Main Characters-Xander/Cordelia

Summary- When the Scoobies take a vacation to Paris,

Xander and Cordelia teleport somewhere...different? Disclaimer- I Do Not Own Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Chapter 2- Airplane

Cordelia nearly jumped out of her chair, when the intercom came on.

"Now boarding flight 878 to Paris, France."

Ooh! that's Us Willow Franticly points out. "Well we better head to our gate then huh?" Buffy stated. They then all begin to walk towards their gate.

"Here we are! Gate 7, Xander smirks at the flight attendant behind the desk.

"Hello may I see your boarding passes?" She plants a very fake smile on her face.

"Here" Xander Hands His first.

"Alexander Harris" She Then Stamps His.

"Buffy Summers"

"Rupert Giles"

"Daniel Osbourne"

"Willow Rosenberg"

"Cordelia Chase" the woman finishes stamping their passes. And then orders them to move along.

They shortly arrive outside near the airplanes. "Heh…They're Huge" Xander states.

They walk towards their plane.

Oh! Here I we are. Willow states this, finding her and Oz's seats.

"Cool, Giles and I are across from you guys…But that means…"


The flight attendants then calm her down enough so she is not screaming.

"Listen Cordy, I know you don't want to sit with me. But please bare with me on this trip. I mean I am-"

"What? you are what Xander?"


Cordelia sighs and faces the window as they slowly take off.

Five Hours into the Flight-

Xander was bored. Giles was reading Buffy was listening to music, Oz and Will were sitting there talking and Cordy wasn't even paying attention to him.

He then remembered the crystal.

He reaches into his pocket and fingers the crystal. He then takes it out and puts in his palm.

He then looks over to Cordelia and sighs. But something strange happens…The crystal begins to glow. Cordelia turns over and sees this.


She was cut short when she and Xander vanish in a bright green light.