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Bopping her head to the music playing through her iPod, Shasta Perkins plucked a book from the shelf and read the cover.

Pride and Prejudice: The Real Story.

Flipping the paperback over, she read the blurb.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife."

The long loved story of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett has long held our imagination, but where did it all begin? After discovering well preserved journals hidden in the study at Pemberton, Jonathon Vaughan can reveal it all began with a man, a woman and a writer.

This is the story of Fitzwilliam and Amanda...

Meanwhile, several years in the past, Amanda Darcy (nee Price) laid down her quill. Waiting for the paper to dry, she then bundled the journal together and moved toward the bookcase. Pressing a knob, she slipped it into the space revealed.

Leaving the room, she pondered that she had never thought of herself as much of a writer, but she figured this story needed to be told.

She smiled inwardly as she imagined the reaction of the beloved readers if it was ever found, or better if they actually found out that everyone's beloved Jane Austen was actually the hated George Wickham himself.

Slipping from the room, she crossed the hall and entered the garden. Raising her hand, she laughed when her two sons barely spared her any attention as they galloped around the courtyard.

Looking for her daughter, she ventured to the shrubbery off to the left and sure enough, as she looked upward, Bess was hidden among the branches, a book in hand and another in her lap.

Leaving her engrossed little girl undisturbed, she looked toward the water where she found her husband walking toward her. A smile adorned her face every time she looked at him, and this occasion was no different.

Lost she may be, but love had found her at last.

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