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It was evening in Jump city. Robin and Starfire were out, on what Robin constantly told the others was not a date, which of course, none of them believed. Raven was quietly reading a book in the common room while Cyborg worked on the T-car in the garage and Beast boy was… where was Beast boy anyway?

"Hi Raven." Oh. There he is, "You okay?"

She frowned slightly at the concern in his voice, "Yeah, I'm fine. Why'd you ask?"

He shrugged, "I dunno, you just look a little down. Here, I made you some tea."

"Oh, thanks." She said, still a bit put out by his non-Beast-boy-ish behavior, "You didn't put hot sauce in it again, did you?"

"Dude! That was like three years ago! Let it go."

Raven allowed a small smile to come through, "Never."

He laughed as he realized she was joking. Raven couldn't help but notice how nice his eyes looked when he laughed. Sparkling with mischief, as usual. Someone once said the eyes were the window to the soul, which was certainly true. That was why she could never look anyone in the eye when she lied to them. And that was why she couldn't tear her eyes from his.

Raven suddenly doubled over in pain, the cup shattering in her grip as she suppressed a scream to a minor groan as pain wracked her body.

"Raven! What's wrong?"

She clutched her head, moaning, "I need to deal with this alone, don't come and find me." She fell to the ground on all fours before phasing through the floor, presumably to her room.

Beast boy thought about the situation for about five seconds. The other times she had said she needed to deal with something alone were the times she most needed help. The first time was when he and Cyborg were in her mind and she was fighting the manifestation of Trigon, which she later explained was Rage. The only other time was when the real Trigon was trying to take over the world. Both times she claimed not to need help, and both times she did. He pulled out is communicator.

"Cyborg, can you come up here, fast? Something's wrong with Raven."


Raven fell through the ceiling of her room, hitting the ground with a dull thump. The pain barely registered. Slowly she pulled out what she needed to survive this process again. It had been a while since this had happened. She had gone through it a grand total of eight times in her life, most of which had been when she was very young and all of which had been when she was living in Azarath. But she knew it would happen again, so she was prepared.

She pulled her meditation mirror closer to herself and set about putting her room under quarantine. She now did her best to get comfortable for what would be a painful process; she sat in the middle of her bed, piling her pillows behind her to form an impromptu back rest as she prepared to succumb to the change. There was suddenly a loud knocking on her door.

"Raven? Raven what's wrong? Please let us in, I-we need to know that you're okay!" Beast boy. He never did do as she asked.


"We won't hurt you Raven; you need help, let us in!" Said Cyborg.

"N-no, I literally can't!"

"Oh. Stand back." said Cyborg as he realized what she meant. There was a loud bang as the door flew off its hinges under the force of Cyborgs sonic cannon. Beast boy hurried in, followed by Cyborg.

"Raven! What's happening? Why'd you lock yourself in here?"

"So- I don't- hurt- anyone! You need to get out!"

"Rae, we didn't go the last time you asked us that, or the time before that, or any of the other times. What makes you think we will now?"

Raven groaned in agony as she involuntarily spasmed backwards, whimpering, "There's nothing you can do! This isn't like- like- AAAHHH!" she screamed as all breath seemed to leave her.

"Cyborg, can't you help? Get some sedatives, or pain killers or SOMETHING!" exploded Beast boy, looking angrier and more panicked than Cyborg had ever seen him.

"Nothing- helps, I-I'll be fine."

"You don't look fine." Said Cyborg, looking a little grim.

Raven managed a tiny smile in spite of the pain, "I said, I - will be."

Beast boy looked like he was going to cry. He hated seeing her in so much pain and be unable to do anything about it. "What's happening?"

"Azarathian process- AH! - I'll be fine."

"But what's happening?"

"You- remember my emotions? When you- went into my mind?" They both nodded, "I-I wasn't born with them. I started with a -a clean slate, but they came through. I think a new one's c-coming-coming-AAAHHH!"

Cyborg worked out what she was saying, "So you're getting a new emotion?"

Raven groaned and nodded painfully.

"Which one?"

Raven spoke with the precision of someone in extreme pain, "I don't know. I-if I did this would be e-easy -AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" her scream now was more agonized than any of the previous, and as if that wasn't enough, her cloak flashed several different colors before returning to its usual dark blue.

Beast boy was frantic, "What do we do? Tell me what to do! Raven! How do we help?"

Cyborg stared at Beast boy, noting the distress in the changeling's voice, No way. Raven couldn't help but be touched by his concern, "There's n-nothing you can do! I know how t-to deal with it now. I've just gotta g-get my mirror and-" she groaned and convulsed on the bed again.

Beast boy grabbed the mirror faster than was humanly possible, "You need it? Here, use it, go. Do whatever you need to stop this!"

Raven managed a moment of lucidity through the pain. She smiled at him, "Thank you." She then took the mirror and vanished into its depths.

Beast boy looked at Cyborg, "Should we follow her?"

"No. Man she's got enough to deal with right now, we don't wanna add us into the mix."

Beast boy was not convinced, "But how will we know if she's okay? What if something happens? What if-" He broke off as he saw Cyborg smirking at him knowingly, "What?"

"Nothing… you're just gettin' a little protective of Rae-rae, aren't you?"

Beast boy blushed, "Uh, I don't know what you're talking about."

Cyborg's smirk grew, "Soooo that means you don't mind that we're going out tomorrow night?"

"WHAT? DUDE!" Beast boy couldn't have looked more horrified if Cyborg had told him that they had ten minutes to live.

Cyborg burst out laughing, "Oh man, you SO like her!"

"But-you-what… huh?"

Cyborg slapped a hand on his shoulder, still laughing, "We're not going out BB; I just wanted to see the look on your face. Man, I wish I had a camera!"

Beast boy blushed deeply and grumbled at the floor.

"So you admit it?"

"Okay, fine! I like Raven! Happy now?"

Cyborg looked at the mirror in mock curiosity, "Hey, do you think she can hear things in there?"

Beast boy stopped for a moment before he screamed and ran out the door with Cyborg closely following him, laughing.


Raven landed in Wisdom's realm gently and breathed a sigh of relief. When she entered her mind the pain stopped for some reason. No one knew why, but Raven thought it was because that was where they needed to be for the transition, and the only reason the pain existed was because they weren't there. She looked around; Wisdoms realm was one of her favorites. She was standing on a grassy hill with woods in the distance. It was always night time and the stars shined with a brilliance they never could on earth. Beautiful.

"Wisdom! Where are you?"

"Out of sight, but not quite out of mind." Raven jumped and span around. There sitting on the hill behind her, in meditation position, was Wisdom. Like all her emotions she was a carbon copy of Raven, in a brown cloak.

"This is no time to develop a sense of humor." Raven said, trying to slow her heartbeat, "I need your and Knowledge's help."

Wisdom nodded, "To discover who this new emotion is. I must say, it's been a while. I was beginning to wonder if we would grow any more in number."

Raven nodded, she had been thinking the same thing, "Do you have any idea what it could be?"

"Only the vaguest of guesses. Shall we go to Knowledge's realm?"


They quickly phased to Knowledge's realm, a massive library. Every book held a different day of her life. There were also guides to most of the people she had met, books explaining phenomena she had experienced in her life and even novels that her imagination had produced. Therefore there were well over one million books. And counting.

"Knowledge?" Called Raven softly. Raised voices were not allowed in Knowledge's realm.

Knowledge appeared from behind a nearby bookshelf; she was dressed in a yellow cloak and had a pair of reading glasses on, "Hello Raven. Wisdom." She acknowledged them with a slight incline of her head, "I deduce you are here to establish the identity of our compatriot?"

Raven nodded, "I don't suppose you have any idea who it is?"

Knowledge shook her head, "Much as it irks me not to know something, my knowledge is only what you know or have known. I only learn of past proceedings after they are complete. This particular occurrence of your existence is yet to conclude."

Raven gave a wry smile, "It was worth a shot. You two make it a lot easier though."

They both smiled at the compliment, "So, let's get today's book and figure this out."

Raven and Wisdom went to the sitting area while Knowledge fetched the book. In under a minute they were pouring over the events of the day so far.

"Let's see. We got up, made some tea and had breakfast, read the book of Azar for a little while, fought Cinderblock…" Raven trailed off as Wisdom picked up.

"Had pizza with the rest of the titans, flew back to the tower, trained for about two hours…"

"Meditated, had dinner, read for a little more and talked with Beast boy. Then we were hit."

They all looked at each other, "I don't know about you two, but it seems like a normal day to me."

Knowledge and Wisdom nodded. Raven bit her lip a little, "What should we do now?"

"We should ask the others."

Raven stared at Knowledge in shock; "Call another meeting?" the last meeting had been a grade A disaster. Timid was in tears while Happy and Affection tried to pull Rage and Brave out of a fight.

Knowledge gave a small laugh, "Oh lord no, the last thing we need now is for Brave to get into another brawl with Rage; they could cause a cerebral breakdown. But if we visit them independently we should be able to puzzle it out."

Wisdom and Raven nodded, "We should split up. Wisdom, you go and talk to Brave. Knowledge, you can talk to Timid and I'll take Rude." She shuddered. Rude was her most detested emotion, second only to Rage.


Ten minutes later they reconvened, "Did you two find anything?"

Wisdom and Knowledge shook their heads sadly, "Timid was extremely apologetic that she couldn't help though."

Raven rolled her eyes, "She's always apologetic. Who's left?"

"Happy, Affection and Rage." Promptly replied Wisdom, "If I might make a suggestion, Happy and Affection often spend time together due to their similarities. We could all go and visit them, and if that is fruitless, then go and see Rage."

Raven and Knowledge both nodded in agreement; talking to Rage was never high on anyone's priorities.

"Let's go then." Said Raven, walking swiftly towards the forbidden door, which lead to Happy's realm.

The other two hung back a little, thinking. They looked at each other, "Do you know who it is?" asked Knowledge.

Wisdom smiled knowingly and tapped her nose. They both laughed, "She really has no idea does she? I wonder if Rude said anything."

"I doubt it. Timid was comparatively insightful however. I take it Brave was similarly perceptive?"

Wisdom nodded, "I can't believe how dense we can be sometimes, it was staring us in the face! And she still hasn't worked it out." They paused a moment before looking at each other and saying in unison, "Denial." And following Raven through the door.

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