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I have been always wanting to put something like this up for a long time, a crossover between two of my most favourite RTS series of all times. Surprisingly, I can hardly find any good crossover between these two series, so I decide to make one myself. Anyway, this storyline will take place more than 400 years after C&C4 and around the timeline of Wings of Liberty, at year 2504.

So let's get started!

Disclaimer: C&C belongs to EA while Starcraft belongs to Blizzard.


(Somewhere in the Kopulu Sector...)

A huge gathering is taking place. Thousands and millions of black-clad individuals are massing in front of a huge stage, with a gigantic screen at the back of the stage. Each individual is dressed in a black power suit similar to those of standard terran's CMC Powered Combat Suit, but the suits are much slimmer in design and have a red visor for each helmet. Each bears a symbol at the chest of their suit: a black and red hexagon with a scorpion tail within. Hanging at each side of the giant screen, are the black and red flags of the same hexagon with a scorpion tail.

Despite the number of people, the scene is unusually silent. Then, spotlights light up the centre stage. 3 men enter the stage towards a microphone placed in the middle. 2 of them at the sides are obviously escorts, dressed in bigger, bulkier versions of the black power suits worn by the spectators. Their helmets are tall and conical in shape, with 4 red visors (1). They are each armed with large gauss rifles similar to the C-14 models used by Terran Marines. The man in the middle, however, is in the centre of the spotlights. Unlike others, he is only wearing a simple black priest-like robe with a hood put on. As they reach the microphone, the centre man signal the guards to leave, whom both of them salute to him with their gauss rifles on before doing so.

As the guards leave, the man put down his hood, revealing his face. He appears to be in his mid-30s, bald and has a moustache and a goatee. This man is Kane, the undisputed leader of the Brotherhood of Nod ever since its founding more than thousands of years ago. To the followers of the Nod, he is their messiah, their spiritual leader, the one who would lead them to the next stage of human evolution; and for those who knew the history of their organisation, the one who led them to ascension. After more than 400 years since the ascension of Brotherhood of Nod, Kane still lives, and still shows no signs of aging. By now, all his followers know that he is not human, but this fact does not disturb them. Instead, they treat his immortality as a sign that he is truly a messiah, an immortal, a GOD.

After Kane removes his hood, the crowd begins to chant his name repeatedly. His face appears up in the giant screen behind him.

"Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane... ..." the chant goes on until Kane himself brings up his right palm, signifying the crowd to remain silent. Silence comes immediately, and Kane begins his speech:

"Brothers, sisters, children of Nod... ..."

"It has been more than 400 years since our last ascension from earth. Although our last ascension did not let us end up in the place that I had expected to be, and once again I apologised to that, that setback was not enough to break us."

The crowd roars, remembering how their first generation of ascended ancestors survived their ascension alongside with Kane and told their tales to their children and grandchildren. Kane continues his speech:

"Our ancestors had done a brilliant job. We survived this new world and we colonised. We built new settlements, new cities, and a new country, dedicated only to the Brotherhood of Nod! As our land of Eden went up, our technology continued to advance! We had underground cities, controlled Tiberium farms, space ships, life support suits allowing us to survive in deep space, Tiberium infusions to allow us to survive and even thrive under full Tiberium exposure, and many more! Thanks to our ancestors, we finally had our promised land of Eden, with no interference from those who called themselves 'the first-world countries', the rich and selfish capitalists, the oppressors, the GDI!"

The crowd roars again in approval. Kane resumes his speech:

"For hundreds of years, we lived in this land of Eden in peace. No more bloodshed, no more petty rivalries, no more in-fighting, no more competition! It is truly a time of peace and prosperity for us... until the arrival of the 'exiled ones! (2)"

The crowd roars again, remembering the moment when the Terrans from Earth arrived in this sector in 4 supercarriers around 200 years ago. After the arrival of these exiled humans, the peace in their new home began to vanish. Kane raises his right palm again to silence the crowd, as he continues his speech:

"We had witnessed their arrival. We had witnessed their separation. We had witnessed their rivalries. We had witnessed their greed. We had witnessed their competition. We had witnessed their wars! A few of them encountered us and joined us, but many were still out there, too greedy , too foolish, too corrupted, and too dangerous to be part of us! As their wars raged on, we had to be forced to hide in our underground cities, forced to hide our precious Tiberium, forced to let them overtake our lands and strip away all available resources!"

The crowd roars in approval, and some curses and swears directed towards the Terrans can be heard. Kane raises his right palm again, silencing the crowd and continues on:

"As their wars went on, we witnessed the arrival of 2 new races of extraterrestrials. The proud and arrogant 'first-borns' (3), and the savage 'beasts' (4). We witnessed the 3-sided battles among those 3 races, each vying for dominance in this sector. We were fortunate that none of the 3 combatants noticed our existence. Then, as the 3 sides continued their petty warfare for dominance, the successors of our most hated historic enemies had arrived... (5)"

The crowd stirs again as they remember the arrival of the UED, which at that time did cause a widespread panic among the Brotherhood, which was not ready for war against their historic enemy at that time. Kane continues:

"The UED claimed to come here to restore peace and order to this sector, yet we all knew the truth. They were only here to steal away everything. Like the GDI before them, they only care for themselves and they came here only to gain dominance, to have all the riches of this sector for themselves, to control all the systems in this sector, to oppress all the inhabitants. Fortunately for us, the UED failed. They got nothing in the end, except for total annihilation..."

The crowd cheers, as Kane goes on with his speech:

"Although the UED may be gone for now, but they will return. We may be weak and unprepared for war in those past years, but not anymore. We now have enough weapons, enough tanks, enough soldiers, enough ships to fight anyone who dares to stand in our way!"

The crowd cheers once again, always inspired by the words of their messiah, as the messiah himself goes on:

"The Terran Dominion are still rebuilding after their wars and they are vulnerable! The 'first-borns' are defeated and their numbers are few and scattered! The 'beasts' and their arrogant queen of abomination think they have won and they are the top in the food chain of this sector, but they will not realise that they will soon become mere tools for our own plans! Our enemies are now weak, and now we have finally grown strong!"

A huge roar from the crowd, a response to the realisation of what their leader is hinting.

"Brothers, the time has come, for us to stop hiding! The time has come, for us to take the fight back to our enemies! The time has come, to reclaim what is rightfully ours! The time has come for our next stage of evolution!"


Another loud cheer coming from the crowd, louder than all the previous ones during the speech.

"Once again, Tiberium is going to be the key of our next ascension. This time, we will spread the glory of Tiberium not just across this planet, but throughout the entire sector. We will show them the strength and the power of Tiberium to our enemies, and convince them to join us in our crusade. With Tiberium, we will crush anyone that dares to resist us! With Tiberium, we will ascend once more and this time, we will find our true destiny!"

The loudest cheer from the crowd so far echoes throughout the stage.


"Peace through power! Peace through power! Peace through power... ..." the chant goes on and on, and may not stop for the next few hours, even after Kane and his escorts left the centre-stage.

The stages are set, and the balance of power in Koprulu Sector will soon be shifted again. Not the Terrans. Not the Protoss. Not even the Zergs will be prepared of what's to come.


Next act: the Mysterious Green Crystals

Green crystals of unknown property begin to emerge and spread throughout the Terran colony in Mar Sara. In a short period of time, the crystals spread and begin to devastate the entire planet. Unknown to the terrans, the first seed of chaos has been sown.

(1) Picture them as TW3 Nod confessors, except with more "futuristic" look.

(2) Kane is referring to the Terrans that are exiled from earth around the year 2300.

(3) Kane refers Protoss as the 'first-borns' just like how he refers the Scrin as the 'visitors'. Why he refer them as 'first-borns' shall be explained in the future.

(4) Just like Protoss and Scrin, Kane prefers to call the Zergs in another name, calling them as 'beasts' in this case.

(5) "Successors to GDI" refers to the UED. More will be explained in the future.

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