This chapter, this whole story. Has just gone down the drain.

I fucking hate it. I suck at writing.

I'm just going to finish it here. This is the last chapter.

I hate myself. I'm going to take some time off writing and run myself into the fucking ground.

Hate me.

Last Time:

A round of 'Ma'am, yes, ma'am' chorused through the group.

I looked up at the stars that shone in the sky, Jasper following my lead. He wrapped a hand around mine as we watched the full moon disappear behind the grey cloud.

"Then we attack now." Jasper announced.

I won't pick out the lining of my coffin yet
unless I am sure that color satin is me
Better yet go with crushed velvet,
that way I'll be damn sure to enjoy eternity.

Bella POV.

"This is it." I nodded at Rose's words. "We were.. created for this, right?" Again I nodded.

"Only half true." Jasper whispered. "We had planned on only adding you to our army, but that ... changed. You should know that." I didn't know why I was so lost right now. Why no coherent sentence would form in my head and allow me to talk.

I decided to change the subject. If my mind was to hazed to focus on this, I would be no use in a fight.

"Marcus, you can take Didyme and leave. The Volturi will never come looking for you. They will be dead, and 'Volturi' will be no more." I closed my eyes, rubbing my temples.

"You have my eternal gratitude." He bowed low at the waist. "You will make fine rulers." He smiled the biggest grin I had ever seen, before picking up his lost-love-found and dashing away.

Where was the sunset back round?

I snorted at my own sinister thoughts. Jasper's hand rested on my lower back and I knew we shared the same thoughts.

In front of Volterra Castle stood a few hundred vampires. So much for one hundred. I heard everyone shifting uncomfortably as the rusted smell infiltraited my own senses. The newborns growled with hunger and anticipation.

"Wait," I hissed. The obeyed, but still shifted from foot to foot restlessly. One ran out, and that was all it took. One stupid fucking vampire, too overcome by his natural instincts of hunger, ran out of the army, starting the war.

They clashed, limbs flew, pink lit up the field, screams were heard, metal soundings were ripped to pieces and a huge fire was started. Vampires were being thrown in whole, or in pieces, no one was being left alive.

It was truly a sight to behold.

Beautiful, in a morbid way.

I sighed, sinking back into my own thoughts. I was needed down there. We were out numbered, and our numbers were rapidly decreasing. Just not as fast as theirs.

I jumped from the large thick oak branch I stood on, landing in a crouch before sprinting into the fight.

I squeezed through fights, ripping any limbs that dared get in my way. I was heading for Aro Volturi. And hell was going to break loose.

In the middle of a fight, circled by three vampres, stood a small girl with blood red hair. She was my height, which took my by surprise. Wearing a small pink and black strapless dress that ended mid thigh. She trembled, her bangs falling in her eyes, hands balled into fists and drawn into her chest making her appear even smaller.

One vampire made a move to touch her.

"Riku!" She screamed. A silver blur was seen, and a tall male with long silver hair had his arms wrapped around her, a shield forming around the two of them, before a dark circle shot out, instantly setting the vampires a light.

I couldn't believe what I saw. It was like watching myself and Jasper when we were younger. The girl had to only be 15 when she was changed. By the looks of her eyes, that couldn't have been too long ago.

The male, Riku, looked to be a year older than her in human years, and months older than her in vampire years.

I had no idea what possessed me, but I ran toward them.

The sheild flicked up and darkness was attacking me. "Stop it!" I yelled. The darkness spread like a virus.

"Go away!" He yelled, tightening his protective hold on the smaller girl. I sighed, before remembering how I punctured Rose's shield, hoping it would work this time.

I placed one hand against the shield, watchng as they both tensed. I couldn't get through. I sighed again.

"Listen, I'm going to win this war, if you want to be on the winning side, wait over there." I pointed to the tree where I once stood. The little girl's eyes held trust as she looked up at the male. He nodded once, before the darkness swallowed the two of them, letting them reappear exactly where I had pointed.

Jazzy is going to kill me.

Rose is going to tease me for going soft.

Emmett is going to laugh and agree with Rose.

I growled. Now I really needed to kill Aro.

I hummed as I jumped in the castle, walking slowly toward the thrown room where I knew he would be. I had seen Cauis out directing his pawns. I was pretty certain that Aro was still alive.

Pushing the heavy door aside, I smiled like a lion eyeing an deer.

"Master Aro." I mocked. He had no one protecting him, which was not at all surprising.

"What? How did you get in?"

"Oh? You don't use doors? Let me explain. This," I waved my hand at the door. "Is placed in a wall to allow entry or exit. It moves this way, and that way, so you can get in and out."

I smirked, seeing the anger on his face.

"You shall not mock a king." His voice was optimistic, though it sounded forced.

"Getting bored now.." I fake yawned.

"Your behaviour is atrocious, little one. How can you, a small, young vampire, a female one at that, expect to fight and win against an age old vampire such as myself?" He grinned like he had just won a battle.

"I have thousands of years over you, child. I am older, stronger and smarter than you."

"One, you can wipe that pedophile grin off of your face, before I rip it off and burn it. Two, you can't teach an old dog new tricks." He cocked his head to the side, confused.

"Younger means faster." I ran toward him, so I was now eye to eye with him. He shifted uncomfortably in his throne, but tried to remain unfazed. "Younger means more flexible." I bent my fingers backwards, they flexed easily, without pain at all. I grabbed his and snapped them backward, they broke like stale bread and he howled.

"Ew," I threw the three fingers behind me, before turning to the task at hand. "Younger means I'll win." I smirked, before tugging his arm from his shoulder.

He retaliated by finally getting out of his seat and sinking into a low crouch with a hiss. He lunged at my head, first mistake. I dodged to the side, his hand sweeping past my face.

He roared this time, lunging for my body. Second mistake. I tossed myself to the opposite side, crouching on the side of the wall, springing from it, landing on his back, violently tugging at his head.

A sickening crack, and it was over so quickly.

"I'm a little disappointed." I shook my head as if I were scolding him. I turned to the door as I saw Jasper walk in, shock on his face.

"You killed him all ready?" Obvious much? I nodded. "Bella, we went over this. That was my job."

I shrugged, tossing the body at him as he started another fire. I lay the head next to him, sitting in my new throne.

"There are two people I'm adding to the guard. They're just outside. I know you're upset, but once you see them, you'll know why I did it." I smiled softly, remembering how he had protected the girl when she was scared. It's exactly like Jasper and I.

I decided to switch to another topic quickly.

"Remember when you said killing him would be fun?" Jasper stopped what he as doing, looking up. I smiled. "You lied."

I hate myself, I hate myself, I hate myself.

I hate how this turned out.

Seriously! UGH!

I decided to end the story here, it's so fucking stupid. Honestly.

I hate how this turned out. Sorry to disappoint.