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One week later, Andrew and Margaret were on the airport at Sitka, getting ready to flight back to New York.

don't forget to call me as soon as the interview's over okay? Said Grace to Margaret.

Promise. And we'll come back soon. I like it here.



With a laugh, Joe hugged his son tight. Then gave him a manly hand shake.



Thanks again, he said.

She nodded and kissed him on the cheek.

so are we ready to go? Asked Annie.

Do you really have to take that thing with you? Asked Margaret, pointing at the white dog Annie was holding.

It has never seen New York.

Oh we wouldn't want it to miss it would we?


It had been decided that Annie would come to New York to testimony in favour of Andrew and Margaret. Mr Gilbertson has asked for a friend of the family to come and someone had proposed his…assistance.

so my amor, are you sure Andrew's the right one for you.

For the hundredth time, Ramone, yes, Andrew is the one, she said rolling her eyes.

Sometimes I wanna kill him like a poisonous mushroom. Ah well, I'll testimony in your favor.

Margaret smiled and whispered to Andrew.

Are you sure it's a good idea to take him with us?

No one else could come on such short notice.

Are you sure he is an American citizen?

Not really. But he insisted on coming. He can't stand to be away from you I suppose, he teased her.

You're not jealous?

Of Ramone?

I don't know, there is something about him. You don't see it at first and then it hits you. He's got this animal side and…

She was stopped by a kiss.

shut up, Margaret.

Make me.

Fine with me.

And he kissed her again, more passionately.

ahem, we are gonna be late, interrupted Annie. You'll keep making out on the plane.

They laughed and after one last kiss to Grace and Joe, went on the plane.

so you're back.


And still together I see.

You don't need glasses, joked Margaret.

Alright I'll begin with you, he said pointing Andrew.

Told you he had a crush on you, whispered Margaret.

Andrew quickly kissed her and followed Mr Gilbertson in his office.

so let's do this, said Mr. Gilbertson, clapping his hands. I want you to know that this questions I'm about to ask you are standard procedure.


Hum, when did you start to date?

Last week.

That going well?

Andrew thought for a second about everything that had happened the past week and said:

So far, it's great. Thank you.

The end.

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