A one shot set before The Hungry Earth. It was sitting on my hard drive so I decided I might as well post it. Hope everyone enjoys it! Review end with Hugs from the Doctor or Amy.

Disclaimer: I don't own it. If I did well, Flesh and Stone would have ended a bit differently and Rory never would have come back.

Italics show the TARDIS speaking.

He'd needed to know.

Everything, all of it, was to reveal the truth and yet he didn't believe it.

She'd waited for him for 14 years, she'd known Beaky for how many? Okay maybe longer than she'd known him concidering how long he'd been gone in her time. Stupid TARDIS.


Okay, maybe it wasn't the TARDIS's fault. Besides, Amy LEFT Beaky the night before her wedding without a thought! Then she goes and kisses him, and that wasn't all she had in mind. Was he the only one who saw something wrong with this picture?

'Maybe you could, oh kick him out?'

Kicking Beaky out… that wasn't a bad idea. Maybe he was mind controlling Amy and forcing her into marriage?

'He's not, I already checked. Maybe he's abusive?'

WHAT? Are you sure, cause if he is we are chucking him out into the end of the world or the beginning. I can see him being blow apart as the universe rapidly expands.

'Calm down. Does Amy seem like the type of girl to stay in an abusive relationship?'


'Maybe she's trying to make you jealous?'

Why would she want me to be jealous?

'Oh, I don't know, maybe she wants you to fall head over heels in love with her.'

I already am, I thought that much was obvious?

'You have to tell her, you silly man!'

But she's with Beaky now. And what if she actually loves him? I don't want to ruin what she has with him.

Don't wait forever, Doctor, you might lose her.

I won't let that happen. Not ever.

You don't always have a choice.