Yay, Fluffy goodness. It's short and all fluff, but hey we all need a bit of it in our lives I put my iPod on shuffle and decided to write a one shot based on the first four songs that came up.. In this case it was Time by Cute Is What We Aim For, Love Story by Taylor Swift, Ours by The Bravery and Smile by Uncle Kracker. It been in the back of my maths book for ages so I thought I should publish it, I get bored in maths. I even managed to do it without swearing, a first for me. So without further adieu I give you my very short one shot.


For the first time I really saw Edward. Not just his appearance, but his sweet side, not just the tough guy exterior he showed the world. His one small gesture made me realize how much I was in love with him. Love, such a simple word, yet it was so complicated. I never quite understood why.

He had set up a moonlight picnic in out meadow for Valentine's Day which happened to also be our third year anniversary. I was so sweet and romantic, I knew Alice had something to do with it.

When I looked into his eyes the world seemed to stop, he literally took my breath away and I almost always find myself getting lost in them. I snapped back into the present and looked down at the piece of paper he had handed me moments before. I re read it, wondering if I what I had seen before was a figment of my imagination.

"You're better than the best," the first line said. It wasn't a poem per say, more of a list of why and how much he loved me, or that's what Edward told me.

"You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed, dance like a fool, dizzy in my head." It went on to say. I began to tear up, I didn't know Edward could be so sweet.

"I see the best of me in your eyes. You and I are one of a kind. Who knows where we'll be tomorrow. But just know I love you more than a million stars in the sky. Happy Valentine's Day Bella, you make me SMILE." I couldn't wipe the goofy grin on my face.

I felt strong arms curl around my waist and Edward's warm breath at my ear making me shiver. He landed a small kiss on my neck; I turned to see his green eyes had a mischievous glint in them.

"I love you." He whispered huskily into my ear.

"I love you too," I whispered not trusting my voice. He let go of his hold on my waist and dug in his pocket for a moment. That's when I saw it. A little black velvet box. He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring.

"Isabella Swan, I promise to love you forever. You are my sunshine, my meaning of life. Will you marry me?" He asked. His bronze hair seemed to be on fire under the light of the moon. My favourite crooked smile was firmly in place, melting me in an instant.

"Forever is an awfully long time," his face fell. I bite my lip to stop myself giggling. "But with you forever is not long enough." I loved him with every fiber of my body, I needed him like oxygen, heck he was my oxygen.

"Is that a yes?" The smile slowly returned to his lips. Oh those lips…

"Yes." I yelled. He took my left hand and slid the ring onto my third finger. Before I had a chance to marvel at my new accessory he stood up and pulled me into a searing kiss that ignited my body.

"If I can hold this moment in my hands, I would stop the world from moving, I'd stop the clocks from turning." I looked into Edward's eyes and silently asked what he meant. He said nothing, instead he pulled me back in for another kiss.

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