"No, Soul….nnnggghhh…ahh!"

Soul loved this newfound power he had over his meister. A simple nibble to the back of the neck or a lick behind the ear sent her into a flushing frenzy. He loved the expression on her face, the way she worked her bottom lip with her teeth, and the way she tried to stifle any vocalizations at his actions, even though near-silent whimpers and moans could still be heard as he worked his tongue over the area where earlobe met rosy cheek.

"Soul, stop…"

Without meeting his gaze, she used the flat of her palm against his chest to push him away, the length of her arm the only barrier between her shaking form and his. Soul could literally feel the heat coming off her form in waves, but he was not a heartless bastard. He would never take advantage of his best friend. That just wasn't cool at all. And as everyone knew, he was the epitome of cool, damn it. Cool guys just didn't do that sort of thing.

No. It had to be her choice. Why she thought she had to play this good girl routine every time he tried to get close to her, he would probably never know. Maka was more than just his best friend and partner, and she knew it. Though he'd never said it out loud, she knew how he felt about her. He made it painfully obvious every time he held her hand as they walked home from the academy. It was evident when he cooked for her because he knew just how to make her favorite foods. It was undeniable when he would play her favorite songs on the keyboard he'd bought just for her, even though it was hard for him to compose anything light and hearty when his soul was so dark and mysterious.

What he did know was that Maka was not a little girl anymore. He'd begun to notice it more and more, in the ways her body had matured since they'd first met, and in the way she acted around him on a daily basis. The tug at the bond called out to him, and it was like a tick in the back of his mind that wouldn't go away no matter how hard he tried to ignore it. They'd been living under the same roof for a long time, and she still blushed when he would immodestly walk around the house in his underwear or without a shirt. It was his home, too, damn it! He had every right to be comfortable.

He was going to make her see the rightness in their closeness. Even if it killed him.

He pushed past her hand and backed her into her bedroom. She wasn't expecting it and fell back onto the bed in surprise, and he quickly covered her form with his. His lips crashed down onto hers, causing her eyes to fly open and her arms to instinctively come between them to once again push him away. But this time he was prepared. Her hands were soon enveloped in his and moved above her head and out of the way, their lips never losing contact.

He let her come up for air and moved his attentions to her neck and jaw line. She realized she had been holding her breath when he released her lips with a resounding click and the air raced out of her lungs like derby steeds at the starting gate. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as her oxygen-deprived body sought sustenance. Soul chuckled to himself at the inexperience and desperation of his meister, his tongue tracing and retracing the cavern of her collarbone and along the ridge of her clavicle where they were exposed by her low top.

"Breathe, Maka."

"Get off me, Soul!" she demanded, attempting to pull her upstretched wrists out of his grasp. She refused to admit she kind of liked the attention, even though kissing Soul was a long-played fantasy that had plagued her thoughts many times over the years. He was an inaccessible commodity that teased her with mere glimpses of the unknown, especially when he'd kept himself at such a distance physically in their relationship. He was like a scratched record that only played the same part of the song before it started skipping. She was anything but used to these new advances, and dare she pull a Crona on herself now, but she didn't know how to handle it. It was not in her to just roll over and take it like one of her dad's cheap floozies. What should she do in a situation like this?

She expected one of Soul's toothy grins to greet her as a result of her failed attempt to dislodge him from her person. Instead, she was baffled when his expression remained cool and inert, free from emotion or the trademark drool that always accompanied his personal triumph. Hoping this meant disinterest on his part, Maka's hips rose to throw him off balance and hopefully to the floor. Instead, he retaliated by pushing his own lower body into hers, forcing her down again and to release an inaudible gasp as a strange electric current traveled from her midsection to the rest of her body, resonating to her toes and to, dare she say it, other more sensitive places that tingled in the aftermath. He made the movement again, and Maka could swear she saw stars.

"Do you feel it, Maka? Do you feel it, right here?"

Maka once again felt something hard pushed into that one place that should not be mentioned. If her hands had been free to do so, she would have strangled the half gasp, half moan that escaped past her lips and stifled its declaration before its birth. But without said appendages to do so, the embarrassing utterance was released into the world, leaving no question to Soul how Maka felt about the actions being done to her body.

"You can't hide it from me, Maka. I can see into your soul just as easily as you can see into mine. This bond that connects us, it tells me things about you. It tells me that you feel things, too. That you like what I'm doing. That you want more than we have. Tell me I'm wrong, Maka! Make me believe it."

She refused to meet his gaze. Even with her cheeks aflame, body tingling, and heat growing, she resolved to fight him, even in this. Oh, Maka, why do you do this to me? To yourself? Then again, that's how Maka had always been. Denying herself the things she wanted so that others could be happy, as if her desires were somehow dirty and not important. Well, his first decision was to get her to throw that idea out the window. She would know that her feelings mattered, even if it meant he got Maka-chopped into oblivion.

"You've at least thought about it, haven't you? What it would be like to let me have you? Is that what keeps you up at night sometimes? It does, doesn't it? I can feel it through the bond."

Maka continued to avoid eye contact, but she was no longer trying to fight him on it. It was just like her to ignore any battle that could not be won outright, until her attacker either lost interest or gave up entirely. It was the same strategy she used when her father was around. Silence was key to victory, but unbeknownst to her, he knew what buttons to push to get her attention back on him.

"It's all right, you know. I feel the same way. I've always wanted to see what else you hide under that skirt besides teddy bear underwear. Don't look at me like that, it's true. I have those thoughts, too, now and then. You're not the only one who likes to catch a peek when you can. I feel the way you look at me when you think I'm not paying attention. We're connected, remember?"

At least she was looking at him now. The blush was still evident on her face, and her entire body had gone rigid, but at least she wasn't ignoring him any longer. She still refused to utter a word or confirm his suspicions audibly, but he didn't need it to come from her mouth to hear her loud and clear. Her body and soul spoke to him in so many ways already that the convenience of speech would be a hindrance in his quest for knowledge. Words were unnecessary.

He rolled his hips into hers once again and smiled as she shivered and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She gripped the fingers that held hers above her head and sighed deeply in want. Her hips rose slightly in order to meet his and increase the pressure where she needed it most. Nope, completely unnecessary.

"Can I touch you, Maka? I promise, you'll be in control."

She gave no indication that she'd heard him as her eyes searched the room and looked at everything except his face. The rise and fall of her chest quickened, and he once again felt that tug in the back of his brain that meant the bond was trying to communicate an emotion. He knew exactly what it was, but he refused to continue without her consent. Her nervous demeanor told him everything he needed to know, but she eventually nodded slightly and gave in to his advances. That's right, Maka. This is how it is. How it should be. You need to feel loved, and god damn it, you will. I swear it as your weapon.

Her hands were released and their lips met once more, earning him another moan from his meister as he coaxed her tongue to come out and play. It took a moment for her to reciprocate, but when her moist tongue began shyly poking at his own in an effort to join in the dance, he inwardly puffed with pride. The feel of his sharp teeth playing her bottom lip and tongue made her tingle, and the spike in her soul's wavelength told him that she liked the attention from his pearly whites. He would have to remember that for later.

His hands came up to work free the buttons of her blouse, and another spike with a slightly different signal told him that she was unsure of his actions. She had yet to stop his fingers from working each button free and exposing more of her creamy skin to his waiting gaze, but at the same time, he still felt her resistance through the bond. It wasn't until he'd worked the last button free and attempted to move the fabric aside that she crossed her arms over the final barrier to her chest. Those flaming cheeks were back, and she once again made a conscious effort to avoid eye contact with the male above her. This just would not do. Not at all.

"Let me see, Maka."

She shook her head rapidly.



"Because why?"

"It's embarrassing…"

"What's there to be embarrassed about?"

"You'll laugh."

"No, I won't."

"Yes, you will."

"I promise you, I won't."

"But they're…small…"

"I knew that already, stupid. What's wrong with that?"

"I thought you didn't…"

"Yeah, because you think too much. That's your problem. Always assuming everything. I won't laugh."

He forced her hands to the side and moved her blouse and bra out of the way to expose her to his eyes. She whimpered as an afterthought and he twined her fingers with his as both a way to comfort her and prevent her from further blocking his vision. It amused him to find that the blush extended down to her chest, making her tips seem rosy and ripe for the taking. He didn't know why on Earth she should feel so self conscious. Perhaps all those comments of "tiny tits" and "flat chest" had done her more of an injustice than he'd first realized.

"You're perfect, Maka. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you."

To prove his point, he weighted one of the enticing globes with his hand, squeezing gently and plucking at the nipple in such a way as to elicit a small gasp from her. She wriggled beneath him, unsure how to deal with the increased pressure in her lower belly at his touch. With the addition of his tongue at her tip, she squeaked in response and gripped his shoulders as an anchor, fisting his shirt in her fingers and tugging slightly. When he continued to feed on the first breast and moved his hand to fondle the other, she turned to putty beneath him.


His name passing her lips was the only encouragement he needed to move forward. His tongue trailed a searing path down her midsection, pausing to dip into her navel and taste the salty skin surrounding it. She barely noticed when he dragged her skirt down her hips and threw it to the floor beside the bed. She became more aware of him pushing her knees to the side and kneeling between them. He got her complete attention when his kisses reached the waistband of her pink panties, where he took the bow between his teeth and slightly tugged at the fabric. His hands ran up and down her thighs and legs, coming closer and closer to operation central with each pass of fingers and nails across hypersensitive skin.

"Soul, stop…I…"

"It's right here, isn't it?" he asked, stroking her through the fabric. The jolt in the bond answered his question, but he decided to pry further. "The problem is here, right? Is this where you want me most?"

"Soul, please…"

"Tell me, Maka. I want to hear you say it."


He had to hold her hips down when he moved his ministrations to her clit. The shouting of his name did nothing to squelch the increase in his ego at the sight. Even through the quickly soaking fabric of her underwear, he could tell that averting his fingers to that particular button was a good idea. She couldn't hide from him anymore. All her emotions and desires were laid out plainly like cards on a table, just as she was before him on the bed. They both knew what she wanted, but he wanted to hear it from her directly. She had the worst habit of keeping the best part of herself locked away and out of sight, and he'd be damned if he let her keep it hidden anymore.

"It's a pretty serious problem down here, isn't it, Maka?" He circled her clit with his finger again, refusing to touch it directly as he had before, and she jumped and shrieked at the action. Her hips rose off the bed once again, held there in position only by the tension coursing through her body. Her hands reached for his head and shoulders only to be met by her own skin and empty sheets. Gripping the covers beneath her did nothing to relieve the need, and his finger's continued dance around her clit was nearly driving her batshit crazy.

"Soul!" They were both surprised at the sheer need expressed in her voice. "I can't…please, Soul! Stop…it…no…Sooouu-aaumph!" She shoved her arm in her mouth to muffle her cry when he stroked his fingernail directly against that button through her underwear. Even without direct contact to her skin, Soul could tell she was very close to the edge. He knew this was torture for her, but he swore to himself that he would do whatever it took to get her to admit what she wanted. There's nothing wrong with taking what you need, Maka, he thought to himself. Please, let go. You would enjoy this so much.

"I can help you, Maka. I can make it all better. Tell me what you want me to do."

Her entire body was a shivering, quaking mess. "Soul, please…just…don't make me say it, Soul, please!"

"You have to, Maka. Otherwise, I'll stop right here." Please say it, Maka.

"No! Please don't!" She reached for him, but he pulled away just out of reach. He could hardly contain himself at her sobbing. "Soul, please…I can't…it's dirty!"

Is that it, then?

"There's nothing dirty about this, Maka."

Without warning, he ripped her panties down her legs and shoved her thighs apart. She gasped and tried to close her legs against the sudden invasion, but his physical strength far exceeded her own. He pulled her down the bed and closer to his knees, then lifted her lower body up and supported the backs of her knees on his shoulders. She tried to pull away from him, but his grip on her thighs held steadfast. She could not escape. He wouldn't let her.

"There's nothing wrong with this. There's nothing wrong with us! There's nothing impure about what we're doing! I'm not your father, and you're not your mother! We won't end up like that, do you hear me, Maka? I love you, damn it!"

He licked her inner thighs and splayed openmouthed kisses everywhere but on her center. She twisted and cried beneath him, but her soul through the bond told him why. The vibe had completely changed, and he could feel her happiness and confusion coming through loud and clear, like a bellow at the door to his heart. She felt the same way. She loved him so much it hurt, but she wasn't ready to tell him yet. She was too afraid. After all she'd been through, with her parents' divorce and the separation, coupled with the emotions he was now reading, he finally understood the silence. He wouldn't push her anymore.

"I'm going to love you, Maka. Like a man is supposed to love a woman. We'll get to the real stuff later. For now, let me know how this feels."

Wrapping his arms around her upper thighs and using his thumbs to spread her lower lips wide, he took no time getting directly to her pleasure center. His tongue circled her clit over and over, pressing up beneath the hood and using his tongue to play with the tip of it directly. He loosened his grip just enough to fondle her entrance with one finger, pushing the digit inside and curling it upward. She shrieked and squealed at his actions, tossing her head back and forth in sheer abandon. When he included the addition of a second finger and began sucking on her clit, she nearly screamed and tried to crawl away, body shaking and toes curled as the dam broke and her orgasm washed over her like a raging torrent set free. His name tore from her mouth and became the only word in her vocabulary until the waves subsided and the thought to breathe caught up with her again.

Soul quickly stripped out of his own clothing, giving his meister time to recover before he once again joined her on the bed. He had become erect and ready long ago, and it became painstakingly obvious to Maka his intentions when he set her in his lap facing him, her legs dangling outside his own strong, muscular thighs. His hardness poked at her center, and it sent another wave of shivers through her form in anticipation of what was to come.

"Soul, I'm scared." This open admission from her came as no surprise to him, and as a result he pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss that sent his own sparks flying. He reached between them and fondled her clit again with the pad of his thumb. Her arms flew around his neck as an anchor, nails leaving nasty scrapes along his back as she rode his hand to near completion. But he didn't let her finish.

"Me too, Maka. Even cool guys get scared sometimes. Will you help me?"

Looking into his eyes, she nodded her compliance. Raising herself from him slightly, he rubbed against her a few times for good measure, causing her to wrap her arms around his neck and bury her face into his shoulder. He positioned himself at her entrance and pushed inside until the tip was engulfed in her warmth. From this point, he wanted her to take the initiative.

"It's in a little bit, Maka. Take your time." He dislodged her from his shoulders to encourage her to take control, using his outstretched arms as a backrest on which she could get comfortable. She couldn't help but blush as she gripped him in her fingers and slightly lowered herself further onto his shaft. A bit of blood was seen, but only a little as she ignored the pain and sank further down until she had his entire length inside her. All movement stopped as she adjusted to his invasion. Honestly, it didn't hurt as much as she had expected it to. Years of strenuous fighting and combat had seen to the little problem of her hymen. It still took her inner walls a moment to stop their spasming, but once it did, she experimented with tightening and clenching herself around Little Soul until Big Soul groaned in approval. He wrapped his arms around her and began to move inside her.

Neither meister nor weapon lasted very long, in the grand scheme of things. Maka's sensitivity had already been heightened by their earlier activities, so when she once again screamed his name to the heavens in wild abandon, gripping him tightly in multiple senses of the word, Soul wasn't very far behind. Cool guys were supposed to have much better stamina, but he felt that his excuse of just not being able to help himself where Maka was concerned would hold its own any day. She was his meister, after all, and knew him better than any other person could. Her current knowledge of him had been expanded quite a bit following certain activities, he chuckled to himself afterward.

Cool guys weren't supposed to be cuddlers, either, but Maka's death grip on his midriff as she slept would put the strength of any experienced body builder to shame. Frankly, he didn't have the heart or the energy to undertake the acrobatics it would take to dislodge her from his being. And it wasn't like he despised lying next to her after hot, passionate sex, the smell of their activities still fresh in the air, and the sound of her slow and steady breathing the only thing to be heard above the whirr of the fan overhead.

Quite the contrary. He could certainly get used to this. Most definitely, in fact.