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The procedure worked, at least and after whole lot of bed rest – in his own bed thankfully – Ziggy was able to start thinking correctly again. It was kind of scary, as he'd told Dillon when he'd first woken up, the older man staying nearby to make sure he was safe and sleeping well. The sudden lucidity and the lack of gray fuzzy sections to his brain was weird and he'd almost had a meltdown just from the realization that his brain was now fully open to him including everything he'd ever tried to forget. However, the moment he started wavering, Dillon'd enveloped him in an embrace that was surprisingly gentle for someone that strong, and after a lot of comfort the younger male was finally able to start getting used to his brain again.

The side effects, he was told, would take a while to leave. Ziggy was required to take some of the medication now and again to keep from having any breakdowns, though the ranger claimed Dillon was much better medicine when that happened. Seeing as curling into the older man's arms or in the Fury while Dillon worked was the only way Ziggy could sleep in recent days, people were inclined to believe him just a bit. Dillon himself would just smirk at this and ruffle Ziggy's hair a bit, much to the annoyance of the latter who claimed it hurt his head.

It was a few months before the team was able to fully sit down and talk about Ziggy's past with him, It took so long not only because he had a lot to come to terms with, but also because Venjix was still putting up a meager fight as he rebuilt himself slowly, so they still had to work on defending the city. When they did all get together, the atmosphere of the room felt different than it had that night before Ziggy'd made his decision, and yet it still felt like that warm, gentle family feeling.

Flynn was seated on the floor between Gem and Gemma, the Scotsman rolling his eyes at their wide-eyed cute expressions and frequently having to pull them back and stop them from asking silly questions too early. Scott and Summer were once again on the couch, but this time the blonde was in his lap rather than on the arm, and a telltale ring on her finger was a happy reminder for all of the group of a very amusing and heartwarming proposal they'd helped with during a fight one day.

Ziggy himself was resting against Dillon's chest, the two curled on their end of the couch. The Red and Black rangers kept jokingly arguing about who had the better date, but said dates were managing to keep them quiet. The whole group was waiting for Dr. K and Tenaya to come out and Ziggy was very amused by how most still hadn't realized why it was taking so long.

When Dr. K did show up at this pajama party of sorts, it was easy to note something was off about her. While yes, she was wearing her slippers and had tousled hair, the young doctor seemed to have forgotten she wasn't wearing her own nightclothes. Something Dillon was quick to pick up on with a good deal of shock and disbelief.

"Doc isn't that...isn't that Tenaya's nightgown?" he said, pointing to the sheer purple dress he often scolded his sister for even owning – what did she need with something like that anyway?

K looked down and her attire and promptly blushed a lot. "Good question, Series Black, we shall have to further investigate your hypothesis." the quick and smart sounding reply came from behind the girl before she could speak as her ex-Attackbot girlfriend entered wearing little more than K's labcoat, which – while it usually swam on the very small genius – was rather tight on her curvacious figure.

Dillon let out an exasperated groan, akin to the one he'd let out when he found out his sister was a ranger. "Why did I have to get the little sister who can't behave?" The room was filled with laughter at that as Tenaya dragged K off so they could both get dressed better and the pair returned in their proper Pjs.

Things settled down once more and all eyes turned to Ziggy, making the young man a bit uncomfortable. "Well, go on." K instructed, looking pouty from the beanbag chair she and 'Aya had taken up on the floor.

He blushed sheepishly before nodding, "Right, yeah. So um...I guess I should start at the beginning huh?"

"Sounds abou' right to me, it does." Flynn added, which earned him a very loud shush from Gem and Gemma in unison – though given their smiles, it was probably meant in fun.

Ziggy rolled his eyes and tried to think back to where things had really begun. It'd been a long time since he'd known but now it was becoming clearer. "I guess things started where I was born. My parents were pretty cool – my dad worked in science for the government and my mom ran a daycare. I had two older siblings – Nikki and Jonie. Mom and Dad named me Ziggy because they thought it sounded nice and my grandparents never did leave them alone about it. They had plans to name any young sibling I ended up with 'Izzy' or something like that but Gran got them to change it to something more respectable at the last minute."

"My little sister, Katarina Isabella or Kitty, as I called her, was a whole hell of a lot smarter than I was. We got along well enough, for the most part – we'd fight over things like who got the last cookie, or whether or not comic books and math were dumb, and we'd do nice stuff for each other too, like her helping me with homework sometimes or me doing shadow puppets to make her laugh when she got scared during thunderstorms. Nikki was in middle school already when we came along, and Jonie was getting ready to graduate high school."

"When she was about four or five, some crazy place found out how smart she was and took her away. Mom and Dad had been the encouraging sort and let her read as much as she wanted when they found out she was interested in concepts like advanced science and computer programming. Those people took advantage of that and snatched her up, making excuses for why they took her."

A haunted look at started to enter Ziggy's eyes as he remembered back to the night it'd happened, "Mom and Dad didn't want them to take her. We'd all been home to celebrate Jonie getting accepted to a really good college. Kitty went out in the morning to ride her bike and never came home. Instead, those people showed up, claiming they'd found her and had discovered she was one of several children across the country suffering from a strange and deadly sun allergy. Needless to say, my family didn't buy the bullshit, so the agents did the next best thing they could in that situation: They took out guns and systematically executed each member of the family, right down to me."

A gasp of horror was heard but Ziggy didn't open his eyes to see who it was. His fists had clenched and Dillon had started holding him just a bit tighter. "They said I was important – if she needed any transplants or anything, I was the right type for her. Bastards took me to and orphanage and said I was emotionally disturbed, had the government clean up the mess so it looked like I really was. They thought they could get away with it, but they couldn't."

"No family would take me, being as disturbed and dangerous as I was, so I did things on my own. I tried to help out with the other orphans, but we needed money so I joined up with some of the street punks who ran gangs in the area. A few of the boys had dads in the cartels so I was able to learn the ropes of that business and steal to help out as best I could. I was learning plenty of useful stuff – pickpocketing, lockpicking, how to drive – and it was paying off too."

It was hard to continue and there was a weight on his chest as the next scenes came to his mind, of the fateful incidents that lead to him losing his memory to begin with. "I learned how to bargain real good from working with punks and thugs. I did small jobs for them or their cartel fathers, and they'd get me information and I wanted that badly. They managed to get me the lowdown on the government group that nabbed Kitty – a group called Alphabet Soup. When I found out where their main base was located – so close to the city – I started working on a way to try and get her out of there."

"It took a lot of minor break-ins and research to figure out where my sister was even being kept. It wasn't hard to figure out which little girl of just the right age was her – they weren't that creative with their designations and just took the first letter of her name to use. I found out where she was being kept and drove a car through the building to try and rescue her."

Ziggy leaned back lightly on Dillon's shoulder as he thought about the next part. The group had remained pretty silent throughout the story and for that he was grateful – he didn't want to stop and think about answering questions just yet, things were choppy enough as it was. "When I got to her, she looked a wreck. Pale and skinny and they didn't even bother keeping her hair cut right. Stuck in a stupid concrete room, nothing but a stool and a chalkboard with equations, it was disgusting," Doctor K flinched at that point, remembering her cell very well, "I tried to reason with her, get her to come with me, but she didn't even know who I was and kept insisting she couldn't go outside yet because the sun still made her sick."

His shoulder throbbed as he got to the next part and he touched it instinctively, looking over at the spot on his shirt that covered the bullet wound. "Next thing I knew there was a bang behind me and she was splattered with blood, just like I had been that very first night." Ziggy shuddered, "They dragged me off to some dark lab where an old guy stuck pins in me and futzed around with my head."

"After that, I didn't remember much. I knew the old guy felt sorry for me – he tried to help me get in and get my file back. They'd been keeping me on pills for the treatment at the orphanage but they couldn't keep me out of trouble. I managed to get out and sneak into the ACRP's storage room just like planned, but they knew I was coming. Those Soup people sent me back to the orphanage where they paid a couple from out of town to take me away and keep me on the medication."

Ziggy was getting tired, but he was reaching the end of the story at least, "Things were normal for a while and I really was starting forget, but then there was an accident. I wasn't supposed to be anywhere near cars or allowed to drive since that was one of the major memories they'd removed from my head. My new family didn't listen to the doctors though and took me out for a drive. I started to get sick again, beginning to remember, so they were a bit distracted with me and didn't see the truck in time to swerve. When I woke up, they were dead and I knew somehow that those Soup people would find me a new family very quickly that would keep me under control, so I ran away."

"I sneaked out of the funeral party and hid out with some of my old punk friends. Those doctors hadn't removed too many memories of my old friends because they weren't relevant to my break-ins at the Soup building, and I had time to remeet everyone after I was released. These friends helped me escape and one of their Dad's – Benny – helped me get in with Fresno Bob since that was about the only job that'd take me, seeing as most people thought I was disturbed and dangerous, and if not, they thought I was incompetent and stupid from the side-effects of the treatment. I had no other options, so I stuck with them and helped out at the orphanage in my spare time. It was all I had left and it's all I had when I came to Corinth."

The room was dead quiet as he finished, and the others looked confused as to whether or not to speak or change the subject. Dillon solved that matter by standing up, lifting Ziggy lightly in his arms. "Okay, that's enough of storytime. You're going to bed and everyone else can finish their party in peace." he told the younger man before heading for the stairs.

Tenaya rolled her eyes, reaching out to take a carton of the Chinese food that'd been untouched in front of everyone since the story started. "He's such a hopeless romantic somedays." And that was enough for the others to break out laughing and go back to their pleasant party.

Upstairs, Ziggy was curling up in Dillon's bed where he'd been set down. The older man was lightly pulling the covers up over his friend and trying to be at least sort of comforting about it.

"Mm, you do realize this one's your bed, right?" Ziggy mumbled, not really complaining. Dillon's bed was perfectly nice – it was just as comfortable as his own, but it smelled of his friend and tended to always feel more comforting somehow.

Dillon smirked, "Yeah and? You don't seem to mind and if I'm going to stay with you, I want to stay in my own bed." he commented, climbing in beside his teammate and new boyfriend, snaking his arms slowly around Ziggy and letting the younger male get comfortable against him.

Curling in close, the Green Ranger smiled, "You're awfully affectionate tonight." this was nice, getting to curl up together like this. It was comforting and that was pretty nice.

"Well I'm in a good mood. You just proved it's possible for someone to recover their memories and former lives somewhat, and I didn't even have to take medicine because of how mine were so there's hope." there was something warm and gentle about the smile he gave Ziggy in return, his words said with an almost tender note to them. But this was Dillon and Dillon was a tad too macho for that.

Ziggy smirked, "Whatever you say. I think you're just enjoying having a boyfriend and don't want to admit it." he teased, leaning up for a goodnight kiss before snuggling down to sleep. This had been a nerve-wracking trip but he was glad for it just the same. After all, now he had all of his memories, a wonderful boyfriend, and two sisters, one by blood and one by relationship. And that was all Ziggy could ask for in the end.

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