AN- Hey! I'm going to be updating on Up in the air later this week but for now I just need help finding a story. I read it while ago but now I can't seem to find it anywhere. The story is a Bella/Edward all human (M rating). They meet in Seattle when she is there with Mike on business and as Edward and Bella start talking they drink and end up sleeping together. Bella wakes up the next day and Edward is gone and he just leaves a note. Bella soon learns she knocked up and she crashes a Cullen wedding to tell Edward. Edward is all pissed but the rest of the family supports Bella. Later we find out that Carlisle was in a similar situation but she was looking for money and that's what Edward thinks Bella's going to do to him if given the chance. The story was nominated for an award that ended up going to Wide awake. If you know what this story is please review and let me know. If you have questions review! THANK YOU