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Rewritten, foul language in the chapter.

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The party of l'Cie knew they were catching up to the unknown beast slayers. They had been tracking the unknown's for three hours and the beasts they had been finding were getting more and more recently killed. Hope, Vanille and Sazh had fallen behind because they were gathering the 'useful stuff' off the creatures (bits and pieces (no pun intended) for upgrading the parties weapons).

Lightning, Snow and Fang were both nervous and curious. Curious because there are, nearly, no places to hide on this great Gran Pulse plain. And nervous because they had found three Behemoth Kings dead in a small area. One of the three Behemoths had many broken bones, another had been shot in the head (three bullet holes forming a triangle), and the last had been almost completely cut in half.

When the three heard gunshots they quickened their pace. They could see two Wyverns attacking something. A hill that was just big enough to be annoying was between Light, Snow, Fang and the unknown hunters. When they got to the hill massive lightning bolts and gigantic icicles slaughtered the Wyverns.

When Light, Snow and Fang crested the small hill they saw three people. A man with dark blue clothing that looked like a military outfit, and spiky lemon-blond hair standing between a really huge sword that was stabbed into the ground and a woman. The woman, which was quite obviously tending to the mans wounds by casting cure, was wearing a mini-skirt and a dirty white tank top and had knee length brown hair. The third person was interesting their back was to the l'Cie; all they knew was the person had messy black hair, like Fang, and was wearing a tattered red cape.

"There are three of them," Vincent commented to Cloud and Tifa "Judging by there pace we have a couple of minutes."

Tifa just glanced to confirm Vincent's report. She didn't know why she did, Vincent just always knew somehow. At least he doesn't rub it in.

Cloud just let out a small groan, his right shoulder had been hurt by those damned Wyverns and he really didn't want to fight again because of the pain that would be caused by swinging the Buster Sword around. Two swings. I will win in two swings. He bet himself.

The three l'Cie ran down the hill to the three people and instantly regretted that action because the three strangers instantly started combat.

The man grabbed the sword and did an overhead swing to use his strength, the weight of the sword and gravity to his advantage against Lightning.

Lightning had just enough time to bring her sword up, grab it with both hands and stop the large sword. The force of the impact forced Lightning to one knee and she felt her left arm crack in several places because the massive sword had been on a path to cleave her from left shoulder to right hip. Lightning saw the slightly surprised look on the mans face and rolled out of his reach the second the sword lifted. She went on the offensive and started using every move and technique she knew. The blond just took on a defensive role and used his abnormally large sword as a full-body shield. Lightning knew he was letting her run out of breath so it would be easier for him.

But then he took one swing when she wasn't expecting it and knocked her off her feet and several feet back. Lightning's sword flew out of her hand when she landed and ended up several feet away from her. As she stood up she was wondering how someone who was her size, had more than double Snow's strength.

There must be some AMP tech in the weapon Lightning thought as she noticed that her gun-blade and the man were about equal distance away from her in opposite directions and she did not want to find out how fast the blond could run. But she would not be defeated so easily. She took off at a full sprint and the man started running after her but did not run as fast as she thought he could. Lightning had two conclusions for that, one: the sword slowed him down and two: he didn't feel like doing a short range sprint.

When Lightning got close to Blaze Edge she cartwheeled over it grabbing it and changing it into gun mode. As soon as she was on her feet she started shooting at the blond. The man had ducked behind the sword and the bullets just impacted the sword and did no noticeable damage. The man had not stopped charging towards her.

When Cloud reached the pink haired woman he swung the massive sword and got only air as she did several flips away. He felt the muscles in his shoulders violently protesting his actions, but he would not be defeated by this stranger. As he continued to swing at the woman he knew that she knew he was getting sluggish. Cloud blamed that on his sore right shoulder and his permanently messed left arm.

Lightning noticed the man was getting more sluggish with each slash. He was most likely still suffering from the injuries the woman was healing prior to this battle.

Lightning charged at the man once more. She was able to easily dodge the horizontal slash with a quick roll. When she was on her feet again she swung Blaze Edge at the mans neck but he was just fast enough to stop the blade, by grabbing the backside of the sword, before it pierced his neck.

Snow ran at the woman after the blond attacked Lightning. The woman spun and swung her right fist at Snow, when her fist hit his chest he felt one of his ribs crack and he heard three of her fingers crack. The woman quickly ran behind him in an attempt to pin him. Snow spun to counter her attempt and tried to slam his right fist into her left temple.

After several failed attempts to injure the martial artist Snow came to conclusion that she was relying on speed to overpower his strength. But she couldn't cause any real damage to Snow without letting him hit her back.

The woman ran behind Snow and placed a roundhouse kick to the back of his head. The force of the kick sent Snow to the ground and the woman took the opportunity to pin Snow. She grabbed his arm and wrenched it into an unnatural position, Snow knew that the woman could break his shoulder with one small movement. Because of that knowledge Snow calmly, but unhappily, surrendered.

Fang saw the strangers attack Light and Snow so she went to assault the one in red, who for some reason had not even looked towards the noise. As she swung her bladed staff the one in red simply side stepped to the left, spun to the right, and swung their left fist, which had gold colored armor, at Fang's throat. Fang easily dodged the attack and swung the staff at the one in red. The person blocked the swing with their left arm and jumped over Fang.

Fang watched the person jump over her and land with their back facing her. Fang delivered a downward swing and the person once again sidestepped to the left, spun to the right, but then had a tri-barreled gun against her forehead.

Fang set her focus on the gun. She watched in horror as they slowly pulled the trigger back and the hammers on the gun rise up, stop for a moment, then fall.


Fang realized she didn't even close her eyes she had watched what could have been her very gruesome death. She then felt a single tear roll down her face as she thought about how devastated Vanille would be if she saw her on the ground with three bullet holes in her head. Fang then cursed how vivid her imagination could be.

"Good to know you value your life." She heard the person, which determined it is a man, say as he put the gun in its holster on his right thigh. When she finally focused on her could have been executioner her eyes widened a little. His eyes were bright red, which meant he could not be human, and for the first time she was the one to break eye contact. She quickly wiped the tear off her face.

Tifa took the cue from Vincent and let Snow out of her vice like grip. Lightning saw the other two strangers let her friends go, but she did not want to let the man go, she had the upper hand at the moment. Fang and Snow had been released though, so she lowered Blaze Edge.

"You're lucky I wrecked my shoulder just before you showed up." Cloud said to Lightning as she sheathed Blaze Edge.

He was injured and he still proved to be a very difficult challenge? Who the fuck are these people? Lightning thought while comforting her left arm.

"Who are your new friends?" Vanille shouted while running down the hill towards the six.

"We don't know yet." Fang calmly replied without taking her eyes off the three strangers.

When Hope and Sazh caught up to the others they started catching their breath.

"That girl is just too energetic." Sazh panted "Who are they?" He asked Lightning. Light just forwarded the question to the three people and the woman answered first.

"Tifa Lockheart." She said in a cheery tone. She started to relax as she saw the rest of the people. "And that's Vincent. He doesn't talk much."

"SOLDIER first class, Cloud Strife." The blond said coldly sweeping his gaze over each of the, unknown to him, l'Cie.

The group of l'Cie found a few things disturbing about the three. Vincent had bright red eyes, Cloud had glowing blue eyes and had an eerie resemblance to Lightning.

"So is Cloud your real name or is an alias like Lightning here?" Snow said trying not to laugh at the similarities between Light and Cloud. "Snow Villiers, by the way."

"It's my real name. And what do you find funny?" Cloud replied

"How much similar you and Light are."

"So it's funny how soldiers act similar?" Lightning said coldly

Vanille saw an argument starting so she decided to cut it off.

"I'm Vanille" she said casually to the three.

"Hope Estheim."

"Sazh Katzroy."


"Lightning Farron" Light said finally "Why did you attack us?"

"We were a little high strung from a certain incident." Cloud said in an apologetic tone "Anyways, we should find a place to camp for the night."

"Over there." Vincent said, pointing with his left hand, revealing the gold coloured, clawed gauntlet, and he just started off.

"Why?" Vanille asked before she could stop herself.

"That area is secure."

At Camp

After the beds had been set up everyone gathered around the fire, except Vincent who stood in the shadows, in silence. Cloud was cleaning his sword and Tifa was massaging her hands. Snow decided to break the ice.

"Are you three, l'Cie?"

"Yes we are." Cloud had no idea what Snow was talking about but decided to play along.

"Where are your marks?"

"Mine is on the top of my head, Vincent hasn't said where his is, and-"

"And mine is right here." Tifa interrupted (deciding to join Cloud in playing along) and pointed to the spot right between her breasts.

"Do you have Eidolons?" Snow asked piquing everyone's interest.

"What're those?" Cloud questioned.

"Beings you can summon. I got the Shiva sisters, Light has Odin, Sazh has Brynhildr, Hope-Alexander, Fang-Bahamut, and Vanille just got Hecaton."

"Oh, yes we have Eidolons, but we call them summons."

"What are they called?" Snow pressed.

"Hades" Vincent answered first.

"Ifrit" Tifa answered next. She instantly knew what Cloud was going to say; Mainly because he used that summon every chance he got since he bred a gold chocobo.

"Knights of the Round" Cloud answered with a slight smirk

"Knights?" Hope asked putting emphasis on the 'S' "Are there two?"

"There are Thirteen of them." Cloud said his smirk growing into a smile as everyone got disbelieving looks on their faces.

"If you want I will unleash the fury of the Knights on some poor creature tomorrow."

"I don't believe you." Was all Lightning said.

Cloud set the Buster Sword on the ground beside him, took off the large leather belt, laid on his back and quickly fell asleep.

"I'll keep watch." Vincent stated to the party.