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A/N: I love Xander and Willow as a couple. And I read a few Jedi Xander fics, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. So this is not only a Jedi Xander, it is also a JEDI WILLOW fic.

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: "Speaking"

Something Halloweenie This Way Comes

*Chapter 1*

October 30th

The day before Halloween found Buffy, Willow and Xander walking towards the new costume shop that opened up in Sunnydale just in time for the greatest candy festival of the year. Ethan's didn't look like much, but from the campus grapevine, it had some good choices and it was cheep. Which was a bonus for Xander. The Scooby was dead set on finding something other than him being a soldier which unfortunately was his one and only costume that he would have if he couldn't find anything else. So if it was cheep, it had to be better. Now all he had to do was find 'something' good, and at the same time try to persuade Willow to be something different than the time honored ghost she was every year.

"C'mon Wills. You promised me years ago, that you would go as something other than a spook one year. And now you have to pay the piper." Xander quickly chattered to Willow in Willowese without letting her get much of a word in edgewise, as they neared the costume shop.

"I don't know Xander." Willow softly murmured as she tried to hedge her way out of going as something other than her usual costume. "Can't I go as something different next year?" Hope expressed in her voice.

"Nope. And that's final. If you won't choose something, I will!" Xander exclaimed excitedly as he rushed through the door of Ethan's.

Buffy laughed, at the face her friend made as she watched the crush of her life run like a excited child into the shop, searching through the racks of costumes lined up against the wall. While she watched, her hope of being her favorite, safe costume slipped away.

"Oh come on Willow, we better go and help him find something that you will at least like, otherwise you might end to be a Power Ranger, or one of those short dudes from that Ring book he likes to quote." Reasoned Buffy as she dragged her friend through the shop and closer to where Xander was rummaging through the female costumes before stopping and looking at a 17th century Lady's dress. It would be excellent for her wear something like this for Angel this year. 'I will look like someone from his time. I hope he will like this.' Buffy gushed to herself.

As Xander rummaged through the costumes he didn't find anything that was something Willowish. He wanted to be something that she could wear and feel good in it so at least next year she wouldn't automatically go back to being her ghost. As Xander brought his head up in a frustrated sigh, he looked over to where Buffy and Willow were gushing about the fancy Lady costume she wanted to wear to impress Angel. Xander stifled a groan, as he knew she had a big of a crush on the dead dork as he had on her. With a grimace on his face, Xander turned over to the men's side of the shop, hoping to find something for himself first and then try to find something matchy for Willow.

While he looked through the costumes lined up before him, Xander heard someone speak in a soft voice right beside him, which caused him to jump at the sound, as he was more focused on the clothes in front of him than anything else.

"Excuse me young man, I didn't mean to startle you." The man assured still in his soft voice. "Do you need any assistance? I am the proprietor here, so I can help you find what ever you need." Ethan said with a small smile.

"Well, I don't know." Stammered Xander, his heart still beating a mile a minute from the scare the man had just given him.

"Well, I can help you with whatever you are looking for. We still have quite a few costumes left, my dear boy, so there must be something that has caught you interest." Ethan speculated, as he moved to the costumes lining the wall. "What do you want to be for Halloween this year?' He asked.

"Well," said Xander. "At first I was going to be a soldier, 'cuz I have the fatigues at home. But, I really want to be something good this year, and I want something similar as well for my friend as well, so she can be sort of matchy." Xander finished in a rush.

"Hmm." Thought Ethan allowed. "I think I have just the thing, be back in just a moment." He volunteered as he walked through the curtain to the back of the shop. Ethan moved over to the box of costumes that were movie castoffs, as they had some damage to them. Ethan wasn't originally going to put them out unless he ran out of all the other costumes first. But as they had already been tagged for the spell he was to undertake tomorrow evening, there was nothing he had to do with them except take them out for the gullible kid.

"Here we are." Ethan burbled to Xander as he flourished the box in front of him as he set the box on the counter. "Now, there is some damage to them from the movie set they had come from, but as it will be dark outside tomorrow, it shouldn't be so noticeable. They also came with some of the original movie props from the set as well. So there you are" Ethan shrilled as he removed the lid off the box with an expansive guesture, like a magician completing his act.

As Xander walked over to the counter and peered in to it, he couldn't believe his eyes. On top of the costume was a lightsaber. It didn't look fake at all. Yeah there was some smudges on one side, and it looked a bit bent on the other. But it was still a lightsaber. Xander gently picked it up out of the box and cradled it in his hands like it would vanish before his eyes if he blinked to many times. "Wow." He breathed. "A real lightsaber." His thoughts started to work again as he discovered he had the costume of a lifetime. Xander's face broke out in a million Wat smile as he looked at he cylindrical rod that was gently balanced in his hands.

He looked over to Willow and Buffy as they were looking through some costumes, trying to find something for his shy friend. Then reality came crashing back to him as he looked back into the box. Sighing despondently, Xander put the lightsaber back in and looked up at Ethan, the weight of what he was about to say, crushing him under its great weight, and it also showed on his face.

"I'm sorry sir." He began dejectedly. "But I can't afford the costume. I only have 20 bucks. And I doubt that would pay for the dust on the fabric" He sighed greatly as his dream of being Obi-One Kenobie flashed briefly in his dreams and then was extinguished like a spent fire.

"Hmm." Ethan hummed under his breath. "Since I can see that you really want to be a Jedi for the night, how about I sell it to you for 10 dollars. This way you can live you dream and have some left over for whatever you want." He said very seriously as he looked in Xander's sad face.

"Really?" Xander asked.

"Yes, really." Ethan replied.

"Wow!" breathed Xander, as he looked off into the distance, epically fabulous space battles were zooming through his mind at a mile a minute. Then he looked over to Willow again as she picked up a ghost costume. "Do you have anything matching this Jedi costume?" He asked quickly trying to get this deal done before Willow could bring over the stupid white sheet with 'Boo' written on the front in bight day-glow orange letters.

"Yes of course. If you look under the top layer, there is another Jedi costume complete with another lightsaber that your friend could wear as well. So then you can both go as Jedi's." Ethan hinted in a sly voice, trying to make the sale to the stupid kid. 'If I can get the brat to talk his friend into buying the second costume, there will be even greater chaos as the good guys try to battle the bad guys tomorrow'. Ethan giggled manically to himself in his twisted mind.

Xander perked up at that thought. And he quickly rushed over to his friends to tell them the good news.

"Willow, guess what?" He squeked excitedly. "I found a costume for you and its great!" He finished in a rush. "Please, please say you will come and look at it. It's awesome!" Xander tried to convince his friend as he puled her across the store.

"Um, ok, I guess Xander" Willow croaked to her bestest friend. Hoping that the costume he finally picked out for her was not something she would be to embarrassed to wear. She walked slowly over to where Xander was practically jumping up and down in joy over his find.

"Look Willow, look. Isn't this the best thing ever!" He burbled exceitedly. "Look here." he pulled out the second lightsaber from the box. Willow looked and him in confusion, as he put the lightsaber in her hand. "There's two of 'em. We can both go as Jedi's. Please say you will be a Jedi with me?" The tennager looked over to his best freind, he bent down on one knee and looked up at her trying to conivnce her with a puppy dog face, and batting his eyelashes at the same time. Then Xander stood up and draped his arm around her. As he moved his arm left to right to encompass the horizon he dramatically addressed the store as he said in a comanding voice. "Say you will tally ho and go forth with me into the darkest night and have great battles fighting the Dark Side and saving helpless youngsters and their candy!"

Willow looked at the silver lightsaber in her hand. Thinking to herself. 'Well, a Jedi isn't so horrible. And the clothes they wear won't leave me so exposed. They look cool. I think I will go with Xander as a Jedi. What's the worse that could happen?' Willow thought to herself rapidly as the emotions played across her face just as quickly. 'And me as a Jedi to. It will also give me more time with Xander. He will see we have stuff in common. Maybe he will finally notice me.' She smiled to herself as she made up her mind. "Ok Xander. I will go as a Jedi to."

"That's great!" Xander burst out loudly. "Can we try them so, so we can find out if we have to make some adjustments?" Xander asked as he turned to Ethan.

"Yes you can. There are some change rooms over here" He replied as he showed them to some change rooms off to the side in a curtianed off area.

"Buffy, you should try yours on to." Willow said to the Slayer.

"Yeah, I should before I buy it." Buffy replied.

As the three friends got into the change rooms to try on the Halloween costumes. They were all were happy with their choices. Xander came out first. As he looked over at himself in the mirror, he admired the tan tunic with wide sleeves. It looked kinda like a karate gi but stopped just at the top of his thighs with a dark brown cloth belt to wrap around his waist and a black belt that had a spot for his lightsaber. Then came the light brown pants, he would just have to find some black boots, he thought to himself as he was still wearing his beat up running shoes. The colors looked great on him. As he put on the darker brown cloak and clipped the lightsaber two his belt, Willow was the next one out of the change room. Her costume was a little different. Instead of her tunic wrapping itself across the front like his, it looked more like a light beige dress with a type of Manderian collar with three buttons down the front, the dress was pipped in dark brown around the edges. It also had wide sleeves. It fell to just the mid point of her thighs and was slit up the two side so her legs were free to move. The pants were a darker beige and were loose, but not a loose as Xander's. She also had a black belt that she clipped her lightsaber onto with, and a dark brown cloak she put on.

"Wow, Willow. You look great in that." Xander whispered softly as he looked her over from head to toe. The costume looked perfect on her. He thought to himself and he studied Willow as she looked into the mirror.

"I look good in this." Willow exclaimed to her friend, as she studied her reflection in amazement.

"I totally agree you Willow." Declared Buffy as she came out of her change room in her Lady dress. It looked fantastic on her and fit her like it was sewn just for Buffy to wear it. It was a nice purplish reddish colour and was cut down the middle to show another skirt under it that was a lighter shade of red, almost pink. The designs on the bodice was in swirls with sparkly diamonds. It looked great on her friend, Willow thought to herself.

" I look just like a Lady in this!" Buffy marveled to her friends. "I just need diffrent hair." Buffy speculated to herself as she viewd her head in the mirror.

"We do have a selection of wigs for sale over here" Ethan declared, pointing off to the other side of the shop. The wall was covered with many different styles as well as numerous different colors along two shelves.

As Buffy walked over to the wigs, she wondered to her self why she didn't notice this shelf earlier. 'Oh well.' She shrugged to herself. 'I just must of been excited that I found the right dress for the right guy.' She giggled in her head.

Willow walked over to the wigs to help the Slayer find just the right one to match her costume when Xander walked up behind the girls and said. "Willow, why dont you wear a wig to." Asked Xander as he looked over the selection.

"Yeah Willow!" Drawled Buffy as she agreed with her friend. "It would be so totally awesome if you had different color hair. Making you someone else for the evening, I bet no one will recognize you at all!" Buffy finished in a excited rush.

Willow looked at her two friends. Trying to put herself in their mindset. Plain safe Willow, was first and foremost what came right away. Well she decided to be something different, might as well take it all the way. As she looked over the selection of wigs. Once caught her eye. It was a blond wig with straight shoulder length hair. It would be something very different than her normal bright red hair. Willow picked up the wig and walked over to the mirror. As she put it on, a strange feeling came over her. She was different. She looked different. She felt different.

'This was going to be the best Halloween ever!' Willow thought to herself, as she studied her reflection. Over her shoulder, Willow caught Xander smiling at her. She smiled back. 'Oh yeah. Best Halloween Ever!'

To Be Continued!