Chapter Sixteen: Epilogue

Harry was going crazy being babied all the time, he began to pace his room like a caged lion and every time Lucius or Tom tried to talk to him he snarled and they backed away. The teen was use to being pregnant but they were not letting him do anything, at all. He was seven months along and Lucius was worse than Tom always hovering around and trying to do things for him. Growling he stormed from the bedroom and down to the Dining room Draco following knowing Harry was angry.

"I can't believe them!" Harry screamed throwing a vase at a window, both shattered, "I am not a bloody doll in need of protection! I can bloody well protect myself," storming to the table he snarled as one of the Deatheaters in the room laughed at him, "And what do you find so amusing?" he snapped, getting a blank look he growled and slammed a fist into the table, which turned to toothpicks from magic lashing out.

"Harry please calm down," Draco said grabbing the others arms, "Think about Lucas," getting him to stop and place a hand on his stomach, which was large with the baby he sighed knowing he made a break through finally, "They worry because they love you and Lucas more than life, so please let's just go back upstairs and play a game of chess."

Lucius and Tom peeked around the corner when Harry was brought back by Draco, the blond teen was the only one able to keep him calm half the time, "Hello love," Tom ventured wondering if it was safe for them to speak again, getting Harry to smile and move into his arms he let out a relived breath, "Kiss?" getting kissed he relaxed, "We finished the nursery."

"It's pale green and gold like you wanted," Lucius said moving to hug his young lover, mouthing 'thank you' to Draco he brought Harry to a sofa with Tom and the three fell into talking.

2 Months 19 Days Later

Harry's delivery was oddly quick; Lucius and Tom watched as their love gave birth to their son, green eyes shined out a miniature Tom with tuffs of blond hair on his tiny little head. Holding his son close Harry kissed him softly on the forehead, 'Welcome to the world Lucas," he whispered before offering the tiny bundle to Tom and smiled at the look of love on the other two faces.

"Knock knock," Draco said opening the door he smiled at his Mother, Harry's Midwife and his own Father who was now holding the baby, "Is that Lucas?" he asked getting a nod and handed the infant he smiled, "Hello there I'm your big brother, you're mum is a weird fellow and so are your dad's but I know they all love you."

"Okay give me my son," Harry said reaching out he tucked the child close and smiled, "You are blessed with much love my angel."

3 ½ Years Later

"You devil," Harry shouted chasing his son around the garden as Lucius watched and laughed, Harry was stronger now more so then ever as his magic doubled on instinct to help protect Lucas, Tom was out trying to end the war which was dragging on.

"Masters," a house elf called out frantically, waving his hands he shouted, "Master Tom needs help!"

Draco paused and turned to scoop his brother up, "Come on Lucas I'll show you my puppy again," sending a look to the others he got a nod and knew they would keep him informed.

Tom lay in a puddle of his own blood when Harry and Lucius got to him, he had been hit with a cutting curse and Narcissa was trying to heal him, 'Hey there love and angel," he whispered hoarsely, getting Harry to tear up he wiped at the offending marks, "I'll be fine love, just need some sleep."

As soon as Tom was out like a light Harry looked at Lucius and they both nodded, Tom was no longer allowed to fight in these battles without them.

1 Year 7 Months

Dumbledore pointed his wand at the man he hated more than anything in the world, "You will die today Tom," he threatened, yet a slim figure slipped around Tom and was holding a smaller body that looked like a child, when Lucius moved to stand with them he narrowed his eyes, "What is this?"

"Well I wanted to introduce you to my family," Tom said with a slight smile, "You know Lucius, and I think you know my husband as well," he had married Harry about a year before, Lucius was bonded to both of them but could not marry in as he was legally tied to Narcissa.

Dropping his hood Harry saw the shock, "Hello, long time no see," shifting the child he laughed as the child said something, "Yes little one go right ahead," and he set the child down.

"Hello I'm Lucas," the almost five year old dropped his hood and smiled brilliantly, "Daddy said I should come see you before you die, your apparently very wise and I have a question," getting a slow nod from the shocked man he asked, "How is love the most powerful force on earth?"

"I don't understand," Dumbledore said gazing at the child, then he looked at the other three and knew whose child it was instantly, "Lucas how old are you?"

"I'll be five in three months, Papa says I'm very advanced for my age," Lucas said smiling, getting picked up he pouted at Draco, "Drakes I was talking to the teacher."

"Yes well you have a bedtime little lion, off we go," Draco said turning he started to leave and out of the corner of his eye he saw three blinding beams of killing curse green strike the old man in the chest, everything was finally right with the world. They all knew the answer to Lucas's question; the three men who stood victorious at the end of the war knew the meaning better than anyone else.

"My Lord," Lucius murmured laying kisses to both Harry and Tom's faces, they were the Lord's of his heart.

"My Master," Harry whispered fluttering his lashes at the two beautiful men who showed him everything about love, the men to Master his untamable heart.

"My Love," Tom said kissing Harry's neck and Lucius's forehead, he loved them more than life and knew he finally had what he always wanted a family.

The End!