This story is based off of this photo I saw on DeviantART tongiht. It was so cute and funny and it made me want to write this. Now this is my first ever Hetalia fanfic so please try to go easy on me I have not watched the show that much and what not. So please take it easy and if I get anyone out of character I want you to tell me alright. The pciture was called the day france and england meet I believe and it was done by StaraLaure I thnck. I could be wrong.

I do not own Hetalia if I did Sam would kill me in a fit of Jeuosly rag. ^_^

It was a calm peaceful day. Nothing was really happening at all. This would have been a good thing but not to France. He was board out od his blonde mind! No one and I mean no one was around for him to hang out with or screw with! This was unbearable to the frenchman today.

Just as he was about to lose it he heard a noise. He looked over and saw a small figure in the clearing. "Qu'est-ce?"

FRance made his way over and saw the cause of the noise. A young boy was sitting by the creek munching on an apple. He had had glden blonde hair a and had on a green cape. He also had a purple stuffed toy next to him.

Ever so calmly France made his way over to the yonug child. "Hey what you doing?" He asked.

The chld spun around. France got a better look at the boy now. He had on what seemed to be a green suit and he had bushy eyebrows and he had piercing green eyes. Green as the grass! "Stay where you are! Go away!" The boy comanded.

The frenchman chuckled at the small boy. He may have been small but he was giving orders like a comander. "Haha...calm down now kid. I want cause you any harm. Now my name is France. What's yours?"

Gripping the stuffed purple unconr tighter the small boy spoke up. " England." He said shyly and somwhat weakly.

"So this child is a nation like me." France thought to himself. "So England who's your little friend there." France pointed to the uncorn.

"This is my uncorn." England said smiling. " I play with him at night!"

France smiled. Oh the joy of a child, "And what is the uncorn's name?" He asked in that voice people do when they talk to babies.

England smiled grew and his eyes shined as he spoke the toy's name " Horny!"

That my friends is the day France meet England.

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