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Down in Fire Country, near a hot spring bath in the ninja village known as Konoha, a young shinobi was in a heated argument with his sensei.

"No, Naruto. I can't train you. I'm already training Sasuke for the finals." Kakashi told his less favored student.

"Why not? Other sensei do it! Why can't you?" Naruto tried to reason.

Naruto had made it to the finals of the Chuunin Exams against all odds. He got there by defeating Kiba Inuzuka, one of the strongest genin of his year at the Academy. Now, he had to face Neji Hyuuga, the previous year's Rookie of the Year and easily one of the deadliest fighters in the tournament. He already showed that he had no problems with nearly ripping Hinata, his own cousin, to shreds, and would love nothing more than to kill him, just to prove a point.

Kakashi, however, had other plans and those didn't include helping his student survive his match. He never had any real faith in Naruto, despite the boy saving his life before. "Naruto, I'm only training Sasuke for the finals and that's the end of it. He has a better chance at making Chuunin than you do, so putting any effort into training you would only be a waste of my time and would tarnish my reputation. Besides, you don't have the natural talent for what I teach, anyway." He told the boy coldly annd callously as he poofed away, leaving behind a hurt and betrayed Naruto.

Naruto didn't want believe what had just happened, but it hurt too much to ignore. He had just been abandoned by his own sensei for the Uchiha genius, just like that. All of the anger and rage that he had bottled up inside of himself and let it out.

"KAKASHI, YOU ASSHOLE!" The blond genin roared in anger at the top of his lungs before heading off to one of his comfort spots, Ichiraku Ramen, while he tried to think what to do and who to ask for training.


Taking a break from signing and filing paperwork, Sarutobi was gazing into his scrying crystral to see what was happening in the village. That was when he came across what Kakashi had done to his student when he needed him the most. Suffice to say, the Hokage was NOT happy with the cycloptic Jounin's blatant favortisim. It brought back unpleasant memories of his own time as a Jounin sensei, when he favored Orochimaru over his other two students, only for him to betray them all.

With a heavy sigh, he called two of his personal ANBU to him. The first one was a female with long purple hair and a cat mask. "Neko, could you please find Naruto for me and bring him here? I would like to talk with him about something very important and that the time has come for him to learn about his family. I really wish that this wouldn't have happened for another year or so, but that fool Kakashi has forced my hand."

"Senpai's really done it now. How could he do that to a child, especially his own student who needs him?" Neko fumed angrily as she flickered away to find the boy.

"Ushi...I need you to go and inform Fuurinji Hayato that I need to talk with him concerning his other last remaning relative. Tell him that the time has finally come." The old Hokage instructed.

Ushi cringed involuntarily at what the Hokage wanted him to do. "I have to go into that...that MADHOUSE?"

Usually, nothing scared the ANBU. However, there was only one place that could inspire such fear from otherwise fearless people. A place where masters of their arts and styles have gathered to further and better themselves. A place where the masters can only be described as superhuman, true to life fighting machines. A place called...RYOZANPAKU!

Sarutobi pinched the bridge of his nose in an attempt to ward off an impending headache. "Yes. Now go." He ordered in annoyance.


Ushi had just now arrived at the Ryozanpaku compound, cautiously entering. He walked around in an almost tip-toe fashion as he looked around for the person he was sent to get. After a few minutes, he began to relax.

"T-this isn't so bad..." He muttered to himself as he began to look around the compound in a much more casual manner until a crashing noise grabbed his attention. As he listened more closely, the crashing was getting closer and closer. Just when he was about to go look for the noise, a training post went screaming past his face at near terminal velocity, followed by a shout that sounded a lot like ,"APA!" Rushing toward him, a collosal bronze skinned man was speeding toward him, smashing everything in sight with his bare hands and feet.

Ushi stood stock still, his eyes screwed tightly shut. "If I don't see it, it isn't real..." He repeated over and over again like a mantra. Suddenly, he felt himself jerked out of the giant's path of destruction. He chanced opening an eye to see and massive old man holding him by the back of his ANBU armor like a kitten by the scruff.

"Oh? What ever could bring an ANBU to our little compound?" He asked in amused curiousity.

Ushi forgot himself for a moment, but recomposed himself to deliver the message he was sent to deliver. "Ah! Fuurinji-sama! Hokage-sama said that he had something important to tell you, that, "It is time."

Hayato's face grew grim as he took in what the message meant. "I see." He replied, turning to the house portion of the compund.

"Miu! If you would be so kind as to accompany me to old Saru's office? I believe that you must know about this as well." The old man said aloud.

A girl with long wavy blond hair who looked to be around 16 years old poked her head out of the house. "Oh! Okay, jii-san!" She replied. The grim look on her grandfather's face had her worried.

"Apachai! Calm down for a moment!" Hayato called out to the bronze giant, now called Apachai.

Apachai stopped in place. "Apa?" He wondered as he walked over to the old man.

"Apachai-kun, I need you to watch over the house until Akisame and the rest return. When they do, tell Shigure I need to speak with her about something very important." Hayato told Apachai with a serious look on his face.

Apachai knew that look and decided that it must be very important. "Hai. Apachai will tell Shigure." He replied solemnly.

Before the ANBU could perform the Shunshin to teleport away from these crazy people, Hayato grabbed him, flung him over his shoulder like a sack of potatos, and took off like a shot toward Hokage Tower.


After a very brief, but very wild ride, the Ryozanpaku elder arrived inside of Sarutobi's office and knelt down, allowing Miu to jump off of his back and letting the dazed ANBU slump to the ground in a heap.

"You know Saru, your ANBU are getting a bit soft of they cannot handle a simple piggyback ride." The elder teased.

Sarutobi grinned at the lighthearted barb from his old friend. "It seems that way." He admitted before turning his attention to Miu.

"This lovely young lady must little Miu-chan. I haven't seen you in over 12 years." He added as he greeted the young woman.

Hayato's face suddenly turned serious. "Is he here yet? I would like to see how the boy has grown."

"Relax, Hayato. He will be heere soon as I've sent an ANBU out to go find him." The old Hokage assured his old friend.

"Tell me, how has his life been so far. I assume that either Jiraiya-kun or Tsunade-chan took him in? They are the godparents, after all." The old martial artist reasoned.

The reaction that he got from his old friend was less than comforting. His saddend and distraght visage made both of the Fuurinji's very worried. "Jii-san, there's something wrong, isn't there?" Miu asked in a quavering tone.

"It seems that way...and I'm going to find out why." Hayato told her calmly as he leveled a piercing stare on Sarutobi.

Hayato knew of a couple people who would be very angry if something happened to the boy in question. Kousaka Shigure was known far and wide as a mistress of all weapons, a title inheirited from her sensei, Uzumaki Kushina, who herself was known as the War Goddess. When she was very young, the red-haired kunoichi found her on the streets of Takumigakure, starving and suffering. The woman took pity on the child and took her home to live with her. From there, the woman introduced her to the shinobi ways and found that she was just like her, a natural weapons prodigy. Shigure absorbed the Kushina's skills like a sponge over the next few years, growing in skill and strength, as well as beauty as the years passed. Once Kushina married Namikaze Minato, she had a full family and soon had a baby brother on the way. Her life couldn't have been better.

However, their happiness wasn't meant to last. On October 10th, Kushina went into labor while her Minato left to fight a demon that had attacked the village, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. She had been sent to a shelter to hide away and be safe by Minato, but she wanted to help him fight and see her baby brother born. Sadly, by the time she got out to the shelter, the fighting was over. She was told that he died in the fighting while her mother figure died in childbirth, along with her baby brother. Shigure went mad with grief over losing them all in one night, but eventually shed her grief and adopted a cold and uncaring persona, a stark contrast to the girl she had been before the attack. She rose through the shinobi ranks until she became an ANBU Captain at the age of 16, retiring to the confines of Ryozanpaku only a year ago at the age of 24.

Shigure wasn't the only one lied to that night by the council and Sarutobi. The leaders of the Hyuuga and the Li clans, Hyuuga Hiashi and Li Tenmon were both old friends of the Minato and Kushina, and had gone as far as to engage their unborn son to their daughters, Li Raichi and Hyuuga Hinata, as a way of binding their families together into the next generation.

The two loyal Sannin, Jiraiya and Tsunade, had both left the village with clenched fists over the fate of their godchild. Jiraiya knew that Naruto was still alive and tried to provide for him financially since he couldn't be their physically, but the council only lined their pockets with almost all of the stipend money, leaving little to none for the boy. Tsunade had been told by Sarutobi that Naruto had died along with the young woman she almost saw as her daughter. She left the village that night without so much as a backwards glance, vowing to never return.

The village civilian council, as well as the Sandaime's two teammates and elders and the Uchiha clan, had crushed many hopes and dreams when they announced that the Kyuubi had murdered the son of the Yondaime along with his father. Their reason for this was because they were both jealous and threatend by Minato's charisma and the Uchiha by his strength and un-copyable jutsu, not to mention the fact that he, along with his sensei, developed an Anti-Sharingan seal in secret. He, Kushina, Tsunade, and Jiraiya all wore these seals to prevent Fugaku, the Uchiha clan head and bitter rival of Minato all through their carrers, from copying their hard work.

Minato had gotten numerous complaints that the Uchiha had been stealing the jutsu and styles from all over the village, with Fugaku spearheading the offenses. Fugaku had always been very haughty and arrogant, never fully accepting Minato's authority as Hokage and constantly challenged it and calling his skills into question. Minato was always very forgiving, but Fugaku had finally stretched his patience too far. On October the 10th, he was planning on revoking the Uchiha clan's privilages and kicking them off of the council for implied treason, and to dissolve the civilian council for giving orders to his ninja and authorizing missions without his approval when the Kyuubi attacked the village.

In the aftermath, a frazzled Fugaku pried a crying Naruto from his deceased father's embrace. Seeing an opportunity to grasp power for himself, he proclaimed him to be the demon reborn, but when he tried to assert his claim on the office of Hokage, old Sarutobi had taken the reigns once again and took Naruto from his grasp. The council countered by whipping the populace into a murderous frenzy, bent on 'avenging' the death of their beloved Yondaime and his deceased son at the hands of the Kyuubi, who was now reborn inside of a baby boy, as well as making sure none of Minato's friends could come to the boy's rescue. They managed to get rid of Tsunade and Jiraiya, and told the girl that he and Kushina had taken in that the boy was dead.

Sarutobi slammed headlong into damage control in an attempt to stem the damage that had already been done by protecting him as best he could, but many of his effort had been in vain, undermined by some of his own shinobi and council. He couldn't even come clean with Naruto's true heritage without some nasty reprecussions, like the council actually killing the boy to keep their betrayal a secret. However, now that Naruto was older enough to protect himself somewhat and with the training that Ryozanpaku could provide, the council would no longer be a threat. He had hoped that Kakashi would be able to protect and train the boy, but the copy-nin had turned out to be a massive disappointment.

Hayato listened to the entire tale and grew angrier with the council and the village with each passing minute, with Miu nearly in tears as they heard the finer details of the boy's life. When the tale wound down, he bowed his head in shame. He could have taken the boy in, but he too had thought the boy lost. "Minato my nephew...I am so sorry. I will atone for letting you down so badly by taking in your son as I should have long ago." He murmured as he turned to Sarutobi once again.

"I will inform the Hyuuga and Li clans of the boy's survival and see what they intent to do about the betrothal contracts. Until then, I will take over the boy's training. Kakashi has proven to be a liability. If he has a problem with this, he may deal directly with myself and the other masters." Hayato stated with an air of authority, as expected of the man who was originally chosen for the position of Sandaime Hokage, but declined it.

Sarutobi only nodded, knowing that Hayato had every right to be upset. Before he could say anything, a figure appeared in the window.

"Sensei. I will still teach the boy everything that I taught his father. He was like a son to me, so I fell that what I have to teach is his birthright." The figure stated, coming into the light to reveal none other than Jiraiya.

"Ah, Jiraiya-kun. Good to see you, my boy." Hayato greeted. Hayato knew that his absence was not of his own doing and if he had the choice, Jiraiya would have taken Naruto and raised him himself.

"Fuurinji-sama. It's been a long time." The white-haired sage greeted, until he saw Miu.

"Well, hello, pretty young lady!" He all but shouted in glee until a glare from Hayato told him that it wasn't a good idea.

"What brings you here, Jiraiya?" Sarutobi asked him to clear the air.

"My informants have told me that Orochimaru and Suna will attack during these exams and that my godson is in the finals. I heard what that bastard Hatake did to Naruto's training and I'll deal with him personally. That brat never did understand that it wasn't always all about him, no matter how Minato tried getting through to him." Jiraiya growled.


Naruto was arguing with Ebisu, who had come to lecture Naruto on the basics of ettiquete as per Kakashi's instructions. "Just get out of my way! I need to go train and manners won't help me! What am I gonna do, politely ask Neji to not kill me?" He asked incredulously.

"Manners are a cornerstone for every shinobi! A shortcut to becoming a good, upstanding ninja of Konoha. Since you were only an orphan, Kakashi saw fit to have me instruct you in ettiquete for the month until the finals. He wants you to at least lose with grace." Ebisu told him in a smug tone.

Naruto seethed at what this arrogant ass was lording over him. This ass was rubbing his orphan status in his face, and so was Kakashi. He was about to cold cock the jerk off until a an ANBU appeared before them.

"Neko-neesan? What's up? Does the old man need to see me?" Naruto asked her. He remembered this ANBU. She was always nice to him and saved him a couple of time when he was small, not to mention she taught him about stealth, something that all of Konoha cursed due to the fact that he could pull off pranks without getting caught now.

"Hai. Come with me please." She told him softly until Ebisu stopped them roughly.

"Hold on there! Kakashi said..." He began to yell until she had her ninjato at his throat in half a heartbeat.

"I already know what you two are trying to do and it sickens me. If I weren't ANBU, I'd train and look after the boy myself. Now go away and tell Kakashi this, should he try to sabotage his growth again, I will make him pay." She hissed while resheathing her blade and turning to Naruto.

"Come, Naruto-kun. I'll take you to the Hokage's office." Neko told Naruto, putting a hand on his shoulder as she teleported them to the Hokage's office.


Just as Jiraiya was finished going over what he knew of the impending invasion of the village, there was a knocking at the door. "Hokage-sama, I have brought Naruto-kun as request." A voice called out from the other side of the door.

"Come in." Sarutobi ordered.

The door opened to reveal a cat masked ANBU standing next to a blond haired boy with a look of defeat and despair on his face. "Oi, jiji. What's up?"

"Ah, Naruto-kun. Glad you could join us on such short notice." Sarutobi greeted warmly.

"Not like I was busy, anyway." Naruto muttered with venom in his tone that made them all wince.

"I already know about what your so-called sensei did to you, Naruto-kun, and trust me when I say that he will pay dearly for his blatant favortism. For right now thought, I have some people here that would like to meet you." The old Hokage told him with a smile.

Hayato walked up to the boy and knelt down a far as he could, but still towered over the vertically challenged boy. " Hello, Naruto-chan. I am Hayato Fuurinji and this is my granddaughter, Miu. We already know that your sensei abandoned you and have heard the more intimate details of your life and nightmare of a team. Before I say anything else, I must tell you about us. I am your father's uncle, making you my grand nephew and Miu-chan here your cousin and we would like to train you and take you in." He told the boy with a smile.

Naruto went numb with shock. He had relatives? Family? All this time, but they never came forward? The boy found his voice after a few moments, but lowered his head in sorrow. "Didn't you...want me?" He asked in a small voice that was on the verge of tears, conveying a sadness and sorrow that no child should ever have.

Hayato understood why the boy was so upset. It must have been very difficult growing up all alone with the very beast that nearly wiped out the village sealed within him and being hated for it. However, within him, Hayato sensed a strength and will that easily surpassed any that he'd ever felt before. If forged correctly, he would be truly surpass himself someday. 'For all that the boy has suffered, he remains so strong. Minato and Kushina would be so proud.' He thought with a sad smile.

"It's not that, Naruto-chan. You see, we were told that you had died the night of the sealing, but Saru here informed us that you were alive. There were others who would have taken you in, but something went terribly wrong. Saru, I believe that you should explain this to him." The Ryozanpaku elder told the boy, then the Hokage.

"Naruto-kun, the reason that no one took you in was because the council and another who wished to take up this office announced that you were dead and in your place, left the Kyuubi which is sealed within you safely. The council wanted you dead, but I managed to the details of your true birth were covered up, you would be spared. I truly regret that decision, because you parents had very good friends that would have taken you in without a second thought. Due to this, two of them left the village and the rest closed themselves away. The rest that did know and remained were forced to remain silent. Your parents also had two betrothal contracts for you to the daughters of two very prestigious clans, the Hyuuga and the Li clans. I will personally inform these people after we are done here, but for now, we will focus on your training. This man here is Jiraiya of the Sannin, who will oversee your ninjutsu training and introduce you to the sealing arts." He indicated to the tall, white-haired man.

Jiraiya's eyes lit up as the cue to introduce himself came up. "My name is one that can hush a crying child, make th ladies quiver in delight and my enemies tremble with fear! I am the holy sage of Mount Myoboku! I am Master Jiraiya!" He announced while doing a wierd kabuki dance, one that made Naruto snigger, then laugh out loud.

"HAHAHA! That was a good one! I'm gonna like this guy!" He laughed whole heartedly.

Sarutobi pinched his nose. "Jiraiya, you're STILL doing that strange introduction? No matter. I believe that you should tell the boy who you really are. He deserves to know."

Jiraiya's mirth and playfulness faded into a grim smile. "Naruto, I...I'm...your Godfather." He choked out. It was hard to say it. After all, what could you possibly say to a child you were entrusted with, but never got to meet in person?


"I'm your Godfather, kid. In fact, I was the one who named you. I know that nothing can make up for th years that I missed, but I would like to train you as well, and pass down some things that I taught to your father that made him famous, along with a couple of birthrights that rightfully belong to you." Jiraiya told his godson.

"S-so, if you're my godfather, you knew my parents..."

"Yes, I knew them. However, I can't tell you about them now. Maybe later on over a bowl of ramen." Jiraiya told him.

"Why not now?"

"Because we don't know who else could be listening. If the wrong people found out before we were ready, it will bring some real trouble. But believe this...If you make Chuunin, I'll tell you everything you want to know." He bargained with the boy.

Naruto's face lit up with a dazzling smile filled to the brim with determination. "Awright! Just you wait Kyoufu! I'll make Chuunin for sure!" He announced cheerfully, his bright spirit showing through once again.

Jiraiya smiled widely and proudly. He was happy that his godson acknowledged him and proud of the spirit that he was showing. 'Just like his mother. A real handful, but he has his father's drive and determination. An otherwise perfect blend of his parents...Wait, somethings wrong here. His chakra flow seems messed up somehow...'

"Naruto, could you channel some chakra through your seal? I need to see something." He told the boy seriously.

Naruto looked at Miu cautiously, but Hayato put his fears to rest. "She already knows about the Kyuubi, Naruto-chan." He reassured the boy, with Miu giving him a warm smile.

"I do, Naruto-kun. I know that it must take a lot of heart to keep it at bay and I'm proud of you for that." She told him softly.

Naruto felt much more at ease and did as he was asked, lifting his shirt and jacket to expose his seal. Jiraiya inspected the seal closely and found the abnormality. 'Gogyo Fuuin...The only people who know that spell are myself, sensei and ...Orochimaru. That bastard...' He growled. Fooling around with a jinchuuriki's seal without knowing what you're doing was very dangerous and foolhardy. He could have easily released the beast and killed them all. He closed his eyes and concentraited, igniting his fingertips with chakra.


Jiraiya thrust his fingers into the seal, releaseing the spell Orochimaru had on him and freeing up his chakra control. The force of the thrust threw Naruto's small frame back until his new cousin appeared behind him and caught him. "Are you okay, Naruto-kun?" Miu asked with no small amount of concern.

"Y-yeah. Thanks, Miu-chan." He thinked her as he walked over toward Jiraiya again.

"What was that? Was it what that snake freak did to me?" He asked Sarutobi, who nodded.

"Yes. One of my other students, Orochimaru, did that to you. I know that I told Kakashi about that, but it seems as though he ignored it for the Uchiha. He will have much to answer for when I see him next." The old Hokage growled, letting out a sharp burst of Ki to no one in particular.

"However, the fact that you defeated the Inuzuka heir with that extra burden on you has proven how much you have grown in strength. I estimate that the seal reduced you down to maybe 30% of your maximum strength at best. I'm very proud of you and if you keep this up, making Chuunin this time around will not be beyond you. The other Kage and Daimyo's knew about what happened to you and were very impressed with what you could do." Sarutobi informed the boy with a proud grin.

Naruto flushed with embarrassment. "Maybe Sakura-chan will forget that teme and let me take her out on a date if I make Chuunin! Yeah!" He cheered.

Sarutobi shook his head. Jiraiya, Hayato and Miu all wondered what that was about and asked him. "Sakura Haruno is his teammate and the girl he has a crush on. Unfortunately, she is an Uchiha fangirl, quite a fanatical one at that. Every interaction with her has led to the boy getting punched around and insulted. He truly does have feelings for the girl, but she all but tramples on them." He told them sadly.

Hayato sighed, Miu clenched her fists in anger, causing her knuckles to pop loudly. "If she does that to him again, that girl will pay dearly." Miu stated with barely maintained calm.

Jiraiya was reminded of himself back when he was younger when he chased after Tsunade. He really did have feelings for her and still does, but she would never return them. It made his heart ache for the boy, how he had grown up not knowing what love was and was confusing this girl's beatings for affection.

Sarutobi had just the cure for this, however. "Naruto-kun, if you remember, I told you that your parents had marriage contracts out for you to two clans. If you would like, we could go and meet with them."

"B-but what about Sakura-chan?"

"Naruto, in all seriousness, has she even shown you any kindness? Any at all?" He asked the boy, whose face fell. He didn't want to shatter the boy's hopes like that, but it had to be done to open his eyes to something far better. One of the girls who is betrothed to him he knows has had a crush on him for a long time now and would treat him right.

"No, jiji, but maybe after I make Chuunin, she'll..." He tried to argue but knew he was beat. "So, she really hates me?" He asked sadly.

"I'm sorry to say that as long as Uchiha Sasuke is around, she will never see the wonderful person she's had under her nose this whole time."

Naruto's face fell in disappoinment, but remembered the girls mentioned. "H-hey, jiji. Can I meet them?" He asked hopefully.

Sarutobi smiled. "Of course you can. We can all go. Hayato has agreed to become your legal guardian, being your only blood relative remaining of age to do so. You also have others to meet."

"Cool! Let's get going then!" He chirped as they got underway.

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