I o not own any of the characters, all rights go to JKR. This is a story bout LM/TR/HP, though to start it is just LM/TR.

Chapter One: My Lord

The meeting had been going on for two hours so far, and they had gotten almost nowhere in their plans. So far the Dark Lord, also known as Tom to his lover, had listened to half a dozen reports as to why his incompetent followers had yet to capture Harry Potter, he had sat through a story from Bellatrix who seemed to think he wanted to know why she married her husband, this was the fourth time in the last week he had listened to the same story.

He was starting to think back over the night before as she told her story caring more for the daydreams of him encased in his lover's tight heat, listening to the way he screamed for more, then for the woman's chatter about love potions and shrimp. He was brought out of his rather pleasant dreams when an idiot claimed to having accidentally missed a chance to snatch Potter, which simply made him mad.

When one follower stepped forward he lifted his face up to look at the man behind the mask, the silken tendril of platinum blonde hair that fell from the hood of the cloak alerted him to who was about to speak. Which really he would have known with out the hair as a dead give away, but because he had been on the verge of crucioing the last speaker he would have missed the subtle way the man bowed with his eyes locked on him even if no one else could tell.

"My Lord," came the honey coated voice of Lucius Malfoy, as he looked at the gorgeous man he had sitting before him. Catching the way those red eyes softened for a single second he watched as he tucked a strand of his wavy black hair behind his ear, a small signal to him that he was recognized.

"You may speak Lucius," Tom said his heart fluttering at the way Lucius's body slowly raised from the bow to stand in front of him, leaning forward he leaned on one hand as if bored so he could get a better look at the strong body of the other man, "I assume you have something of value to report?"

Bowing his head for a moment out of respect Lucius looked up to say, "But of course my Lord, I have an idea of how to capture Potter," getting a raised eyebrow he knew he had captured the man's interest, "My Lord if we were to simply wait for the boy in that park he is always running in, we may be able to capture him."

"You may be on to something Lucius," Tom said shifting his cloak some to cover the fact the man before him was having an effect on him each time he practically purred 'my Lord', trying to think about capturing the teen and not ravishing the other man he said, "How often does he go to this park? And does the Order of Flaming Chickens know he goes there?"

Snickers broke out among the Deatheaters as their Lord said that, he very rarely sad anything about the Order of Phoenix with out changing the name into a way of insulting them. Lucius waited for the amusement to pass before saying, "I have had my son Draco watching the park and he reports that the boy runs every single day at different times," spotting the slight lean to the side he realized the effect he was having on the other and decided to play some, he knew what his words were doing to the elegant man before him, "My Lord it seems that every time the boy is either alone or running away from the Order members."

When Lucius shifted his position Tom very nearly fainted, the blond had shifted his hips and stance so Tom could see some of his porcelain skin from where his shirt had lifted. The creamy white skin of the mans hip was exposed and he could see a hickey he had given him revealed on that small patch of skin, it took all his will power to stay seated and look up at Lucius when he spoke next "What time does he normally run?" he asked keeping a straight face and his voice from shaking, meanwhile in his mind he was already planning what he planned to do to the blond when they made it back to the bedroom.

"Well my Lord he seems to run at all hours of the night," Lucius said allowing a bit of seduction in his voice, he knew the other Deatheaters would not catch the subtle way he practically hissed the words out, "It seems he likes to get sweaty in the moonlight, my Lord he seems to enjoy vigorous nightly activities."

'Luc you bastard,' Tom thought as he had images flash in his mind of a different shining body stretched out in the moonlight, the blond hair splayed out angelically around the panting and moaning mans body as his hands twisted in the sheets, as they did quite a few vigorous activities which was not helping his rising problem 'Wonder if I can end this meeting any time soonI could use the Potter card and end the meeting, for once I'm glad I haven't caught that boy yet,' he thought before turning his eyes back to Lucius they were a few shades darker, "Tell young Draco to gather some friends and to capture the boy tomorrow night."

" Yes My Lord," Lucius said lifting a hand to tuck his air back nto is hood, he let his fingers pull softly at the strands as he did that and watched those red yes darken even more. Dropping his hand he settled it on his hip and splayed his fingers out very close to his groin and watched as those eyes followed his every small movement.

"Now that we have a plan, this meting is adjourned," Tom said and watched as everyone started to leave, including Lucius, watching as the blond walked he followed his every step like a hawk. When the blond stepped into the shadows discreetly he smirked softly, 'You did know what you were doing my precious,' he thought as he waited for every one else to leave. Standing once the others were gone he walked down and stood a few feet from the other, "You vixen that was cruel, now come with me you'll fix this problem you have started."

"My pleasure my Lord," Lucius purred softly as the man dragged him from the room, he knew he was in for one hell of a night.