Blaze Edge hit the wet ground with a muffled thud and a tiny splash. Lightning was having trouble breathing. She looked down and saw that the sword had passed through the belt of her coat, then her lung, and the shock from being stabbed was keeping the pain subdued. But soon the shock would wear off and the pain would hit her like a train.

Lightning heard everyone yell both her given and taken name. The only one that had registered was Serah's cry. Her sister was going to be alone after this. The only Farron left. Lightning saw her vision get blurry and soon felt tears roll down her face. She looked away from the growing red spot on her coat and into the vicious green eyes of the one impaling her.

Sephiroth had pushed most of the Masamune's blade through Lightning so they were a little more than a foot apart. He leaned over so their faces were almost touching.

"Don't worry," Sephiroth said in a soothing tone "Your sister will be joining you, before too long."

The shock had finally passed and the pain had set in. Lightning could not stop the tears from rolling down her face. She had worked so hard to see Serah again. Most of her youth was spent keeping Serah happy but now it all meant nothing. She felt the sword begin to move, begin to twist. Lightning tried to stop what was working its way out of her mouth, but failed as the blade kept twisting.

Cloud had just recovered from the dual lightning strike and climbed uneasily to his feet. His expression turned from anger to horror when he saw the blade sticking out of Lightning's back. He went back to anger when he heard Lightning scream in pain. Cloud razed the Buster Sword and started running with all his might. He jumped into the air, razed the sword above his head and was ready to slice the silver haired nightmare in half, vertically.

Sensing the movement Sephiroth stepped back, pulled the Masamune out of Lightning, turned around and he saw Cloud jump into the air. Sephiroth knew there were several emotions clouding the mind of the blond which made him let down his defence, so he simply thrust his sword into the unprotected gut of the blond.

Cloud knew he made a mistake as soon as he saw Sephiroth pull his sword free. The world slowed down as Sephiroth spun around, pointed his sword at Cloud and gave it a push. Cloud felt it slide through the SOLDIER belt, his gut, and then the belt again. He let his arms fall to his sides before grabbing the Masamune with his left hand. Cloud knew the blood smeared blade was a hair width away from his spine.

Lightning collapsed when Sephiroth pulled his sword free. She sat on her heels with holding her right side. She knew tears were still pouring from eyes and blood was still running from the wound onto her clothes and into her lung.

Lightning looked up and saw Cloud, four feet off the ground with Sephiroth's sword through his gut. She looked around and saw everyone else was either seriously injured or sitting on the ground with a broken spirit. Blaze Edge lying on the ground caught her eye. She reached over and grabbed it off the ground.

"Why do you hate humans?" Cloud managed to ask Sephiroth.

"They're weak beings who would rather destroy anything and everything than admit their failure," Sephiroth replied calmly "They are parasites to the planet. Only taking, never giving."

"You were born from a human mother," Cloud grunted painfully.

"You can't choose your family or your fate. Outside forces can, though," Sephiroth said obviously referring to himself.

"Whether you like it or not you are part human," Cloud said right before a deafening boom of thunder. He saw Lightning grab her sword and switch it to gun-mode during the thunder "And you have our weaknesses," Cloud hissed at Sephiroth as a shot rang out.

Sephiroth's eyes widened as the shot ripped through his left side. His left arm gave in immediately which caused him to pull the sword out of Cloud's gut. He hated himself for letting his guard down for even a moment.

Cloud fell to one knee when he hit the ground. He sent a glare at Sephiroth as Lightning raised Blaze Edge again. Four more shots pierced the silence and tore their way through Sephiroth's torso.

"What? How?" Sephiroth asked the air in confusion "I'm supposed to cleanse this world of you beings," He turned to glare at Lightning. He lifted his sword for a horizontal slash.

Cloud leapt to his feet, ignoring the pain in his gut, and lifted the Buster Sword. A blue aura surrounded Cloud as he started to slash at Sephiroth's back. The speed of the slashes got faster and faster until it was almost one continuous slash. Cloud jumped into the air, the Buster Sword glowing bright blue. He brought the sword down through Sephiroth, causing feathers to go in every direction.

The rain and the thunder had ceased and the clouds were beginning to let rays of light through. A dust-like smoke started rising from Sephiroth as he dropped his sword. The Masamune disappeared before it hit the ground.

"No one chooses their fate," Lightning growled at Sephiroth.

"But outside forces can determine it," Cloud added, also as a growl.

Sephiroth started laughing as his wing disintegrated into the black smoke. He shook his head before turning and walking over to Cloud. Sephiroth stood in front of the blond, looked down at him and made a statement that made Cloud's blood run cold.

"Death did not stop me before. Why should that change?"

No one noticed three small streams of black smoke run from Sephiroth's right hand into the ground. Sephiroth gave one more laugh before he was reduced to a cloud of dust-like smoke and blew away in the breeze that started.

Serah put down Dajh and sprinted to Lightning. She knelt next to her sister and wrapped her arms around Lightning. Tears were rolling down her face as she begged Lightning to not leave her alone.

Snow was sitting on his heels holding his hand that was cut in half. He looked up to the sky where the clouds were getting lighter and breaking apart. A rain drop hit his face but it felt warm and soothing. The rain increased and Snow's head dropped down unintentionally, because of blood loss, and he saw his l'Cie brand disappear in a swarm of little green lights. He started to feel more energized and noticed hand stopped hurting. He looked at it and the wound was gone, not even a scar.

Fang saw the same effect with her brand and Vincent's leg. Tifa's wound closed and the scar was removed, her shirt was also mended but her hair was still only down to the small of her back.

As everyone felt the healing effects of the rain they stood up and regrouped. Everyone put their weapons away as they exchanged looks of bewilderment. They had just defeated, well Lightning and Cloud defeated, the most powerful being to walk the face of the world.

"What is this?" Vanille asked holding her hands out in font of her, letting the healing rain land on her hands.

"A small thanks," Cloud heard a familiar male voice say. He turned and saw a man, a bit bigger than himself, with black spiky hair. Cloud knew he was the only one who could see or hear him "Don't worry. We won't let him mess with the life stream. Again."

"Zack?" Cloud asked, not knowing why he did.

"Two things before I go. One, tell her how ya feel, she feels the same way so nothing bad can happen," Zack said in his famous playful tone "Two, go visit sector five some time soon. And don't forget flowers," With that Zack's image faded away, the rain stopped and the clouds broke apart.

Serah was still hugging Lightning but crying out of happiness. Lightning got Snow to, pretty much, pry Serah off of her.

"A new life awaits us all," Vincent stated with happiness showing on his face "One without someone pulling strings, or forcing decisions."

Yuffie saw the Highwind in the distance and started smiling and laughing.

"We should get Cid's attention," The young ninja said to everyone. Hope was about to try using firaga but glanced at where his l'Cie brand use to be and felt both happy and sad.

Tifa raised her arm with the materia on it and a fireball flew from her hand and exploded when it was high in the air. Everyone saw the sudden change in the airships path and knew Barret and Red would not like Cid for that.

"Lightning," Cloud started but froze up when everyone turned to face him. The pink haired woman was only three feet away from him so she could see the discomfort on his face.

Why does EVERYONE have to look when I clearly asked for only one person's attention? To do something like this with everyone looking is nerve wracking . . . Wait, we just defeated Sephiroth and I'm scared of this? Good to know there is something I fear more than him. Cloud thought.

"I . . ." Cloud froze again. Oh, to hell with it. We both feel this way.

With everyone watching Cloud stepped forewords grabbed Lightning and pulled her into a kiss, which Lightning returned right away.

"Well that was rather foreword," Vincent stated as he cocked an eyebrow.

"Your one to talk," Fang said quietly as she nudged Vincent with her elbow. They both started laughing quietly and Vanille was confused about why they were laughing.

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