I place full responsibility on Slytherin' Queen for saying this sounded like a good idea... The story title and lyrics are from a Rich Mullins song, and I swear I got this idea entirely from the Book of Genesis.

Jacob, he loved Rachel and Rachel, she loved him
And Leah was just there for dramatic effect

Little Rock lay in bed, still awake, and still flushed and smiling, listening to the sound of her husband's heartbeat. The events of the night had been strange, awkward and sometimes frightening, but there was nothing she regretted. Raising her head, she whispered, "Is he always like this?"

On the other side of Columbus, Wichita said, "A lot. Not all the time."

"I guess we wore him out."

"You had him last."

"Yeah, well, you had him twice. I was afraid I was going to wake up a virgin." She kissed Columbus's cheek, and patted the hand on her hip. "But my man came through for me." She reached down for a casual grope.

"Don't do that," Wichita said. Columbus grimaced. "He doesn't like that. Not unless we're going all the way, I mean."

"Wait... Is he still awake?" Little Rock poked his nose.

"He gets... sort of halfway," Wichita said. "When he wakes up, he can tell me what he hears."

"Sneaky," Little Rock said, drumming her fingers on their husband's ribs. "Trying to eavesdrop when we think he isn't listening." She looked at Wichita, lying with Columbus's right arm around her. She felt a little jealousy at the intimacy with which their husband held his first bride. Her older sister had married Columbus (or at any rate slept with him) three years earlier, and she was not quite halfway toward having their second baby. That was what had set things going. Little Rock loved her nephew, and as she grew from girl to young woman, she had fallen in love with her brother-in-law. It had taken her sister's intervention for her to admit it, even to herself. That was how she ended up here, wedded on her sixteenth birthday and sharing the night with her sister.

She met her sister's eyes. Wichita kept a solemn face when she was with Columbus (something Little Rock had known long before tonight), but as their eyes met, she smirked. "So," she said to her younger sister. Little Rock grinned wider, and blushed even deeper. She could not speak, but she was struggling not to laugh. "Come on. Say it: I..."

"Well, I know you do," she managed, then burst out laughing, so hard her chest heaved and her ribs ached. She had laughed the same way, when- "Wait... wait," she hiccuped, "is he smiling? He's smiling!"

"It's okay," Wichita said, kissing their man on the cheek. "I love you anyway."

"We love you," Little Rock said. Soon, they all settled into sleep.