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I Go Back To Camp

If you're reading this right now, then that means you're still alive. I seriously hope you're living a great life right now, with a family, your best friends, and just a happy, ordinary life. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I'm dead right now. I can't die, I made a deal with some people and now I'll, ideally, live for eternity. It's a really long story. I'll get to that later. But going back to that "still being alive" thing, I was just saying that if you're reading this then you should be alive.

And just because you were able to get your hands on this, that probably also means you're a demigod—that's alive. Great, then you're just like me. At least I know we have something in common. So scratch that part about the ordinary life thing, since being a demigod, ordinary just isn't in our vocabulary.

If you're wondering why I hoped you were living a happy life, it's because I just wish someone, somewhere out there, is having the time of their life, because I sure as Tartarus am not. So, since you're having the time of your life, reading this won't bring you down all that much. But if you feel like you're part of the walking dead right now, then I'm sorry for you. But you have no idea how much death can suck, I have a friend who knows all about that, so I should know.

So right now I'm just sitting around, with a bow in my hand and my special canister that expands into a spear just beside me. I also have my Aegis shield hidden in a bracelet with me. I'm staring up at the sky, the moon, which is also the symbol of my lady, Artemis. I see the moon shining brighter and I know what's going to happen next. I grab my canister and place it in my pocket and stand up. I feel a tear slide down my cheek as I walk towards the forest. Thunder roared in the distance. I shake off the tears and run faster now, trying to disappear into the night.

My name is Thalia Grace. And this is my story.

I woke up that day with a big smile on my face. Today was the 10th anniversary of "Hekatambaion Day", or simply just "H-day" as some people call it. H-day was the day in August when Camp Half-Blood celebrated the overthrowing of Kronos and the whole world being saved from a New Golden Age. The name came from the old Greek calendar where July to August was called "Hekatambaion", and also, in Ancient Greece, they celebrated a similar holiday called "Kronia" which is a day where they celebrated Kronos, but H-day celebrated Kronos' defeat.

H-day is also when I, along with the Hunters, visit Camp Half-Blood to celebrate along with the other campers. This was the day I would get to see my old friends again. And since it was the 10th anniversary, it had to be extra special this year. I jumped up from my sleeping bag and ran out of the tent. I was welcomed by a beautiful day. The sun was shining, there were just a few fluffy clouds in sight, and there was a refreshing breeze. Today was the perfect day for a holiday.

I ran back inside the tent to wake up the other hunters. They grumbled, shooing me away, saying that they would sleep for just a few minutes more, but I was persistent. Lady Artemis was off on another mission, and I was in charge.

"Girls, wake up! It's H-day! It's finally here! We've gotta get to Camp Half-Blood now!" I shouted.

They all, finally, got up, but they walked around sluggishly. They obviously weren't as excited to go back to Camp Half-Blood as I was. Actually, they probably weren't excited at all. Even if campers and hunters joined forces during the war to defeat Kronos and his army, the animosity between them still managed to survive. Maybe it's because the campers still can't beat us in "Capture the Flag"? I thought about it for a while and then I just didn't care. I just wanted to get our butts to Camp Half-Blood as soon as possible.

Being hunters, we traveled by foot. We sprinted all the way to Long Island, where Camp Half-Blood sat, hidden by the mist as a strawberry ranch. We stopped running when we reached my pine tree, where we stopped to take a break. I saw the Golden Fleece just hanging on the branch, and I petted Peleus the dragon, who helped protect my tree. I looked at my hunters and they stood up and nodded. We walked through Half-Blood Hill and entered campgrounds.

I felt my jaw drop when we entered the camp. It changed so much in just one year. All the campers were busy working on decorations for each of their cabins (each had a different theme, but all of them were beautiful and just... wow), but they stopped and smiled at me as they passed by. I smiled back at them. I walked around for a while, I was in complete awe. I looked back at the others and they didn't even try to hide their amazement. The hunters were all wide-eyed and they looked around excitedly, kind of like little kids in a theme park. But hey, I bet I looked that way too.

I looked around some more, but this time to find some familiar faces. But I couldn't find any. There were a lot more campers, way more than when I was in Camp Half-Blood, and even just a year ago. I guess more and more gods were claiming their children now. I guess I should've seen that coming, since Percy had that whole deal with my dad when they defeated Kronos and stuff.

Oh yeah, by the way, my dad's Zeus, King of the Gods, ruler of the sky.

I continued to walk around and I seriously couldn't find anyone. All the campers smiled at me, they probably all knew who I was, but I couldn't find anyone I knew. Then I hear familiar galloping sounds behind me. I turn around and smiled. Finally.

"Chiron," I said.

"Thalia! Good to see you again! Welcome back to Camp Half-Blood," he said as he gave me a big hug. Chiron was in charge of the camp, training all the campers, and pretty much every other job Mr. D (aka Dionysus, the wine god) didn't want to do. He is like a thousand years old and he trained heroes like Hercules. And he's also a Centaur, which means he's half man half horse. But sometimes, when he has to, he sits in this wheelchair to hide his being a centaur (that is, his half-horse side). That's how a lot of the campers first meet him. You should see their faces when they see how he really looks like. Their reactions are priceless.

"So, you get any new campers?" I said sarcastically.

He laughed and looked around, "Why don't you tell me?"

"This place just looks really different from the last time I was here."

"Well since a lot of demigods have been popping up constantly, we've had to do a few renovations."

"A few? The Hermes cabin looks like a supermarket!" I pointed at the beig house that had a blinking sign that read "HERMES".

"With the trouble those children are causing, I'm guessing it is a supermarket," he chuckled.

"Where are the others?"

"I'm not sure, I've just had to manage so many campers today. But I saw them last at the Big House, making preparations for the big event."

"The Big House… right… why didn't I think of that?" I hit myself in the head lightly. "Thanks Chiron."

"No problem. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and make sure the Ares cabin hasn't set anything important on fire again." He galloped away, waving.

I waved back, even if I knew he couldn't see me. I turned back to see my hunters scrambled around, exploring and admiring everything. I called out to Phoebe, one of my hunters. You could say she was my right-hand (wo)man.

"Phoebe!" I waved at her.

She was looking at the Hermes cabin wonderingly when I called out to her. When she noticed I was calling her, she ran to me.

"What's wrong, Thalia?"

"I have to go somewhere, so I'm leaving you in charge. Could you make sure the others don't wander off too far and make it to the cabin safely?" I ordered her, emphasizing the word "safely".

I knew she got what I meant as she nodded and ran off. "Safely" was a code we used whenever we were in Camp Half-Blood. It meant: get to the cabin without getting into any kind of fight with the campers. For the most part, it went that way.

I watched my hunters for a while, making sure all of them were there when they reassembled and made their way to the cabin. When I was sure they were going to be okay, I made my way to the Big House.

The Big House was a three-story house that stood somewhere in the middle of Camp Half-Blood, and this had to be the only part of the camp that had changed the least.

I walked through the big doors and walked into a big room with tables arranged in a sort of "U" formation, kind of like how the cabins were arranged before more cabins were built in honor of the minor gods. I remembered this is as the place where we used to hold important meetings between the cabin leaders. This was before I became a hunter and was just a daughter of Zeus. Wait, I mean THE daughter of Zeus, because I'm the only one left that's supposed to exist.

The room was big and empty. I tried looking around for anyone, but everywhere I went it just looked the same as when I entered. There weren't any places to hide, so if there were someone there I would've seen him or her right when I went in. Then I heard a familiar noise:


Then I turned around and saw Grover running towards me. I slowly stepped back and was planning to make a run for it, but it was too late because Grover had already tackled me.

"Holy Zeus! Grover, what do you think you're doing?" I shouted.

He stopped hugging me and stepped back, smiling, for some reason proud of what he had just done. "I was just so happy to see you again, Thalia. I mean… you're alive!" I smiled for a while then scowled again when I heard the last of his sentence.

"What do you mean alive? Of course I'm alive! What, you thought I died or something! I'm immortal for gods sakes, goat-boy!"

"C'mon, Thalia. We all know you can die, even if you are immortal," a voice teased from behind me.

Grover laughed.

I turned around to find a man with dark hair and green eyes that were as calm as the sea smirking as he looked down at me. He was wearing an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, jeans, and slippers. He had a pen with a piece of string tied to the tip hanging around his neck.

I smiled. "You haven't changed a bit, seaweed brain." I placed my hands on my hips.

"Well you look the same, pinecone face." Percy laughed as he pulled me into a hug.

"Wait a minute," I said when we stopped hugging, "I looked everywhere, this room was completely empty. Where did you come from?"

He took a Yankees cap from his pocket and twirled it around his finger, "I heard you coming and wanted to surprise you, but Grover got to you first, even if I was invisible."

I stuck my tongue out and teased, "You are a seaweed brain."

He stuck his tongue out too, "Whatever!" Even if he was already an "adult", Percy Jackson was still a child, and he acted like one too.

"Where's Annabeth?" I asked.

"She's probably with Rachael. They're both in charge of…" Percy paused for a moment and scratched his head, "…something." He grinned.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, "Well, do you know where they are?"

Percy remained silent. He looked at Grover who shrugged. Percy looked back at me and smiled.

"I'll just go look for them myself. Both of you are useless," I complained as I walked out.

"Well, if you find her, can you tell her I borrowed her cap for a while? Thanks!" Percy shouted out to me.

I found Annabeth and Rachel in the attic of the Big House, which for some reason, was the last place I chose to look. They were sitting on the floor in a lotus position, meditating.

"Hey guys!" I whispered as I climbed up the ladder leading to the attic.

Annabeth was the first to open her eyes. She squealed, "Thalia!" And she stood up (actually, she more of jumped up) from her lotus position and hugged me so tight I felt suffocated.

"I missed you too, but if you don't let go there won't be any more of me to miss," I said, my voice muffled and out of breath.

When she finally let go, I took in deep breaths and kept a bigger space between us.

"For how long will you be staying here this year?" she asked.

"I'm not sure, but I hope not just for the weekend," I replied.

I peeked at Rachel who had just opened her eyes and slowly stood up from her lotus position. She walked over towards us.

"Hi Thalia, good to see you again," she greeted.

"Hey Rachel," I smiled back at her.

Annabeth and Rachel hadn't changed much from last year, but they changed so much from the first time I met them. Annabeth was taller than me now, though not by much, and her features matured. I mean, she still had her curly blond hair and the signature gray eyes of the Athena kids, but she was a woman now, as compared to me who will look fifteen forever. Rachel was pretty much the same way. Her red hair was wavier though, but it was still short, and her green eyes seemed wiser now somehow. They were both wearing the orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirts, but Rachel wore a dark gray jacket over hers. They were both in shorts and sneakers.

"What're you guys doing here?" I asked.

"We're meditating," Rachel said.

"Why?" I didn't mean for that to come out with disgust, it's just the way I talk.

"Because we've been stressed all day and we just wanted to relax for just a bit before we got back to work. It's the 10th anniversary of H-day after all, we can't let anyone down," Annabeth explained.

"Yeah, every single camper down there is busy doing something. I feel really useless just lazing around like this," I said.

"You don't have to do anything, just sit back, relax, and wait for the show." Annabeth winked.

"Well, we have to get back to work. We'll see you around Thalia," Rachel said as she headed for a big pile in the attic.

"Bye, Thalia! let's catch up later," Annabeth said, following Rachel.

I went back down from the attic and walked around camp again. Every camper was walking around, not stopping for anything.

Wow, they really are taking this seriously. I thought. My eyes wandered over to the Hades cabin and it sent chills down my spine. I got goose bumps and I shivered. I shook my head and headed for the Artemis cabin. On the way there I saw the Zeus cabin, how even though no one was decorating it, it seemed to be the most prominent cabin of all. Or maybe I'm just a biased opinion since it's my cabin. I walked over to the Zeus cabin and opened the door.

The decorations looked the same as I left it years ago. A king (emphasize on the king) sized bed was in the middle of the room and it looked like a mini-throne. The ceiling of the cabin was decorated with paintings of Zeus, the sky, and his lightning bolts, and the pillars that stood on all four sides of the room were each carved with letters that spelled "ZEUS". Across the bed was a big mirror, the one I used whenever I needed to talk to my dad.

I looked at my reflection, how the same I looked from last year, and the year before that, and the 10 years before that. Beside the mirror, my old army jacket hung on a hook stuck to the wall. I got it and slipped it on, it still fit perfectly. I looked like the Thalia Grace who first made it to Camp Half-Blood all those years ago. Not that I could've changed that much anyway. Not like everyone else. They were all growing up… growing up without me.

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