The Hero's Brother Chapter Twelve

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T.H.E. H.E.R.O'S. B.R.O.T.H.E.R

"You are not going anywhere, human!" The demonic giant sand tanuki yelled out, looking at the tiny human who had dared injured his vessel to such an extent. Naruto glanced at the bijuu with slight apprehension. Taking on the near crazed, youki infused Gaara was one thing, but facing the actual thing? This might give him a tad of a challenge. Naruto smirked, he liked challenges.

However, his chakra reserves was dangerously low, and another soldier pill was the last he could take without endangering his body. Naruto checked his tools pouch, it was still full. One perk about being the leader of ROOT, was that he had access to equipment of the highest quality.

The slight sound of wind parting was the first thing to warn him of an oncoming attack. The angered shout of a bijuu was the next. "I will enjoy killing you, human!" Another sand arm flew towards the ground, more specifically, towards Naruto.

Infusing chakra towards his calf muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings, he leaped away from the point of collision before being blown away in mid air by the force of the attack. Shukaku's gigantic fist landed on the ground, a tremor coursing throughout the ground, causing a minor earthquake.

The attack did not cease, Shukaku swept his hand towards Naruto. The blonde widened his eyes as he recovered from the force of the previous attack which left him slightly winded. Unsealing his tsurugi in a flash, he infused wind and fire chakra into the sword. Yet again, a scorching white flame enveloped the blade.

Naruto swung his sword, a wave of searing white hot flames tearing into the offending appendage. The sand hand was cut through like a hot knife through butter. The sliced off hand on the ground, and without the youki, the limb dispersed into a pile of sand. The stump of Shukaku's arm passed by Naruto, but the blonde wasn't one to miss an opportunity like this.

Jumping on the hand, he raced up the arm. Naruto reached into his pouch picked out four exploding kunais. He threw them towards the other arm before forming a single handseal, 'Kunai Kage Bunshin no jutsu!' (Mass kunai shadow clone). The original four exploding kunais quickly multiplied into a few dozen. Each one accurately landing on the sand limb.

'3..2..1!' A series of explosions simultaneously rocked the entire arena, as dozens of exploding tags went off at the same time. Shukaku yelled in frustration as the dozens of explosions blew off his entire right arm, while the tiny human was still running up his left.

Actually, the Kunai Kage Bunshin was only able to clone a regular kunai, but not the exploding tag wrapped around it. But Naruto was able to tweak the jutsu, realizing that with the correct chakra flow, one was able to even clone the exploding tag. But only a ninja who is sufficiently skilled with fuuinjutsu and is actually able to draw an exploding tag's seal blindfolded, would be able to do what he had done.

However, a small handicap like a lost arm did not matter to the semi-bijuu. It merely directed his youki into his remaining arm Naruto was running up and sent sand spikes trying to pierce him.

The blonde carefully evaded all the sand spikes, which was quite difficult considering the distractions all around him : Sounds of battle occurring all around the arena where explosions were not at all rare. He only had enough chakra for one more jutsu and he would need that soldier pill after that.

Shukaku seeing his spikes not working, finally had enough of the tiny human running up his arm and inhaled a massive amount of air. Naruto widened his eyes as he saw that, knowing exactly what would come next. "Futon : Renkudan!" Shukaku yelled as he shot out a highly compressed all of air from its mouth.

The expelled ball of air sped towards Naruto threatening to end his life. Once again, Naruto infused chakra into his leg muscles, and jumped up to avoid the menacing air bullet, hoping for the best. The Renkudan continued its path and smashed into Shukaku's arm, tearing it off at its elbow.

Naruto smirked, that took out another complication he would have had to face. Shukaku growled in frustration at losing tet another one of its limbs. Though the confidence within Naruto soon vanished as he realized he was in midair without any support and hundreds of feet above ground.

"Oh shit..." Naruto thought as he finally started to descend back to earth due to gravity's merciless pull. The blonde looked down fearfully as he started to think of any way to get out of the situation he was in right now. That was when he saw it, his perfect vision granting him a sight more than welcome.

T.H.E. H.E.R.O'S. B.R.O.T.H.E.R

Shikamaru was fighting his own battles while Naruto was fighting the giant Tanuki thingy. At first he tried to pretend he had already been killed by an enemy by laying on his back, not moving. But things got a little too troublesome when enemies started pouring in from the entrances, and the lazy genius decided that to play dead would be more troublesome than to actually fight for his village.

So far he had already taken out two of the enemy genin and was barely able to surprise an enemy chuunin with his Kage Yaiba. He was about to escape the battle inside the arena and get to his clan compound when a series of explosions went off.

Shikamaru squinted his eyes and saw a blonde guy running up the Tanuki's arm while said Tanuki was roaring in anger. Quickly realizing that blonde guy was actually Naruto, he gave a nervous laugh "Only that troublesome blonde would be daring enough to take on an overgrown Tanuki by himself."

Then he saw the Tanuki spit out a ball of compressed air at Naruto and was glad to see the blonde jump out of harm's way, only to begin falling down. The Nara could only give his trademark "Mendokuse..." before gathering 75percent of his chakra and forming several handseals.

Shikamaru looked up at the falling blonde and yelled out "Kage Kami no Te!"(Shadow God's Hand)

T.H.E. H.E.R.O'S. B.R.O.T.H.E.R

Naruto looked down and saw a sight more than welcome. Two gigantic black hands erupting from the ground. 'Shikamaru! That lazy bastard is actually going to save my life...' Though secretly, Naruto was actually genuinely happy. He was happy that he had a teammate that was willing to save his life despite being in danger himself. He was happy that maybe, just maybe, Naruto had finally found a friend?

The first black appendage caught Naruto, providing a soft landing to ease the impact. The second enormous hand reached past Naruto to grip Shukaku's head. The blonde could see what the Nara was trying to do and not one to disappoint, he popped the final soldier pill and swallowed, immediately feeling the previously lost chakra replenishing within seconds.

The black hand suddenly dragged Shukaku's upper body down, making it lose it's balance. Naruto formed a very familiar handseal and created two kage bunshin. 'Here is my chance, my final attack comes now!' (Tell me if you had seen this coming!)

The three of them formed handseals simultaneously.

The first kage bunshin finished and yelled "Katon : Hiryuu Entei!"

The second kage bunshin finished and yelled "Raiton : Rairyu Kaminarukou!"

The original Naruto finished and yelled "Fuuton : Fuuryu Kaze Ou!"

At once, three massive dragons, made out of fire, wind and lightning separately, appeared. Each of them stared at Shukaku threateningly, fire scorching, lightning cackling, wind slicing. The large amount of chakra and light pulled everyone's attention to the three elemental dragons, stopping their fighting for just that moment.

The three dragons flew into each other, combining, to create a chaotic storm of flames strengthened by wind and bolts of lightning clashing with each other. The S-ranked annihilation jutsu flew towards Shukaku who instinctively shielded itself and its host, a legendary bijuu fearing this... monstrous technique.

The firestorm crashed into Shukaku, instantly destroying what defenses it had. The lightning penetrated the youki filled sand Tanuki, tearing through its body like nothing was there. Even Gaara who was sleeping on the Tanuki's forehead woke up immediately from the intense heat.

Fire spiraled around the bijuu, covering its entirety as blades of wind cut it apart while bolts of lightning destroyed what remained. Everyone stared at the technique, awed and amazed and fearful of the terrifying jutsu, even more fearful of the one who unleashed it.

For that one moment, everyone in the arena stopped their battles and fights to stare at the technique utterly destroying the released bijuu, before continuing their battles.

It took a while for the fire to settle down and whatever smoke and dust to clear out. All that remained of the tanuki was a large pile of burnt sand and glass. And amongst all that, was a heavily burned, disfigured red haired boy who was still alive, albeit in an extremely precarious situation.

Naruto grinned as pride, relieve and exhaustion filled his tired body. The blonde almost collapsed on the shadow hand as it slowly lowered itself to the ground. The Shadow Hand sunk back into the ground as Shikamaru released the technique opting to take help Naruto out of the battle filled arena.

T.H.E. H.E.R.O'S. B.R.O.T.H.E.R

(And now for the fight you have all been waiting for...)

Before Naruto started fighting Shukaku, another battle was occurring somewhere else, an epic clash between the only surviving SS-ranked Shinobi against three Kage-level shinobi.

Namikaze Minato stared down his three opponents, sizing up his enemies, trying to remember what info he had on them. The first and most noticeable threat was Onoki, the Sandaime Tsuchikage of Iwagakure. Known as "Onoki of Both Scales", he was a proud and extremely powerful man with the ability to use the feared Dust Release.

Minato could still remember when he last faced the aged Kage, during the Third Shinobi War. Their fight wasn't able to end due to a retreat signal being called for Konoha's shinobis, but he remembered it being a close fight, though Minato was definitely winning.

His second enemy was the Yondaime Kazekage of Sunagakure. A powerful enemy indeed, with the kekkei genkai, Magnetic Release. From what he had seen War while fighting alongside Sunagakure, the Kazekage was able to manipulate Sakin, Gold Sand. It was rather terrifying to see a wave of gold sand destroying an enemy camp, and crushing any survivors.

His third enemy was the one he was most familiar. Orochimaru of the sannin, a genius who was said to be on par with himself. A former Jounin who defected after his horrendous experiments which killed many innocent victims was discovered. An extraordinarily powerful shinobi, he is a master of ninjutsu and extremely adept at everything else.

Orochimaru laughed "Namikaze Minato... after all these years, I finally get to kill you for stealing what was mine!" The snake sannin pulled out his kusanagi from his mouth, the two others standing beside him sending weird looks. "Faced with three kage-level shinobi, not so arrogant now, Namikaze?"

Onoki scoffed "I don't care whatever grudge you two have, I am here only for the destruction of Konohagakure and to do that, you must die!" The Tsuchikage settled into a loose stance. The Kazekage glared at Minato. "Namikaze, I warned you that this would happen... your arrogance was what forced me to invade your village. Now, prepare to suffer for your mistake!"

Minato gripped his Hiraishin Kunais tighter, "Doesn't matter how many of you there are, I will still cut all of you down. Weaklings need to band together afterall, to even attempt to challenge a powerful shinobi." The three kages glared at Minato, not believing that he could even now be so arrogant.

Orochimaru growled "Those arrogant words will be what leads to your downfall!" The Kazekage roared in frustration "Enough talking! It's time to end this. Sakin!" Sand of Gold erupted from the ground infront of the trio, flying towards Minato. The Yondaime Hokage smirked "Too slow!" and threw a hiraishin kunai away while flashing to where it landed, dodging the wave of sand.

However, Orochimaru rushed in next, sword poised to stab Minato. The blonde's extreme reaction speed saved him, and he managed to dodge the stab to launch a rasengan at Orochimaru's chest. "Too easy!" He yelled as the rasengan ball drove into the snake sannin's torso, tearing it apart. Only for Orochimaru to melt into mud.

The snake sannin attacked from behind, "Seneijashu!" he yelled out, sending a dozen small snakes towards Minato's back, from his sleeves. The snakes almost reached the blonde before he flashed away again. "You are going to have to try harder to even touch me!" Minato mocked.

"Sabaku Kyu..." The Kazekage whispered as Minato noticed a large amount of gold sand starting to envelop him. 'This is bad...' He thought as he jumped out of the sand's grasp... only to be punched in the back sending him flying towards the ground. Onoki was floating in the air with his fist covered in rock, smirking.

Minato was barely able to recover from the attack before landing on his feet. He was about to counter attack before being bombarded with jutsus from the Kazekage and Orochimaru. The Snake sannin sent a "Katon : Goryuka no jutsu" while the Kazekage sent a "Futon : Atsugai". The two fire and wind jutsu combined together to create a blast of white hot flames.

The blonde managed to dodge the attack by flashing away again. "Jinton : Genkai Hakuri no jutsu"(Atomic Dismantling) A cube with a sphere in the middle rapidly expanded, trapping Minato within its confines. The Hokage tried to breakfree of the structure but to no avail. The sphere exploded with a tremendous amount of force with Minato still inside.

Only to reveal.. nothing as Minato flashed behind Onoki, to send a Rasengan towards the old man's back. But he was interrupted by a wave of golden sand. Minato was forced to use his rasengan to deflect the golden sand before flashing away.

The Hokage wiped off a bead of sweat 'Facing these three is harded than I thought. I would have succeded in landing my attacks if not for the interruptions of the other two. And they are not giving me anytime to rest either!' He thought as he leaped back to avoid several snakes sent his way by Orochimaru.

'Not to mention my back is killing me! That punch from the old man was really powerful.' Minato winced as the bruise on his back ached. Onoki frowned "This is taking too long. Doton : Ganban Kyu"(Bedrock Coffin) Three slabs of rock rose around Minato and tried to cursh him only for Minato to use a Rasengan to blow apart one of the slabs to escape.

'I hope they don't know that using the Hiraishin actually takes alot out of me, and I can only use it at a maximum of a dozen times including other jutsus.' Minato thought as he ran from the pursuing gold sand. Orochimaru emerged from the ground in front of him sending several large snakes at him while slashing with Kusanagi.

It took Minato all he had to avoid the poisonous snakes and deadly sword and was able to send a kick at Orochimaru through an opening. But to his surprise, it wasn't a clone. Orochimaru smirked and grabbed Minato's leg, disabling his movement. "Now!"

This signaled both Onoki and the Kazekage to send their strongest attacks at Minato. "Sakin!" Kazekage yelled, sending a wave of golden sand at Minato. "Doton : Doryu Dango!" The Tsuchikage yelled, lifting up a gigantic lump of earth easily with one hand while the the other formed a half Tora seal. He spewed fire chakra into the lump of earth, setting it on fire.

Minato glanced back and gulped "That's not good..." before turning back and gripped Orochimaru's hand, trying to peel it off. The Snake Sannin was unrelenting and even tightened his grip. The blonde took out a kunai and tried stabbing him, but was unsuccessful as Orochimaru covered his arm in chakra, giving it a steel-like hardness.

Onoki threw the massive rock at him while the gold sand flew towards Minato. Seeing no other choice, he formed another rasengan and tried to smash it into Orochimaru's arm only to be stopped by his tounge, wrapped around Minato's wrist. But he could form another one and he hit Orochimaru's left arm right in the elbow, blowing it off and loosening his grip.

Minato flashed away instantly leaving Orochimaru alone to face the two attacks. The Snake Sannin was able to escape, but barely unscathed. Chunks of rock smashed into him while being blown away from the force of the impact.

Orochimaru hissed angrily before smirking. Snakes came out of his elbow and regenerating another new limb. Onoki turned to Orochimaru "Can't you hold him properly, snake!" Orochimaru sneered at him "Maybe if you had been faster with your attack, he would be dead by now!" The Kazekage tired of their argument decided to end it "Both of you shut up and focus your anger onto him."

They all turned towards Minato looked at Orochimaru and smirked. Instantly, he disappeared and reappeared in a yellow flash next to the Snake Sannin, before blowing him away with a rasengan. Orochimaru landed in a heap, clutching his wounded side, "How! When did you manage to apply one of your seals on me?"

Minato flashed away again "Hmph, remember when I kicked you? That was when I marked you. Now, I can teleport next to you anytime I want." Orochimaru immediately lost his 'in pain' face and laughed. "You idiot, telling me that. If you marked me, I can just do this, right?" At first, nothing happened, before Orochimaru unhinged his jaw and opened up his mouth.

Black hair came out of his mouth, then an entire body, leaving the shed skin with the Hiraishin mark. Orochimaru 'shed his skin' to get rid of the Hiraishin seal. Minato grimaced "That was gross." The snake sannin smirked "Thank you. Now we know not to get physically touched by you."

Onoki scoffed "Easier said then done, snake. Namikaze is fast, with or without his Hiraishin." The Kazekage who had been in concentration smirked. The ground around Minato rumbled before the ground around him exploded and large amount of golden sand flew out, instantly encasing Minato within.

Quickly, he willed the sand to crush Minato, but to no avail as he had already teleported out, next to the shedded skin Orochimaru was still standing next to. "I will get rid of you first, Rasengan!" He yelled as he tried to drive the rotating ball towards Orochimaru.

Again, he was interrupted as a Dragon made of rock flew towards him. "Doton : Dosekiryu (Earth and Stone Dragon)" Onoki muttered as he sent it flying towards Minato, knowing he would try to attack Orochimaru again.

The attack was too quick for Minato to avoid and the dragon swallowed the blonde. Only for its neck to explode a second later as the Hokage blew a hole in it with his rasengan and jumped out. He was again forced to jump away as pellets of golden sand flew at him. When he landed, he raced towards the Kazekage who he thought would be helpless.

Only to be forced to change direction as a wall of gold sand appeared in front of him, and threatened to swallow him up. Now, he was speeding towards Onoki who was floating in midair. Throwing several Hiraishi Kunai at him, Minato planned to flash to one of them before Onoki deflected them with a small futon jutsu.

Still running towards Onoki, Minato jumped with chakra enhancements and prepared to smash a Rasengan in to Onoki's small frame. He almost succeeded if not for the flying Kusanagi aimed at him. Minato, in mid air, was not able to avoid the flying sword until he flashed away.

Minato was now uncertain if he could even take out one of them. Every time he tried to attack one of them, he would be interrupted by another and would lose that rare opportunity. Most of the time he would be trying to avoid attacks sent by all three of them.

He considered flashing away to another spot to recover before returning to battle until he saw someone that changed his mind. Orochimaru sensed a disturbance in the force (couldn't help it, lol) and looked up, only to see a large thing dropping down on him.

The snake sannin leaped away to find a large toad landing where he was standing before. "Seh Seh Seh Seh Seh! Densetsu no Sannin, Jiraiya has arrived!" The white haired toad sennin gave an awkward dance on his battle toad before posing in a supposedly threatening stance. Orochimaru frowned "Looks like we have an interference..."

Jiraiya's toad jumped next to Minato and he formed a battle stance before turning to him, whispering "Minato, the North and East gate has been broken through, large snake summons as well as crazy amounts of Iwa, Oto and Suna shinobi has flooded into the village. The West gate is holding their own while the South gate has pushed the enemy back. Our casualties are severe..."

Said blonde grimaced "What are you doing here? Get back on the front lines, I can handle these guys." Jiraiya shook his head "You know you can't deal with them by yourself. Don't worry about the gates, Sarutobi-sensei is rushing from the South Gate to the North Gate right now, along with many of his elite Anbu guards. I'm here to help-" He was interupted by a wave of golden sand.

"Stop whispering amongst yourselves, stop wasting our time and just roll over and die!" Onoki yelled before forming several handseals "Doton Doryudan (Earth Dragon Bullet)" A Dragon-like head emerged from the ground and fired dense chunks of rock at them.

They dodged it only to have a large snake fly at them, jaw agape, ready to swallow them both alive. Jiraiya gave an annoyed look before spinning on one arm and kicking the snake away. "Orochimaru, I have dealt with your snakes so many times, I can take them out without even trying."

The Snake Sannin narrowed his eyes in slight anger. Jiraiya turned towards Minato "I will seperate Orochimaru from the others, you'll have to hold on your own with the other two until I get back." The blonde nodded in the affirmative. The white haired sennin formed several handseals "Doton Doryukatsu!"(Earth flow divide) and slammed his hands in to the ground.

A rumble occured before the ground split into two between Orochimaru and the two kages, tearing the earth apart, creating large chasms, separating them. Jiraiya leaped towards Orochimaru, wishing Minato good luck.

With Orochimaru taken out of the equation, Minato would have a much easier time with only the two S-ranked shinobis left. The blonde turned towards his Jiraiya "Hey sensei, let's have a race and see who defeats their opponents faster and go helps the other!" The white haired sennin turned back and smirked "I will be here helping you before you know it, kid!"

Onoki and the Kazekage was slightly put off by their proclamation. The Tsuchikage flew up deciding to be serious now, why was he so worried about collateral damage anyways? He put his palms together before motioning to the Kazekage to keep Minato busy.

He nodded in understanding and sent his Golden Sand after Minato again. The blonde looked at Onoki concentrating and knew something big was coming. After dodging a few sand spikes, he threw a hiraishin kunai at Onoki. The Tsuchikage floated to the right and evaded it, only for Minato to teleport next to him, a rasengan in hand.

Onoki frowned and broke his concentration to dodge Minato's attack. The Tsuchikage was ready to counter attack but saw a golden hand grip on to Minato's leg. The Hokage looked down and cursed, pulling away from its grip. He flashed away and glared at the Kazekage for interrupting.

A large amount of gold sand appeared from seemingly nowhere, hovering in mid air, blocking Minato's view of Onoki. The Kazekage finally decided to get physical and rushed towards Minato.

The blonde saw the kazekage and decided to humor him by engaging him in taijutsu. The two exchanged a few blows, a kick here and a punch there. Minato with his furious mix of jabs and deadly high kicks while the Kazekage, with a larger body frame, grappled and tossed.

A few moments passed while the two tried their hardest to disable the other before Onoki yelled out "I'm ready, get behind me!" The Kazekage smirked and leaped behind him, shedding the sand armor he had on along with the Hiraishin seals Minato had probably marked him with.

The hovering sand moved away revealing Onoki with a conical structure within his hands and a sphere within it. Minato was about to move away but sand gripped his feet, trapping him to the ground. Onoki noticed the sand gripping Minato's feed and smirked, he ain't escaping this one now...

"Jinton : Genkai Hakuri no jutsu!" He yelled as the sphere glowed and exploded with enormous power, the force directed in a conical shape towards Minato. The blonde looked at the incoming attack and clenched his teeth 'Think,think,think,think!... That's it!' Minato formed several handseals and bit his thumb. "Kuchiyose no jutsu! Hogosha no Gama! (Guardian Toad)" A poof of smoke appeared at the same time as the explosion colliding with Minato.

The smoke and dust dispersed, revealing a large armor clad toad who looked terrible, with broken armor pieces, bruises and cuts. Although Minato looked unscathed hiding behind it. "Arigatou, Gama-san" The toad nodded weakly before being dismissed.

Infusing chakra into his feet, he tore them out of the golden sand and looked furious. The area around him was utterly destroyed except for the patch of concrete he was standing on. "It's my turn now!"

T.H.E. H.E.R.O'S. B.R.O.T.H.E.R

Jiraiya led Orochimaru away from Minato's fight in order to not let him join back into their fight as easily. "Orochimaru... What happened to you? Attacking your own village? Can you get any lower than that? Trying to destroy the place that you grew up in, the place that raised you!" The sennin yelled out, furious that his ex-teammate would actually do such a thing.

Orochimaru glared at him with fury unhidden "Shut up Jiraiya! You don't know anything about me. Not now, not all those years ago."

The sennin growled "Oh I do! Trust me, I understand you. And I've come to realize, after all these years, you aren't plague with emotional issues, nor are you troubled. Orochimaru... you are just sick in the head aren't you? You are just a sociopath who derives in causing pain, aren't you? All those years, we spent trying to fix something that was already broken. You... OROCHIMARU!" Jiraiya yelled, pulling back his fist and socking the Snake Sannin in the face, launching him away.

Orochimaru pulled himself up, chuckling before erupting into full blown manic laughter. "Still the fool aren't you, Jiraiya? I'm not a sociopath... I'm a genius! I'm not crazy... In fact, I'm the only one who's still sane in this psychotic world. I, who will learn the secrets of life and death and become a God! And you... still the same jester as when we were genin, still the same foolish, childish boy... JIRAIYA!"

Orochimaru ran towards Jiraiya, pulling his arm back and socked Jiraiya in the face back, launching him backwards. The Toad sannin recovered in midair, landing on his feet. Jiraiya wiped off the slight tinge of blood from his lips and leveled his glare at Orochimaru. The Sennin clenched his fist, "Orochimaru, let's end this, once and for all!"

The Snake Sannin, seemingly out of character smiled "That's fine by me, Jiraiya. I look forward to beating you down like I've always done." The two ran towards each other, fist cocked back and drove their fist right into each other's faces. Orochimaru acted fast, a kick already sent towards Jiraiya before the white haired sannin landed another blow onto Orochimaru's left rib.

They jumped back, away from each other before gathering their chakra. Orochimaru quickly formed several handseals "Futon : Daitoppa!" And a large gust of wind blew towards Jiraiya. Said sennin formed handseals of his own, "Katon : Ryuuka!" Spewing out a large wave of flames, tearing through Orochimaru's wave of wind, headed towards the Snake Sannin strengthened by the wind.

Orochimaru responded by forming handseals "Doton Doryuuheki!" A large wall of earth rose up infront of him, shielding him from the wave of scorching fire. Orochimaru drew his Kusanagi and ran up the rock wall. Reaching the top, he looked down and saw Jiraiya looking at him.

The Snake sannin jumped from the top of the wall, raising Kusanagi above his head, ready to strike him down. Jiraiya replied with a yell "Hari Jizo" Encasing himself with his hardened and lengethened hair, in a cocoon of needles and spikes.

Kusanagi struck the hardened hair, not even leaving a scratch. Orochimaru was forced to jump back as the needles lengthened and threatened to pierce him. The hair shortened and returned to its original shape, revealing an indifferent Jiraiya, the one whom his enemies last see before they die. The one that appears when Jiraiya switches off his emotions.

He started forming several handseals and Orochimaru recognizing them started doing the same. They both ended at the same time and bit their thumbs. "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" They both yelled at the same time and two equally large clouds of smoke appeared.

The smoke dispersed, revealing a gigantic red Toad, wearing a jacket and smoking from a pipe. And a massive violet Snake coiled up. The two looked at each other and immediately knew what was going on. Their summoner could only be facing one person if they are seeing each other.

"Orochimaru... Summoning me to fight your battles again, I see." The massive snake spoke, hissing menacingly. Orochimaru replied "Yes, Manda-sama. Now that Jiraiya has summoned the toad, I will require your assistance in battle." Manda licked the air "Fine. But once we are done, I will require a hundred human sacrifices"

The toad glared at the snake infront of him. "Jiraiya! Looks like we are taking on Orochimaru again, huh?" The white haired Sennin nodded "Yes, Bunta. This will be the last time, because I'm going to defeat him, right here, right now." Gamabunta exhaled a trail of smoke "Fine, but remember that's what you said the last time too. Hmph, if Katsuyu was here, it would be just like old times, huh?"

Manda started things off by launching itself towards Bunta, ready to sink its fangs into the toad. The Frog boss blocked the attack with his gigantic tanto, and pushed Manda back. Jiraiya narrowed his eyes and shouted "Bunta, I need some oil!" The white haired sennin formed some handseals as Gamabunta shot out a jet of oil.

"Katon : Gamayu Endan!(Toad Oil Flame Bullet)" Jiraiya shouted as he blew out a stream of fire at the jet of oil, igniting it, creaating a large flamethrower like wave of fire. The fire enveloped Manda and Orochimaru, causing it to apparently hiss in agony.

But they weren't tricked, they knew it wasn't over yet. The flames dispersed, revealing Manda's shed skin. The ground burst open as something purple erupted out of it. Gamabunta sliced at it, only to notice it was only Manda's tail. The ground behind Bunta burst open and this time, Manda's head flew out ready to bite Bunta behind his back.

However, Jiraiya already knew that would happen and had already formed handseals in preparation. "Katon Zukokku!(Searing Migrane)" He shot out a small fireball that flew towards Manda before erupting into a giant firestorm upon touching the Snake.

Manda truly hissed in agony this time as he dived away in pain, trying to shake off the flames. Orochimaru put them out with a water jutsu, relieving him of the pain. Manda glared at Jiraiya "I'm going to enjoy eating you!" The Sennin did not reply and merely stared back coldly.

T.H.E. H.E.R.O'S. B.R.O.T.H.E.R

Minato took a stance and closed his eyes in concentration, he snapped them open as a burst of chakra come from within. "Kaimon, Kai!"(Gate of opening) A fury of chakra enveloped Minato, giving him a blue outline. The blue eyed hokage smirked, it's time for payback now.

He threw a dozen hiraishin kunai at them, flashing in between each one. The Kazekage tried defending with his golden sand, only for Minato to suddenly disappear and reappear at another location, before flashing away again and reappearing at another area.

Onoki and the Kazekage looked around as yellow flashes occured all around them. Minato smirked 'This is why I'm called the yellow flash of Konoha! Rasengan!' Out of nowhere, the Hokage appeared behind the Kazekage and landed a successful Rasengan at his back. The Kazekage grinded his teeth in pain, but his sand armor protected him.

But not for long as Minato landed another rasengan at the same spot, grinding away the golden sand armor, the force of the technique pushed him into the air. The Kazekage flew up, spitting up some blood as he gradually fell down, being caught by his golden sand.

Minato was given no time to rest as Onoki came in from the side, a fist cocked back, encased in rock. The blonde defended himself with his left arm, only for it to immediately break from the power of the attack. A combination of Doton : Kengan (Fist Rock) and Doton : Chokajugan (Ultra-added-weight Rock), drastically increasing the weight of Onoki's attack.

Minato was launched away, crying in pain while craddling his broken left arm. He recovered in mid air, and landed on his feet. Minato glanced at his left arm, a dark bruise already forming over the broken arm. 'This is bad... I can't fight anymore with this arm, leaving me with only one arm to fend off the both of them. But I can take out the Kazekage soon, Onoki is what I'm afraid of. He has barely received any damage at all throughout this fight, and from what I hear, his chakra stores are massive, so a fight of stamina is out of the question...'

The Kazekage had already recovered from the double Rasengan and was wincing in pain as he pulled himself up. He was already tired of this ninjutsu battle, and decided to engage Minato in a physical battle again. The Kazekage formed a golden sword from his sand, a broadsword half the size of Minato.

He covered himself in sand armor and once again rushed towards Minato. The blonde found himself in a sword fight, while holding onto a kunai. So this was why the Kazekage was also known as the 'Golden Knight of Suna'. His skills with a broadsword was indeed terrifying, as each slash and stab came closer to beheading Minato.

Minato could think of one thing while dodging and parrying the sword strikes. 'This is going to suck...'

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