Tobi loved dango. Every time he would come back from a mission with Deidara, he would beg the blond to stop and buy him some dango. Most of the time, Deidara refused, saying that Tobi ate enough dango to feed most of the starving children, but sometimes, when Deidara was in a particularly good mood, he would buy Tobi more than the masked-nin would ask for. Tobi didn't understand why his Sempai would act all bi-polar on him. It wasn't fair!

But that night when Tobi and Deidara had come back to the base from a particularly distressing mission (one where Deidara had almost gotten captured and killed), Tobi was laying on his bed, trying his best to keep his fears away, but Deidara knew Tobi was still upset. The poor boy had been terrified that he was about to lose Deidara, and that was one fear that Tobi just couldn't get over.

"Come here, baka." Deidara would say from the bed opposite Tobi's own, opening his arms so Tobi could lay down, wrapped in his protective hold. "You don't have to worry about me. It's you that I'm more worried about. Every time we go on a mission, I worry about if you'll be okay. It may seem harsh and almost cruel to you, but it's how I cope with my worry. If I make you upset with me it helps me relax to know that you'll try your best to make me happy. When you do a good job and I don't have to yell at you, I'm especially happy." Deidara nudged Tobi gently. "That's when I buy you all the dango you want."

Tobi rolled over to face Deidara. "Are you sure, Sempai? 'Cause I worry about you all the time, but I never get angry with you. I just want you to accept me, Senpai. I really do."

"And I do accept you, Tobi. I love you so much more than your brain could comprehend. I couldn't exist without you, Tobi."

Deidara planted a soft kiss in Tobi's black hair, and as he pulled back, he could have sworn he heard Tobi begin to sob. Lifting Tobi's mask off, he looked into Tobi's one chocolate colored eye. Tobi was indeed crying.

"Don't cry, Tobi," Deidara soothed, wiping at the tears. "I didn't mean to make you upset."

Tobi let out a giggle mingled with a sob. "You didn't make Tobi upset. You made Tobi happy. Tobi has waited so long to find out if Dei-Senpai really cared about Tobi or not."

"Just go to sleep, Tobi, we have a long day tomorrow."

Deidara tried to shove Tobi off to his own bed, but Tobi wouldn't budge.

"Tobi wants to sleep with Senpai tonight." Saying this, Tobi grabbed a handful of Deidara's nightshirt and held it as he cuddled into his Senpai, falling asleep instantly.

Deidara smiled, ruffling Tobi's messy hair, whispering into his ear, "Tobi can sleep with Senpai anytime he likes."

As Deidara said this, he closed his eyes as well, resting his chin on top of Tobi's hair, falling to sleep as well. And for the first time since Deidara had known Tobi, Tobi had a restful sleep.