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They appeared in a pink field, with puffy clouds overhead and trees with pink leaves swaying gently in the breeze. Raven was right beside them, "Right, now we just need to find them."

Knowledge craned her neck, "I don't anticipate that being exceedingly complicated."

There were suddenly two loud squeals before Raven was bowled over by her bright pink emotion; Happy, as Affection looked on, giggling slightly, in her usual purple.

"Ravie! We haven't seen you in ages!"

"Yeah- it's good to see you too Happy. But I can't breathe!"

Happy released her, smiling her giant smile as per usual. Raven looked to Affection, who was also smiling, though a smaller, less hyperactive grin. Raven raised an eyebrow; Affection seemed… different.

"Hi Affection. Do you two have any idea who this new emotion is?"

Happy and Affection looked at each other and giggled before nodding in unison.

"Who is it then?"

They fell about laughing, not replying. Most infuriating. Raven turned to Knowledge and Wisdom for help but saw them laughing too, be it not as hysterically, "What?"

Knowledge wiped a tear from her eye before replying, "Well, they know, and Wisdom and I know, so you must know." That was one thing about Raven's emotions; one or two of them may know something she herself didn't. But as soon as the number of emotions who knew was half or more it was evidence she was aware of it. Because Knowledge, Wisdom, Affection and Happy all definitely knew it made half. Whether she admitted it or not was another thing entirely.

"I-I don't know who it is, I swear. Please tell me." Raven's eyes were wide; she was afraid. Though she knew she needed to accept her emotions every new one changed who she was. When Rage had appeared she had been locked in a reinforced room for three days, just to be sure, "It's not a bad one is it?"

Wisdom placed a hand on her shoulder, "Who's to say whom of us are 'bad' emotions? We are all part of you, no matter how little you express us." She said with a glance at Affection; she got nearly no control.

"Rage. She's 'bad'. Is it anyone like her?"

They all shook their heads before Affection chipped in, "We can't tell you, but her realm's almost formed. We could go there; she won't appear until you admit her though."

They all phased to the newest realm. It was similar to Wisdom's in some ways; there were grassy hills and woods in the distance. But it was day time, the sun was shining and there were no celestial lights. As they walked around waiting for Raven to get it Affection noticed something shining in the grass at her feet. She picked it up and grinned, "Hey, look what I found!"

It was a penny. Affection grinned and handed it to Raven, "Find a penny, pick it up… something, something, something, Good luck!" All but Raven laughed at the quote.

Raven's face registered something between surprise and horror, "Oh no."

Her emotions laughed, "By Jove I think she's got it!" said Knowledge.

"No no no no no. No!" Raven ignored everyone and everything as she wandered off muttering denials. She stopped before a tree, sure she had escaped her emotions, before Affection appeared, grinned, and lightly shook the tree. A number of large toy chickens fell from the tree, burying Raven.

She spluttered and threw them aside, "It's not true! Stop it!"

"I'm not doing this Raven. If it wasn't true this wouldn't be happening."

"B-but I can't! He's immature and dumb and cute and sweet and- Oh Azar."

Affection grinned, "He is really sweet, isn't he?" she said dreamily. "Come on, you only have to admit it to yourself. It's not like you have to go up to him and confess your undying love for him."

Raven blushed deeply as she took in the words. She stood in silence for a while; her arms crossed around her waist, looking down at the multiple chickens at her feet before looking up at Affection and whispering so quietly she almost didn't hear, "I'm in love with Beast boy."

There was a tremendous flash of violet light as another version of Raven appeared. Her cloak was light lavender and she had a warm smile on her face. Raven smiled weakly, "Hi Love."

"Hello Raven, it's good to be here."

Affection smiled, "Hi Love! It's great to meet you!"

Love smiled, Affection was the closest emotion to herself, "It's good to meet you too Affection. We're going to be good friends, you can introduce me to Happy!"

Affection squealed and hugged Love. When she released her they both turned to Raven, "You need to go now."

Raven nodded and Affection took her hand, "They're worrying about you."

Raven smiled, "Thank you. Can you thank the others for me?"

Affection nodded, "Of course. Bye Raven, see you the next time."



Raven sighed contentedly as she lay back on the roof, her cloak a light shade of lavender. One of the side effects of the transition was that she felt the new emotion more keenly for a few hours afterwards. This included changing the color of her cloak. She gazed up at the stars. Sure, they weren't as brilliant as they were in Wisdoms realm, but these were her stars, they were real and to her they were beautiful. They showed the unlimited possibilities of the universe. Every star was a sun, just like her own, it was surrounded by planets, like Earth, any or all of which could support life. Who knew what was out there? Who could possibly know everything there was to know about the enormous immensity of the heavens?

Raven smiled lightly. All was well. Love had come through with minimal damage, and had not been an emotion bent on destruction. It was getting on to midnight and she was merely enjoying the warm feeling that Love gave her permeating her body. Her thoughts were interrupted by footsteps behind her. She knew who it was.

"Hello Beast boy." She said sitting up, letting her legs hang over the side of the tower.

He sat next to her, "Hey. I brought you some tea," He handed her the steaming cup and sat beside her; "Your new emotion came through okay then?"

Butterflies beat their wings in her stomach at his closeness as she took a grateful sip of the tea, "Mm-hm."

"What was it?"

She remained silent.

"It's okay if you don't wanna tell me. I guess it's kinda personal. Why's your cloak different?"

She plucked her cloak absentmindedly, "Side effect, I feel the emotion more just after the change. They locked me in an armored room after Rage came through. And Happy, I was laughing for two hours straight."

Beast boy gave a toothy grin, "At least I know you can laugh. Which one was it when your cloak turned white?" He deliberately avoided the 'M' word.

Raven looked down sadly, "I don't think that was an emotion at all. I think I wanted to be in love with him so much that my powers created the illusion that I was when I really wasn't, without me noticing. Like when I turned the tower into a haunted house."

He nodded slowly, getting it, "So white's the color of love?"

She shook her head blushing, hoping he wouldn't ask the obvious question.

"What is then?"

Raven bit her lip and looked away shyly, blushing more, "Lavender."

He glanced at her cloak again and cocked his head, "So you didn't love anyone before today? I don't believe that."

Raven nodded, "You're right, but not in this way. I loved people like my family, like Robin and my mother. That's what Affection was for."


"Just because I don't show it much doesn't mean it's not there." She snapped slightly, getting a little angry.

"I didn't mean it like that Raven; I was just… surprised is all. What color's Affection?"

"Darker purple. I've got nine now; Happy, who's pink, Timid, grey, Brave, green, those were the ones you met. There's also Knowledge, who's yellow, Wisdom, brown, Rage, red, Love, lavender, Rude, orange and Affection, purple."

He nodded, thinking it over, "Why do you have Knowledge and Wisdom? Aren't they the same thing?"

Raven frowned slightly and shook her head, "No, but they're similar. Wisdom's more about the application of Knowledge. They work together. Knowledge collects the information and Wisdom learns from it."

He grinned teasingly, "So can these genius emotions tell you who you're in love with?"

Raven blushed heavily, "Maybe."

"Oh come on, who is it?" He was hoping it was him. She'd tell him if it was someone else, right?

"Not telling."

He pouted, "Can I guess then?"

Raven rolled her eyes, a small smile on her face as she continued to drink her tea, "If you must."

"Is it Cyborg?"

Raven choked. "NO!" she yelled, still coughing and spluttering, taking deep breaths to try to regain her composure.

"Are you okay Raven?"

"Just surprised that you'd think that. Cyborg?"

Beast boy shrugged half-heartedly, "Well, you do spend a lot of time with him, helping with the T-car and whatnot."

"He's like my brother; I don't like him that way. Besides, if I did I think Bumblebee would sting me."

He grinned, "You noticed them too huh?"

Raven rolled her eyes, "I think the only people who didn't were them."

Beast boy laughed for a moment before thinking again, "Uuh, Aqualad?"

She snorted, "No."

"Uuuhhhh…" He trailed off. He didn't want to say 'me' because that could result in too many negative outcomes, but there was no one else he could think of, "I dunno, I give up."

She smiled a little and rested her weight on her hands which were extended behind her.

"Are you gonna tell me?"


He sighed. She looked up at the sky, again admiring the majesty of the stars, "I love the stars don't you? They're so beautiful and they shine so brightly."

"Yeah, really beautiful." He was, of course, not looking at the stars.

Raven saw him staring at her out of the corner of her eye and blushed. She moved closer to him shyly, "Do you really want to know who it is?"

Beast boy caught the look in her eyes, "I think I can guess."

Their lips met in a gentle kiss. Neither could tell how long it went on for; a few seconds, five minutes, years, who knew?

Raven felt like her heart was going to burst. All of her emotions were cheering inside her head, though Rage was somewhat sulkier than the others. Well done, whispered Love. Thanks, replied Raven silently.

They finally broke away through lack of oxygen. Beast boy grinned.

"It's Speedy, isn't it?"

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