Her Daughter

Molly Weasley loved Harry as one of her own; there was never any question in her heart about that. He had fought to keep her family whole, saving members of the family more times then she really cared to dwell on. She would always love him for that, he would always be a member of the family but she wasn't so sure she wanted him to marry into her family.

Again, it had nothing to do with the fact that she didn't love Harry, he was already her son and there was no one who questioned that. She didn't question the way Harry felt about Ginny, the look she had seen on Harry's face when Ginny entered the room was an expression that Molly was all too familiar with. She hadn't seen it in more than a decade but it was burned into her memory.

It was the expression that James had always worn when Lily walked into a room.

She hadn't known them all that well, just from afar, but that didn't mean that anyone could miss the way that James looked at Lily: like she would always be his entire world. She sees that look now, the way Harry's eyes follow Ginny as she moves about the room, the way he repositions himself so that some part of his body is touching her.

No, Molly doesn't miss any of this.

There's no question in anyone's mind that Harry loves Ginny. Or that Ginny loves Harry. She knows that there will be an engagement soon. She knows that Harry will sit Arthur down and ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. Fleur had let that much slip. She couldn't stand in their way, and really she wouldn't stand in the way because what leg did she have to stand on?

What was she supposed to say?

That when she looked at her daughter (all grown now) she saw the little girl half laughing, half crying as she ran to keep up with the train that stole her brothers away? That she saw the sad little girl that had always been left behind for her entire life. The girl who watched as all of her brothers went to Hogwarts. The young woman who watched as Harry, Ron and Hermione left to save the world.

Molly just didn't want her daughter to always be chasing after someone who could never stay still. Harry had chosen a career path that was dangerous, that would take him away for extended period of time. That would leave her home, alone, waiting and praying that he would make it back to her, that he wouldn't leave her alone forever.

Molly wouldn't say anything.

Not just because she didn't think that she had a right, of course she had a right she was the girls mother! She wouldn't say anything because it was her daughter's choice. Because she had made the decision a long time ago to stand by Harry and Molly had to respect that. A long time ago she'd taken that same stand, to stand beside Arthur even though her mother had believed there was someone better out there for her, someone who would make more of themselves. Molly had made her own decisions then.

She had known what was going to make her happy and she had to respect the fact that her little girl was a woman and could make her own decisions. Ginny would always be her daughter but Molly understood now that her heart belonged with him.

A.N. Not really a whole lot to say about this I know it's shortish and fluffyish but it came to me when I was rereading Sorcerer's Stone and the vision of Ginny chasing after the train just stuck with me! Anyway thanks for reading and reviewing!