A/N: I can describe this in 3 simple words: Short, fast, blunt.

Fitting, believe me.

Her back, pressed hard into the chill metal that system-shocked her epidermal nerves, brought to the tip of her mind's proverbial tongue the reflection that some might find this unfortunate.

Some might find it crass that a locked office door and snuggly shut blinds were substituted for a warm bed and familiar sheets more often than not when it came to her sex life. Some might find it unorthodox that the door handle professionals—from senators to well-respected businessmen—touched freely each day was now digging into her lower back as her lover pinned her tightly to it with his body.

Some might find it degrading or carelessly slutty, the way he dragged the hem of her skirt up her thighs and touched her with abandon through unprofessional lace-and-silk lingerie. Some might think it shameful that he kissed her on the mouth with the same lips he pressed artfully below her navel—yes, by the glow of a desk lamp in the corner office; some might deem it immoral, how his teeth grazed her neck possessively and oh, those things he whispered in her ear.

Brief, flickering thoughts, these, that occurred to her in the moment he pushed as close to her as he could get and she raked her nails down his biceps, burying her head in his neck, digging heels into his back—as he kept his hand roughly over her mouth to keep her quiet.

Pity, some might think; sad, some might think, that she had to indulge in such a clandestine affair with someone she felt so strongly for.

To hell with some people.

Some like it hot. Some like it rough, dangerous, bittersweet, unspeakable, intense, and fraught with unspoken emotion.

She threw her head back, pressed her palm back into the door, scream muffled in his hand, and she laced her fingers into his, gripping hard, the ruminations from some people's point of view obliterated from her mind and replaced with her personal prerogative:

She rather liked being screwed against the dark walls of her office, clandestine affair with her former-present lover or no.

There was a certain je ne sais quoi in it.

Yeah. I'm fairly sure I just wanted to write about an orgasm.