He finds Lavender in the library - the one place they'll never be caught, and takes his stress out on her, pouring all his emotions into one kiss until eventually his worries begin to fade away.

"You love me, don't you?" Lavender whispers against Blaise's lips. She feels so guilty for going behind Parvati's back, but she can't help it. No-one has looked at her the same since her face - her ohsopretty face - was ruined by Greyback less than a year ago. Since then, her confidence has all but diminished.

Blaise pushes her against the wall in the library, kissing her frantically. His hands are already slipping beneath her shirt and her legs are wrapped around his waist. He laughs darkly, "Who said anything about love?"

A/N: Written for Amy as a reply to her request in the Drabble Request Thread at HPFC. :)