Um Demon piper and I decided to write a story together THE CAST IS!

Luna Clone (LC(1-9) - my OC's

Jake- Demon Piper's

Josh- Demon Piper's

Luna- My OC

Black Panther- My OC

DP- Demon Piper

and a bunch others so look at Demon Piper's or my profile for the OC's hahahaha

LC: Why are you laughing?

Me: (Luna) I don't know

LC: Ok then *backs away*

Luna: What ever. ON WITH DA SHOW!

Josh: The Dark ace will be here to right?

Luna: yeah I guess so

LC2: Can we get on with this?

LC3: They own nothing

LC4: On with the story thingy

It was a random day in the Base/ home of OC's. LC was watching Josh. Just then Piper walks in looking hyper as ever. Then as if on que josh leaves. Piper (not knowing whats going on) says,

"LC, You know Josh is gay,. Right?"

Luna facepalms. LC gets wided eyed crys and then turns to mud cause thats what she and her sisters are made of.

"Oh she didn't know that did she?" Dp said.

"No she didn't" Luna said.

"If I pour water on her will she come back?" Piper asked looking at the puddle of LC infront of her.

"Nope" Luna said.

"Oh Josh has a twin Jake maybe I can fix this!" Piper said and ran out of the room.

"In that case I'm gonna to clean up this place" Luna said. About a good 15 minutes later the door opened and Piper and Jake walk in causing Luna to pop up salute him and say:

"General- Your not the general" She looks him up and down "Oh LC will like you. Yo clone got someone here to meet you!"

"It better not be a cat" the puddle of LC said taking shape into a person. Jake watched with interest when most boys would be having a panic attack about now.

"I'm suprised hes not freaking out" Luna said, "This is Jake"

"No thats Josh" LC said.

"No Josh is over there" Piper said and pointed to Josh waving and talking on third person.

"Josh is hyper, Josh is talking in thrid person" Josh said bouncing up and down.

"We're twins, Anyway its nice to meet you (his face ^_^)" he said and shook LC's hand.

"I'm Luna Clone LC for short" She points to Luna, "I'm her clone. So are you like your brother?"

"No. I'm not gay or bi, I'm straight"

"Cool. So wanna play some video games?"


"HE CHEATS!" Josh said.

"Do not" Jake said

"Do to" Josh yelled

"Gotta love twins that fight, Right?"Piper asked.

"Wrong" Shakira said.

"Right!" Piper yelled.

"SHUT UP!" Dp yelled. Jake made a face at Josh and he and LC began to play Wii Mario Cart. About 8 rounds later.

"Wow won everytime" LC said.

"HE LET YOU WIN" Josh yelled.

"Did not" Jake yelled.

"Did to" Josh yelled.

Thats all for now folks read review and eat pie.