the back of my head to tangle in my hair and hold me to her as she deepens our kiss. Once I release her other hand, it joins the other.

I lay down beside her, enjoying her attention. She pushes me onto my back and straddles me, still kissing me like there's no tomorrow.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." She repeats between breaks for air.

"I knew you'd feel that way," I say.

"That was the best it ever was!"

"Well, I'm glad…I wanted it to be special for our anniversary…I just hope I didn't raise the bar too high…I mean, 'the best ever'…how can I live up to that?"

"I have an idea," she says.

"What's that?"

"We can keep trying to top it!"

"I like the way you think!" I respond as I sit up to kiss her.

After a while, we need a break to catch our breath. I am still sitting with her in my lap, straddling me as her legs wrap around my waist. She has her head resting on my shoulder as I absent mindedly run my hand up and down her back while my other hand plays with her thick blonde hair. The silence is broken by a loud crack of thunder which makes both of us jump and then laugh at our reaction.

"The weather does not look like it is going to let up anytime soon. This storm has us trapped in the cabin," she says.

"I don't mind being stuck in bed all day with you! Happy anniversary Babe."

She kisses me hard, the force of it pushing me backwards to lie down on the bed.

"Same to you Yankee…but there is one more thing you can do for me to make it even better."

"Name it, it's yours," I say in a daze.

"Revenge!" She says triumphantly.

I hadn't even realized it, but while she was giving me that mind blowing kiss, she'd managed to turn the tables on me. Now I'm the one who's tied up and at her mercy.

"I REEEEEEEALLY like the way you think!" I say with a huge smile on my face.

She returns my smile with a flash of mischief in her eyes...or maybe it was lightning.

The storm raging outside is nothing compared to the storm raging within us.

The End