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"Hello Fullmetal. Come in. Sit down." Edward did as he was instructed. He was too exhausted to argue. The last mission Roy had sent him on had been back breaking and long.

"Here." Ed flopped his report down on his desk and waited for the Colonel to hurry up and read it. He sat down on the couch behind him and put his head in hands. Sleep was coming and he was fighting to not just lay down and take a nap right there. To his surprise Roy put it aside and gave him a warm smile - something he never did.

"What?" He was getting annoyed. His smile didn't waver.

"Colonel… You starting to freak me out." He gave the older a suspicious look. What the hell was he looking at?

"It's your birthday tomorrow." Edward gave him an pissed look.

"So? It's none of your business and wipe that damn creepy-ass smile off your mug before I give you something to smile about. Just let me go to the dorm and get a little sleep before I have to deal with your-"

Edward stopped mid-sentence. His pupils dilated and they rolled to the back of his head. He flopped back on the couch. He couldn't move or breath. All he heard was Roy calling his name in the distance. He felt his body shiver in short little spurts.

"Edward?… EDWARD!" He rushed around the side of his desk and pulled Edward up in to his arms.

"Somebody help! He's having a seizure. HELP!" He rushed out of his office and down the hall to the infirmary. Edward was rocking back and forth violently and he was making the worst sound he had ever heard.

"Help! Please help me!" He yelled as he rushed in to the lobby. Someone had a stretcher and he laid him over in that. Then Roy lost it. He felt gentle tears rolling down his cheeks, but he didn't care who saw them. He just hoped Ed would be ok. Edward went limp on the makeshift bed and gasp for breath. Roy let out a sigh of relief. He took Ed's cheek in to his hand rubbing it as someone rolled him down the hall way.

"It's gonna' be alright Ed." He starred up at him dazed and then collapsed.

Edward saw a bright light coming through the windows of his old home. He sat up in bed and looked around. Just then someone passed by him in the hall way. They stopped and did a double-take. She made her way across the room and put herself at the foot of the bed.

"Mom?" She gently reached up and pulled his forehead close to plant a gentle kiss upon it.

"Hey sweetheart. I thought you were never gonna' wake up. You feeling alright?" She never took her cheek away from his soft hair.

"What's wrong with me momma'?" He asked sounding a bit childish and confused. She smiled down at him and rounded the bed to tuck him in once more.

"Well, sweetie. Your gonna' have a little trouble from here on out, but I think you'll do just fine. Ok?" He nodded.

"I sure missed you momma, but am I dead?" She placed a small kiss on his cheek and bent down low as if she were telling a secret.

"No baby, your not dead. Now do me a favor darlin' and wake up…" She slowly started to fade away.

"Wait mom! I love you! Don't go!"

He opened his eyes to another harsh light. He turn his head and screamed violently. That light hurt.

"EDWARD! Can you here me?" He pushed and shoved frantically trying to fight who ever was holding him down.

"STOP! It hurts! Don't touch me!" He blinked a couple times and looked around to spot his attacker.

"Ed? Can you hear me?" His attacker was some sort of doctor.

"Yeah I can hear you just damn fine. You wanna' tell me why the hell your holding me down!" He snapped at the man holding a tiny flash light.

"I'm sorry sir, but I need to check you eyes and you were trying to kill me. Do you know your name? What's today's date?"

"Of course I know my name. What the hell kind of question is that? As for the date, I'm not so sure…" He rubbed his eyes. He was so sore. He let out a moan as he lifted them and stretched them out.

"Well, Mr. Elric, I think you might be a little sick. Your having moderate seizures and I think your brain is slightly swollen." He just gave the doctor a confused look.

"I don't have a head ache."

"You will in a moment. Let me go get you some pain killers. You probably really sore." He shook his head yes and the doctor set out to find some rather needed medication. Then it hit him. The pain made him so dizzy he couldn't see straight. He yelled and threw his face in a pillow to try to block out all the light. He let the tears come there was no point in trying to hide them if they weren't gonna' stop. He sobbed into the pillow. He heard the doctor come back in and sat up to face him.

"So you don't have a headache, huh?" The doctor chuckled to himself.

"Shut up! It feels like someone punched me in the face." He moved his hands away from his face revealing a streaked tear line making it's way to his chin. The man handed him a little cup with about three pills in it and another cup with water. He quickly took the pills and gulped down the water as fast as he could. He laid back on his pillow face first. After a while he felt a sudden pressure on his bed. Then a large hand rubbing his back. He lifted his head to look at the gentle person. None other than Roy Mustang came in to view. He gave Edward a melting smile. Edward saw tears staining his shirt.

"Ed…" Was all he said.

"Don't talk… Just rub… That feels so good right now." He probably would never let Roy touch him this way, but he was so sore he just let him do what he wanted. He didn't feel him stop just move up to his neck the most uncomfortable spot. Edward let out a pained moan. Roy stopped and looked around before getting up and telling the doctors outside to leave him in his care for the evening. They told him he didn't need to live alone anymore, that it was too dangerous for Ed to be by himself if he was to have another episode and accidentally hurt himself. It was just too risky. Roy told him he had a place he could go and the doctors left the room reluctantly leaving Roy alone with Ed. He closed the door behind him and locked it; flicking off the light and slowly made his way to the bed. Roy took off Ed's shoes and coat before laying down next to him and pulling him into a tight embrace. Ed didn't argue. In fact he didn't even try to push Mustang away. He just let him hold on and rub his temples.

"I was so scared." Roy tried to keep the pain out of his voice. He pulled the younger closer and pulled up the covers over them. Edward attempted to give a smile and he did, but a weak one.

"They told me you can't live alone anymore and you have to live in central so you can stay at my house if you want." Edward opened his eyes and nodded slowly.

"Okay, but are you gonna' be hard on me at home like you are at the station?" He voice sounded like gravel. He was so tired.

"No. Were gonna' take a little leave time to make sure your recover though. Ok?" Ed nodded and rested against Roy's chest.

"Alright. Goodnight Fullmetal." Edward fell into the dark and welcomed sleep happily.

He woke and yawned not opening his eyes. He snuggled up to the warm body beside him not caring if he woke them or not. Roy looked down at the man beside him.

"Have a good sleep, Edward." He brushed Edwards hair away from his sleepy face.

" Ah-huh…" Roy just chuckled and rubbed his cheek.

"You have to get up… The sooner you get up, the sooner we can go get your things from your dorm and then have breakfast at my place." He sat up and Edward frowned at the loss of his warm Roy. Wait when did Roy become his? His brain must have really been out of whack. He sat up lazily rubbing his eyes.

"Ok." Roy helped him with his jacket and he slipped on his boots. They made his way to their car after getting a prescription from the nurses office. He leaned against Roy still very much in pain on the way to his dorm.

"Alright. Do you want me to go in or do you want to go in or do you want both of us to go in to get your things." Roy asked while he was driving.

"Why don't we both go in. My legs feel like their made of pudding and I swear someone tried to break both my arms."

"Ok, we'll definitely go get your prescription filled after we get your things." Roy pulled to a stop in front of Ed's room dismissing the car with a cut of the engine. Ed turned his key in the door and took a step in. He flicked on the lights revealing a very neat, clean room. Laying his keys on the table, he took off his coat and started the task at hand. Edward grabbed a bag from the small cabinet and went to the bathroom. He got his toothbrush, toothpaste, his deodorant, and some other toiletries and *ahem* personal items. He flicked off the lights and walked to the small chest of drawers and retrieved some pajamas and a few outfits. He put most of them in his bag, but left a pair of sweat pants and a grey t-shirt out. Ed took his clothes and changed in plain sight. Roy smiled at how his pants were slipping down over his curvy little hips. Ed caught him staring and gave him a go to hell look.

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