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To Live Forever

Chapter 6: Offerings

So it was said of Settra.
He conquered the entire land of the Nehekhara, from the mountains to the sea.
He levied tribute upon all the people of the great river.
That he appointed princes, and bound them under his will.
That he founded the mighty city of Deshret as his residence.
His wealth and power were great.
Though his heart was vexed, that he should be mortal and die.
That he did establish the Priesthood of the Awakening, and caused to be built a Pyramid of Eternity.
That he was the first king to be wrapped for his awakening, to his reign of millions of years.

-Translated from the hieroglyphics at the Pillar of Remembrance.

Her vision swam, hints of color, ghosts of faces, it was all a jumble.

A blur.

She caught glimpses of a great city, legions of people and massive buildings that reached to the heavens.

She saw great swarms of horse drawn, two man vehicles sweepings across the deserts, causing sandstorms in their wake.

Ships that were horribly long, enough to hold hundreds of men, all using long, flexible poles to propel themselves forward, upstream of a great river.

Her vision slowly began to clear, spotting things more familiar, yet at the same time she could somehow still…feel…the other place overlaid.

The forest of death…yet at the same time it was a great horse paddock, where men were training and breaking beautiful animals.

The hotsprings, an incredible oasis.

The Uchiha compound, nothing but mud brick homes, things that were squat to the ground and seemingly only used for sleep.

It was all so strange, and yet, as she glanced down at herself, she saw she was garbed just as one of these people, smiled at and waved to as she moved down the streets. A few of the men sending her soft, shy smiles.

It was…soothing…despite the heat, and blistering dryness that lapped at her skin, skin that felt far tougher than it had a right to be.

Then she spotted it. A great procession making its way towards her on the busy street, it's people immediately ducking out of the way, some kneeling, other cheering. She could feel herself following suit, more from a sudden sense of fear than anything, as the great beast, one flanked by horsemen and guards, was enough to cause most to wilt in its shadow.

It was massive, the creature obviously not something that was…normal. The head of the thing was almost a cross between a lion and a viper, the leonine features offset by slit eyes and great fangs that protruded from its upper jaw, below it, seemingly oblivious to the dangers of the beasts massive armored paws, were two priests, each with large bowls walking below it, catching the noxious looking fluid that dripped from those wicked teeth. At its back was a great…carriage of sorts, it's high, armored walls sheltering the crew, one man at the 'head' of the compartment directing it with long poles. However, it was the massive, scorpion like tail, and the searing heat that poured from the beasts maul that was truly off-putting.

Beyond that, the creature's great bulk, one of pale, sandy fur, was almost totally covered with armor, ensuring that the great beast would never fall in battle. She had to flinch with every step it took, the great monster standing almost thirty feet tall as it strode with purpose, each step shaking the ground and causing dust and sand to spill from the buildings. As it reached it's midpoint in passing her the driver suddenly pulled it up short, causing it to let out a snort of annoyance, something that sent a great gout of fire into the air, much to the cheers of the people around her.

Finally chancing a look up she saw a gilded staircase being put into position, causing all chatter on the streets to draw up short as they stared with wide eyes. Slowly a man stood, his features hidden in the halo of light that surrounded him as he turned and…stared…

The man then slowly reached out to her, and despite the blinding light, she could see a smile, and bright, blue, eyes.


Her pulse was racing.

Her chest heaving with every great breath.

Her skin shown with cold sweat, something that had only happened to her in her darkest moments when remembering Orochimaru.

Frantic eyes darted around the room, seeking a person, a landmark, anything that could tell her where she was and what had happened…it was all a blur, how she had gotten here, those odd visions…

Then she felt the slight movement on her shoulder, and even before she could look, she remembered. Searching for Naruto, the tomb, the strange temple and the army that seemed to guard it.

Looking more carefully now she could see faint lights in the room, most of it coming from strangely glowing stones that were inlaid in the walls, something that was both confusing, yet she had to admit, were almost mesmerizing in their own right as they faintly pulsed and seemed to almost…radiate faintly glowing particles more than light itself.

Just as she was beginning to come back to herself properly she spotted the movement in the corner, just a flash of red and black before it was gone, something that distracted her from the doorway opposite of the room, her strange bed having been flush against the far wall.

"Ah…you are awake…much quicker than I had expected…"

"You! Where am I? What happened?"

The figure almost seemed to glide into the room, such was her grace, "You had fainted…not surprising considering your shock at the time, but rest assured, you are safe here. Lord Naruto would be quite cross with me should I allow you to come to harm…though you should know…this is probably the safest place in all the world for you, my King would allow nothing less."

The snake mistress scowled at the masked woman, daggers boring deep into the slightly glowing eyes, "Where is he…"

The woman, if she cared about her hissing tone, didn't show it, "In his chambers…when I had initially brought you there he was a bit…surprised, and insisted on you being place in…finer quarters…"

That gave her pause. Looking around this hardly seemed like a five star hotel. "You're telling me your 'king's' room is worse than this?"

Despite the mask she could feel the woman scowl, something that made her skin crawl almost as much as her old master would. "Watch your tone, whelp! My King is a great man, so great that he refuses luxuries that would be afforded one of his station. As he will say, he is a simple man, who wants to live a simple life. He shows us all greater honor than any in the past, even greater than I would offer my priests. Despite what you may believe, until now he lived a peasant, if not a slave's life, and knows to appreciate what he has. This place is a tomb, not a palace, and not a true resting place of our honored dead, as the means to build such a thing died with the great beast. Until we can return home, and reclaim what is ours, this is all we have. Something he was willing to give up to you, and I, because he cares for us."

Anko could only let her head fall back heavily onto the buckwheat pillow as she stared at the ceiling, is that really the way the brat thought…is that how he lived? With a fraction of what was here he could have bought whole sectors of space within the village…so why… "Can you take me to him?"

"He is resting now. As you should be. We have taken care of your meeting with your Kage. Though that man seemed to be plotting something, and was quite keen to try and learn what he could about my Liege's abilities, and his items. I had the distinct feeling that he was close to ordering his staff turned over for the sake of 'village security'…though such a thing would have ended…poorly…for those involved…For now rest young Anko. Tomorrow you will be refreshed and ready for your answers."

That made the woman's eyes widen, she missed the meeting? And the Hokage didn't notice! "S-Still, I would like to see him, so I know this isn't…some kinda dream."

Zandri gave a slow nod, as if weighing the pros and cons before she extended a gloved hand, "Very well. I shall dispel your thoughts of the dream. Come, but do not gawk to long at the things you will see, it is rude…and such things will not be tolerated."

Anko could feel the threat in the woman's voice. No matter how much it may hurt the boy, this woman would kill her, or at least do her best to try.

Yet somehow, deep down, she knew she could…quite easily…

"O-Okay…And…sorry, about not introducing myself earlier…I was a bit…well…freaked."

The masked woman gave a slight giggle as she helped the special jonin to her feet, "That is quite alright, when growing up I saw many that reacted far stronger than you would imagine, why the first time I glimpsed some of our architects and priests bringing life to our great war machines…well there is little that can match the sight of a statue as great as a mountain draw it's first breath before striding to war…"

Anko could only look at the woman with no small amount of disbelief, but the way she shivered when she said that…at the very least she believed it to be true. "I-I can imagine…when I was out I had a vision of something that…well it sounded similar. There's just no way that something like that exists…aside from the bijuu I guess…"

The masked figure shot her a sidelong look, "What is this word…Bidoo?"

"What? Seriously? You don't know what the Bijuu are? The tailed demons?"

She seemed lost in thought for a moment before stiffening, "You mean like my King holds. A fragment of the Beast…"

Now it was Anko's turn to freeze, making the woman cock her head at the interrogator in confusion, "Y-You know about the Kyuubi!" She gave a small nod, "H-h-h-how!"

A gloved hand came up to cover her 'mouth' as she giggled, "I have always known, since the day Lord Naruto first entered this place. As to how…let me say that I know the beast…personally…at least in part."


"No buts. We are close now, I can answer your questions should my King allow."

The firmness in which she spoke quickly silenced the Snake Mistress, a part of her was really starting to hate this woman…she made her feel so weak…"Alright…But…can I ask…have you…learned anything yet…about my mark?"

Much to her surprise the robed figure's hand lashed out, coming to hover over the little scorpion for a time, an odd tingling of chakra running from the woman's hand, through the scorpion and into the mark. "Truthfully I expected you to ask about this sooner…perhaps you are not as selfish as I had feared…" Anko could only scowl at her, "This little one has yet to go beyond the first layer…it seems the final script applied was designed to make the others…and what your blemish truly appears as, appear differently…but I cannot remove the first layer as of yet…it is ingrained into the others…still, for less than a day that is remarkable progress…it would seem that the sealing arts have grown stagnant over the millennium…My Lord's seal was the most impressive I have seen at this point…and even it is simple, if time consuming, to unravel…"

Anko could only gape at that, who were these people that the Yondaime's seal was simple! Then the later of what she said struck, and sent a thrill of fear up her spine, "You're unraveling it!"

Again, another sideling glance, "When did I say that? I said it was simple to do so, not that it was being done. We are not so foolish to let one of the shards walk free…"

"There you go saying 'shards' again, wha-"

"Enough, we are here. Now be mindful of who you are speaking to. Out there he is you student. In here he is the King, and our Lord. Do not make me regret my decision in bringing you here…"

Anko gave a shaky nod as the woman's aura of power seemed to grow for a moment, only to then shrink before she spoke to the rather simple linen curtain, if they hadn't stopped there then Anko would have thought it a simple hanging as the doorway was much smaller than she would have thought a door to be, being slightly smaller than her own height, and she was far from being the tallest in the village.

"My King, our guest has awoken."

There was a long pause, one that almost had Anko believing that she had been had, that this was all some elaborate ruse to set her up before knocking her down…again…then just as she was prepared to lay into the masked woman she heard a very tired, very horse sounding voice, "My Queen, you do not need to stand on ceremony with me…please…enter, and bring Anko-san, I feel there is much we need to discuss, she and I…"

A large, nervous gulp later and Anko moved to step in, only to have a hand take her by the shoulder, "My Lord, do you need water?"

Another heavy rasp, "That is being seen to."

The woman, Zandri, seemed to still be hesitant, only to suddenly relax as a soft clicking sound was heard behind them, making Anko quickly turn.

And promptly let out a shriek of fright.

"Ah! Kakashi! My eternal rival, I hear you have finally found the joys of taking a team of your own! Tell me! Did you get who you wanted?"

Said man, a tall-ish, lengthy man with wildly spiked grey hair glanced over the lip of his book with a rather bored look in his one visible eye, the other being obscured by a headband, "My team? In part. I got the Uchiha, but my second pick was already chosen by a new jonin…"

"Ah…yes yes…young Kurenai-san, the newest flower to join our ranks. I heard her fist pick was Naruto, quite surprising really."

Kakashi slowly rose the book back to its position, yet his posture seemed to say that he was both lazing, but still paying attention to the man in green spandex, "I agree, but that performance with the basic clone would spark anyone's interest, and with her getting first choice it was all but guaranteed. What about you? I heard you chose your squad replacement from this year's graduates…to bad about Takeshi-kun…I'm sorry Gai…"

The taller man seemed to deflate slightly, "Yes…young Takeshi will be missed…thankfully he is not dead, but the taking of a life is never something that is easy to get past, I helped set him up in the school to help train the next generation, there are so precious few that can use the water element to such a degree, and that talent shouldn't be allowed to die. I still see him on rest days, and train with him along with my adorable Lee and Neji. Still, our newest member is showing a great deal of promise, our team was in great need of a ranged specialist, and with Shino-kun's keen mind we have quite the impressive recruit. His taijutsu is coming along nicely in this short time, and though he still tires easily, both Lee and Neji are learning a great deal from him even as he grows."

Kakashi, while it couldn't be seen, smiled, "I'm sure he'll do well."

"And what of you my friend? When you could not have young Naruto, who did you pick."

"Kiba Inuzuka."

"Ah, a fine tracker in his own right, and a superb front line fighter, he should round out your team well."

The silver haired jonin gave a small nod, "He has, and his slight rivalry with Sasuke is pushing them both well, though I do have one problem…" Gai cocked one massive eyebrow, and while Kakashi couldn't see it he pressed on, knowing his friend was still listening. "Fan girl…"

That made Gai twitch slightly, not even the powers of youth could stop that. "For that, old friend, I am truly sorry."

Kakashi gave a shrug, "Thanks, but I think I can manage it…"

"Very well…now then, shall we have our contest?"

The one eyed man only just managed to stifle a groan, it was just getting to a good part…

"Awwww…..come on! Tell me!"



"NO! There's nothing to tell anyway! We've only had one mission, and it's not even out of the village! How could I have seen what Sasuke-kun sleeps in!"

That caused a certain platinum blond to pull up short. Forehead had a point. "Well…how did he stop Kakashi then! It had to be awesome!" To those around her, her slight squeal at the end was not dignified….

"I-I didn't get see much of it…actually…"

That made a set of pale blue eyes widen in shock, "WHAT! How could you miss it!" After a moment the pinkette mumbled something, "What?"

"I said I was unconscious! Kakashi-sensei caught me and used a genjutsu…"

"Well…how did you pass then?"

"I…it was Kiba-san…" Ino's disbelieving look didn't help much, "I'm serious…I was tied to a post and he offered some of his food to me…Kakashi-sensei tricked us into not eating and…well I hadn't eaten dinner that night either…"

The blond could only nod, they had to look good for their man after all. "So how did that let you pass?"

"Sensei believes in teamwork, so after Kiba gave me some then Sasuke-kun offered as well…so he let us pass!"

Ino could only growl, her Sasuke-kun had given Sakura his food! "Lucky little bi-"

"Hey guys!"

Two sets of eyes swung up, spotting a certain bun haired girl dragging a shy looking heiress behind her, the duo quickly having to dodge around a waiter that was balancing a set of trays. The two seated girls quickly waved and pointed to the seats next to them, "Tenten, Hinata! It's good to see you, so, did you pass?"

Tenten could only roll her eyes, "What do you take us for Ino? In fact we were congratulated by the Hokage himself!"

That made their eyes widen, "What! Why?"

Tenten preened slightly under their shocked gaze before looking to Hinata, the girl hiding slightly behind her menu, "W-We had an extremely d-difficult test, o-one that Hokage-sama said that some c-chunin have trouble passing…"

"No way…"

"Yes way Sakura! We passed with flying colors, even earned a note in our records because of Naruto-san's quick thinking to misdirect the 'enemy' in our kills."


The twin shrieks silenced the room, mostly due to the patrons suddenly wondering if they had bleeding ears, "N-No…Kurenai-sensei used an illusion to trick us…"

The two visibly relaxed, "That's a little more believable…So are you two just out seeing the town?"

Tenten gave a half shrug, "Naa, I ran into Hinata-san here and thought we'd look for our third for some training, Hokage-sama have us the day off for performing above and beyond on our test! Still, without school it's a little boring just lazing around, so we thought we'd find him."

That made Sakura scoff, "Good luck there, if that guy doesn't want to be found then he won't be. We've tried before."


Sakura's brow twitched slightly at the weapon girl's tone, "Don't get the wrong idea, but after seeing his clothing Ino and I were curious, they don't sell things like that around the village, so we were going to ask where he got them."

"A-and what did you find out?"

Ino blew her bang out of her eyes, an annoyed huff really, "Nothing at all, we followed him after school for almost a week, he only ever went home. Though once when the Suna merchant caravan was in town we saw him trade some skins for a bolt of cloth, but he just carried it home. Best we can tell he makes it." That made the two look a bit worried, something that set off the curiosity bell in the blonds' head, "What?"

Of the two Tenten seemed the most effected, memories of the two of back in the orphanage flashing through her mind, "W-Well…Naruto had to cut up his cloak in our test…so we wouldn't be seen…if he did make it…"

The blond and pinkette shot each other a glance, "What do you mean, so you wouldn't be seen?"

"I-It was a simulated n-night mission…We didn't know, b-but Naruto-kun had his cloak, he cut it in half for us to use…We'll h-have to replace it."

Sakura could only snort at the answer, "Please, you saw those gold toys of his, he's not hurting for cash."

"Those are his weapons Sakura-san, he can't really sell those now can he?"

"No, but if he has those, and he fights with them, imagine what else he might have…"

Four sets of eyes widened as the realization washed over them, what could that blond baka be hiding…

Anko had seen some shit in her life, even if she couldn't remember it all.

The horrible pain and visions from her curse seal.

Assassination missions.

Torture sessions that would turn the best of stomachs, many of which she herself had actually conducted.

Yet nothing in her life had prepared her for the creature that had loomed up behind her in the dim of the tomb.

There, standing utterly still, was a skeleton of all things, the bones draped in tattered linen that, if it had been new, would probably be one of the finest gowns or robes she had ever laid eyes upon, however, in its current state, it was little more than a moth eaten draping to help hide some of the…seethrough-ness of the body.

That was the word her panicked mind had come up with, she thought it was pretty good all things considered.


The woman beside her had a smirk in her voice, "What."






"I told you young one, the things you would see here would shock you…I have no reason to deceive."

"B-But…th-that i-"

"She, she is dead."


"I think that is something for my King to explain, now, please stand aside, he needs water."

Almost as if by some unseen command, the second Anko had stepped aside the body strode forward, parting the hanging cloth like a wraith.

Only that faint clicking of foot-bones on stone alerting her to the presence of the creature at all. After a moment, with Zandri watching her like a hawk, the bones re-emerged and moved down one of the many side passages, the haunting white of the bones was more than needed to scar he special jonin's mind.

"Come now child, we will speak to my Lord."

Anko could only nod dumbly, making sure to bend in such a way as to watch the hallways as long as she could.

Was she still asleep? That had to be it…

As the last of the cloth fell behind her, ticking the back of her neck, she turned to face the voice that seemed to hold all the answers, despite what she thought possible.

What she saw she was not expecting.

The room she had entered really couldn't be called such. Truthfully she had seen closets that were probably larger. What this was, was a small antechamber, one that looked as though it was meant to hold bodies, much like a catacomb, rather than the king of a people. Set into the wall there were three alcoves, and judging from the remnants left within them she had been right.

This was a place for the dead to rest.

There was hardly enough room to fit the chair at the end of the small space, one that the blond boy that had haunted her thoughts now sat in, the golden platter holding an equally exquisite pitcher and goblet sitting on the floor seemingly forgotten as the teen rose, the movements seeming for to strained for one of his age, before giving a bow and taking his seat once more. Worse yet, his skin, while never very dark, seemed pale, to pale really, his cheek bones showing, his eye sockets slightly sunken.

He looked like death warmed over, and a part of her was terrified that that held special meaning in this place.

"Ah…Anko-sensei…I apologize for not seeing you sooner, I thought you may be asleep a bit longer, and was about to settle in myself. Queen Zandri, thank you for bringing her here, I trust it wasn't too much of a bother…"

The masked woman quickly shook her head, "No my Liege, no trouble at all. In fact she has been on her best behavior, only a single minor incident upon seeing your servant."

That made the boy chuckle, the sound raspy and…old, quickly he scooped up the goblet and took a small draw, "So I heard, while I didn't react quite so strongly, I'm sure that anyone else will upon seeing my people…time was not kind to them…"

"That is hardly your fault my L-"

"Megami-chan, that is quite enough, you don't have to stand on ceremony with me, most especially not here, now then, I'm sure you have questions Sensei. Please, whenever you're ready."

The woman with off-purple hair could only stare a moment longer, trying to order her thoughts, before taking a deep breath to calm herself. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!"

Naruto was actually expecting her to punch him, so there was some progress being made.

"Yes…I gathered you would want to know this much, however, that is a rather broad topic…is there a place you would like to start?"

"Why are there dead things up and walking around! What is this scorpion thing! Who the hell is she! How is she your QUEEN!"

Naruto gave a small smile at the woman, even Zandri was chucking softly behind her, "The short answer? Because I willed them, a pet, this is Zandri, high priestess and queen of my people, and she is my Queen because she wanted me to be her King."

Anko could only stare with a slacked jaw, "That doesn't answer shit!"

This time it was the Queen who spoke, "Does it not? I had been at rest here for an eternity…when my King entered this place as a child and decided this would be a good playground. With only the matron to truly care where he went he starting spending all his time here…treating my form as an…imaginary friend I suppose you could say. My statue, myself, was placed in my throne upon entombment. The night of Lord Naruto's ascension into military ranks…I gave him a test…or perhaps it would be better to say, Asaph issued the test, to see if he was worthy of me. I am her most beloved after all…"


Naruto raised his hand slightly, forestalling the explanation, "This is one of the goddesses of my people, explaining it all will take far more time than I think you wish to spend…Suffice it to say, I passed, though I believed I hadn't. That night Mizuki tried to take the scroll, and grievously injured Iruka-sensei. Seeing that, coupled with the revelation of the Kyuubi, I snapped, and drew on far more chakra than was needed…I awoke the Deshret, and my destiny."


"To rule. I will not lie to you Anko-sensei, you, Kurenai, Neko and Mongoose were too important to me to do such a thing to. Though for now only you can know this, as I wish to extend to you the same kindness that you have shown me over the years."

"To rule? To rule what!"

"The world." Her eyes widened in shock, this kid was going to try and take over the world, "No…I suppose I should say that I only wish to retake what was ours originally…though upon reflection, I suppose it's the same…"


"You have seen the force that lies within this tomb, and you are beginning to understand what I can do…but tell me, do you think that this place, is the only such site in the elemental nations? Judging from what you know of me…of this place, where do you think our home originally was…"

Anko's mind flashed back to the times she had seen the boy in the market, speaking so animatedly with the caravan masters…but really only to a select few…"Suna…Your people are from Suna?"

The masked woman cleared her throat, quickly drawing Anko's gaze, "Yes…and no…My people, were founded in Suna. Naruto's people, will be born there."

"W-why tell me all this! You know I can go to the Hokage, he will stop you from leaving, stop your plans!"

Naruto flinched slightly at that even as an oppressive aura began to flare behind her, the woman's violet eyes glowing brightly in the mask, "Anko-chan…would you really go that far…you know this place holds next to nothing for me…only a smattering of people, the rest of the village would sooner celebrate my death than mourn it…"

Now it was the Snake Mistresses' turn to flinch, "B-But you can't go…what about your teammates, what about Kurenai and me? Yuugao and Hiyate!"

The young king seemed to deflate in his chair slightly, though there was a small smile there, "My team…there are no bonds there as of yet…nothing to truly sever. Only you and the others would truly miss me, maybe that duo from the ramen stand, or the old woman from the dango shop…but we both know there is no true future for me here…"

Anko felt the dull sting of tears in her eyes, her vision downcast as she thought about not being able to see the one that brought her hope every day, the one that made her believe that she may one day get her memories back.

"However, out there I can have a future, out there among the dunes I can return life to the deserts. I can help the people that live there with things that were long lost, things that allowed us to thrive in that hell!" Anko could only watch as the boy rose, his former fatigue seeming to burn away even as deep blue chakra began to swirl around him. "And with the People finally returning to the true path I can begin to unite the world in peace! Restore the empire to what it once was. Think of it Sensei, no more war, no more pain…no more monster's like Orochimaru, Hanzo, or the Kage's of the old ways!" Now that chakra seemed to coalesce, forming around his body and creating a faint outline. There, on his head was a crown, one that matched the throne she had seen the day before. His body draped in fine silks and jewels, but it was all shadows, something that he seemed to be…meant for, but had yet to come. "With this new empire we can last, grow and prosper like none before save, perhaps, for the Senju, who founded the village, to try and help the people, who made these lands verdant and let them thrive. Those feelings are but a distant memory for rulers now, even the Third, their student, has had a hand in two such wars, and the death and murder of thousands…"

She couldn't argue that, and now, the boy standing before her seemed every bit the king, his flesh a darker, healthier tone, his eyes shining like the deepest sea even as he gave an aura of one that would last for an eternity. As he spoke his chakra continued to dance, slowing spreading out into the stone floor, every inch of it seeming to restore life to the place.

After a moment, almost as if she was in a trance, and with the visions of her mad dreams dancing in the back of her eyes, she dropped to her knees, her eyes downcast and seemingly unable to look up at him.

"But no more…with my rise I will bring hope…with my wisdom I will bring understanding, with my might I will rule! And I will fight for peace!"

She could feel it…she could almost touch it…the truth of it all...her eyes clenched shut as she tried to hold on to it…

Then she felt it.

A gentle touch to her chin, one that caused her whole body to jerk as chakra flowed through her, slowly the fingertips drew her up to look at him, showing him in all his grandeur.

Just as in her vision.

"But I cannot do it alone, Anko-chan…"