Blow Out Loud

While drying his hair off with a fluffy and half-wet white towel, Ichigo walked inside his room, closed the door with a swift kick behind and walked over to his messy bed, flopping down with a tired huff. His trademark scowl in place, deeper than it usually would've been, proved his mood wasn't very high at the moment, and it just deepened at hearing lowd bangs coming from the hallway.

He tensed up, and his face muscles twitched in annoyance at seeing his father figure standing at his room door after flinging it wide open with a loud slam, his usual goofy smile and sparkling big eyes looking back at him. The very moment Ichigo clicked his teeth, Isshin decided to jump at him in an attempt to hug him with a very loud shout of "ICHIGO-", but the red-head skillfully dodged it to the side, making him go straight out his conveniently open window. He heard the loud 'bang' of his father hitting the ground hard, and decided the old man should get in again by the front door. He walked up reaching for the door, but the very moment he put his hand on the doorknob, his maniac father burst through his window with a weird lopsided victorious smirk and a smart remark of "Don't underestimate your father, you'll never win me with just that." Ichigo glared very very hard, hoping it would burn a hole on his father's head.

Before the angry red-head could say anything, Isshin jumped in, and shoved himself at Ichigo, grinning maniacally, almost as if he got out of a fight safe and victoriously. Almost. Before his father could reach him, Ichigo slammed his tightly shut fist at his father's face, burying it in as much as he could while his father's head reached the floor with a loud 'twack'.

Seriously, this was getting old. He was freaking tired, having had to fight annoying hollows all afternoon, after having a tedious day at school, and dealing with Rukia and Renji shouting and throwing commands his way as his he were their slave.

"Freaking old man, get out now." Was all he said while slamming his right feet down his old man's face again, and again and again.

"D-Don't- Urgh- Ichi- Uh- Let me-!" Isshin wailed under Ichigo's feet trying to reach him with his outstretched arms.

"Don't give a damn! Get out and stay out of my room!" He howled angrily while reaching for Isshin's white shirt collar and tossing him out his room with a kick on his butt. Ichigo glared at his father's wailing, his deep scowl deeper than ever. He let a small quirk reach his lips, showing satisfaction to have gotten his father out, before slamming his door loudly, just to make a point. He turned around and went to his desk, rummaged through his stuff inside the drawer and got a pretty long ruler. Then, he went to the window and closed it, leaving a small opening, just enough to have ventilation inside, and enough to have the ruler fit behind it, to block any attempt at getting in. Pretty sleek.

Finally, after smiling proudly at his done task, he flopped down on his bed. While looking up at his white boring ceiling, he could hear his dad's annoying whining and karin's angry and disgusted howls, setting clear she didn't want his dirty running nose anywhere near her. He chuckled at this. He could never get bored with his dad's antics with his sisters, but it was irritating when it was directed at him. He could hear them moving on, going down the stairs, which made him relax a little but not for long enough.

The sound of twisted childish giggling reached his ears trough his mind, and it made his face darken instantly. "What?" Ichigo inquired out loud. It was always easier to just say the words than think it. He was always afraid any of his thoughts would end up reaching him by mistake.

"I never get bored of watching how you get worked out by his 'surprise attacks'. I find it really cute." For some strange reason his voice really did sound amused, but at the same time he could sense another 'feeling' in his words. Ichigo scowled hard. That didn't make any sense.

"Glad you're entertained. That makes my 'job' easier."

"Oh, don't be like that. I'll always be the most 'entertained' when you're over here with me, King." ichigo could even hear a purr come together just as he said the word he always used to refer to him. At the beginning, he always thought it was a word meant to insult, since the Hollow was always spitting the word around full of malice, but now he always said it in an almost seductive way.

No freaking way. Did he just think that?

"Oh, my. Where are your thoughts going? Shameless, shameless King..."

"Stop fucking reading my mind." Ichigo snarled.

"Hmm...I'll think about it...After you come spend some good time with me." He could almost hear the smirk in his voice. It made his blood boil, his muscles taut, and a strange shudder rip through all his body. It was a mix of strange reactions, and this was frequent the past weeks. He didn't know what was going on, but he was aware there was happening changes in his white counterpart behavior, but he still couldn't wrap his fingers around it. His tauntings and callings to him had become frequent, and the way he spoke rarely held demonic guile in it anymore. He didn't know how to act to it, but for now he was going with the flow, until he was sure was has changed between them.

"Ok, ok. Goin'." He sighed out, and could almost feel the Hollow's happiness with the loud squeal he heard. Happiness? He narrowed his ayes in disbelief.

After descending on his inner soul world and some good while of sparring, both parts were sprawled on the floor of one random building, panting and with bloody cuts all over. Ichigo couldn't help but notice, once again, that for some strange reason, there were less and less dangerous life threatening wounds on him after each 'entertainment' session with the white Hollow, and he couldn't help find it anything else other than odd. He thought the white thing wanted to devour him and take his place on the surface of their shared soul, but it seemed like now all he would do was childishly taunt Ichigo day after day for some type of small attention, but never did anything that alarmed Ichigo enough to act and pound down the Hollow into submission again. Rather, it was like now the Hollow was acting and taking the role of submissive on his own free will? It was mind cracking, dreadful and at the same time satisfying and pleasurable. Ichigo couldn't help letting a shiver run down his spine again.

Noticing where his train of thoughts were going, he snapped his eyes open and looked over at the Hollow, that was turned on his side and looking over at him. He was panting just as much as Ichigo, lips parted showing just a glint of his white teeth and blue tongue. Sweat going down the side of his face and some blood on his nose, cheek and lips. It was disturbing seeing how the Hollow looked calm, satisfied, sated, pleased even. And even more frightening was the glint of pleasure on his yellow on black eyes, directed at him. A shaky breath involuntarily broke through Ichigo's lips.

No, no, no, no. What the fuck. Enough is enough!

He narrowed his eyes at the white figure, swiftly stood up ignoring the mild pain of moving and walked away. It was disturbing how he could feel every reaction and movement the Hollow made; he felt how he flinched at his abrupt standing, the low gasp he let scape when he turned around and walked away, and the small choking sound he made at the back of his throat when Ichigo's figure suddenly disappeared back to the real world without saying a word.

And this made Ichigo's heart clench in such a strange and suffocating way, that he couldn't help but feel anything other than dreadful fear of the changes that were going on between them.

His arm shot out from inside the covers, trying to reach the noisy alarm to make it shut up already. After having the thing pleasingly quiet, Ichigo pulled down the covers that was hiding his head and shot a deadly glare a the time it was dutifully pointing on the small of its screen. It read six thirty-three, meaning it was time to wake up and play his role as a teenager going to school and learn anything useful for his future. He groaned angrily. Like he was like anyone else that was going to that school, or any other for the matter. No one had any idea how much he wanted to just quit school and go his own way. Go in and off Soul Society as he pleased, going around killing Hollows and make anything that he wanted and as he pleased. Surely, he was aware this was a rebellious way of thinking, but everyday was so monotonous and tiring, that he couldn't help but want to stay away from everything and everyone now. After some contemplating of skipping school for the day, he shoot his head giving up the idea and stood up with a sigh.

He reluctantly walked over to the bathroom down the hallway, locked the door and started stripping off his clothes, stepping inside the tub and turning on the shower. He let the hot water run down his spiky hair down his face, shoulder and down the length of his whole body, hoping it would wash away the sluggish feeling of his body, and the mixed feelings he was having inside. After a while of the soothing feeling of water dancing over his skin, he washed himself, brushed off his teeth and got out the tub; turning off the shower tap. He took one of the towels that were hung at the door, and wrapped it around his waist and went back to his room, not caring that he was soaking wet and dripping water on the floor all the way back to his room.

After dressing up on his uniform and combing his hair just enough to get the locks untangled from sleep he walked down the stairs onto the kitchen, where his family was already pretty lively with all the chatting and noises coming from all sides. He still wondered how his sisters and father alone could make so much noise. It was only three people for god's sake. Ichigo could already feel the headache forming. So much for silence.

"Goog morning Ichi-nii! Your share is already at the table!" Yuzu cheerfully greeted him and dutifully pointed at the table.

"Morning Yuzu. Thanks." She beamed at him when he gave her his warm brotherly smile. Karin was at her place already, only she still hadn't touched anything, since she was heatedly arguing with their stupid dad. "Could you shut up already? It's still seven in the morning and you're making my head ache from all that screaming!"

"Oh Ichigo can't you have more kinship with us!? Daddy get's sooo sad when you show a rebelling attitude!"

"No freaking way." Ichigo made a disgusted face at his dad's winning and attempt at being sweetly fatherly with him. He just shook his head and decided to ignore him from there on, and started digging his beacon, eggs and pancakes. After finishing his plate, he quickly grabbed his school bag and headed out, shouting good-bye on the way out.

Like always, he met one by one of his friends on the way. They always met on the same road, since it was the best to walk to School. It was the same as everyday; they did small talk with one another. Rukia and Inoue always heatedly since morning on their girly stuff, Ishida wouldn't do anything other than read boring books, Keigo blabbing on and Mizuiro on his Cell-phone. Chad and Renji following behind beside him. This was everyday routine, and he couldn't think anything other than how ordinary this had become. Don't get him wrong, he loved all of his friends, but all this was so predictable that he couldn't feel any exited about anything on his daily life. Ichigo was craving for action, excitement, anything that would make him alive and lively again. Before he realized, they had already reached School grounds, and each of them went to their respectable places on their own rooms. Class started but all Ichigo could do was gaze out the window. He didn't have any bit of interest in the class the teacher was starting, and so, the next ones went on with the same pattern until lunch came around.

Their eating place were always the rooftop. He loved that place but for a while now wished he could spend his time there alone; just him and his mind. Too much wishful thinking, he thought, while all the others sat over around him chatting and blabbing on about random stuff. The day was going too slow for his liking, and he felt sluggish, like there was something pressing down on him; it made him so very tired. Having enough of all the noises around him, he stood up from his place where he was leaning against a wall, and balanced his arms on the railing not too much away from his friends, ignoring any of their questions and demands of why he was going away from them. Looking around the school grounds bellow, he could see some couples sat under random trees eating their lunches together blissfully, some guys playing ball on the yard, and random people walking around. They all seemed like ants looking from above.

This didn't relax him in the least.

Restlessness got the better of him and he decided to go inside his soul world where he could find his Hollow and get some sparring with him. Ichigo was sure he would love the attention. He closed his eyes, and felt that familiar caress that always came when he went inside his own world. It was always a pleasurable feeling that every single time left him relaxed. He dazedly blinked, looking around calmly, and spotted the black pole his sword Zangetsu was always randomly standing on. He couldn't see his white counterpart anywhere near right away, but it wasnt long after walking for a minute the Hollow landed in front of him, around six feet away from him. It wasnt any surprise the big grin and wide eyes on his face; the expression making the white figure look younger and child-like. Almost lovable even. What?

"What happened? It's a rarity to see you coming here of your own free will...Missed me that much?" Ichigo snapped his attention back to the snickering Hollow and narrowed his eyes.

"Don't be stupid. You know very well why I would come here," Ichigo replied back annoyed by the way the Hollow was smirking. It looked almost too happy. Reaching back to grab his white on black Zangetsu, he swung it forth, slashing the air. "Stress relief." He finished, smirking lightly. He saw the white Hollow also reach back for his black on white Zangetsu replica, but he didn't unwrap the sword as enthusiastically as Ichigo had. He stared at the white Hollow, trying to figure out something by looking at his face. And when he raised his face up, Ichigo almost felt like the air rushed out off him. The expression on the Hollow's face was a mixture of uncertainty, sadness, and disappointment. He didn't know how to react to this and while he had a million things going around his mind, all of a sudden he gasped, surprised to see the white Hollow's face inches from his. Suddenly, all he could feel was pain and confusion before blackness.

First Chapter End