Fate of a Penguin enemy

This little Penguin was a lucky one. One of the few Crash just thought "That's in too risky a spot... I'll just leave it.". The penguin, after guarding Cold Hard Crash for weeks now had no purpose once Crash got the death route gem and box gem, and would never enter the level again for fun because of how hard the box gem was to get.

She was so bored. Wait... spin... wait... spin. That's it! Screw Brio's orders! This Penguin was leaving. It took the Warp room to get to a nice vacation spot... Turtle Woods. After that she went searching for jobs. There was a job vacancy for Crash 3: Warped. She couldn't wait to be an enemy to Crash again. However, as it turned out, all the enemy spots were taken by other animals and Lab Assistants. They said "We could... put you in the background as a Cameo." The penguin looked angrily at the Naughty Dog employee. She simply said "Screw that, I'm staying in the Time Twister anyway. While in the Time Twister, she searched for a nice snowy level... the only one she found was... a Boss Fight? Oh well, how dangerous could it be?